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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fatwa Frenzy: Entire Muslim village asked to marry again as Deobandi Imam had led Barelvis in prayers

Alahazrat's shrine in Bareilly: Centre of Barelvi Thought
A Maulana has issued a FATWA, asking all Muslims in a village to again solemnise the 'nikaah' with their respective wives as their marriages had turned 'haraam'.

This 'enlightened' man, Mufti Abdul Mannan, issued the fatwa when villagers near Moradabad offered namaaz-e-janaazah [the prayer for the dead].

The Imam who led the prayers had come from another place and it was later found that the Imam was Deobandi [subscribed to Deoband school of thought].

Now villagers were Barelvis [theological school of Alahazrat Ahmed Reza Khan Barelvi]. The difference of 'maslak' dawned upon some villagers much later. The person was buried peacefully but the peace of village shattered there after as the fatwa reached them.

All Muslim men who had offered Namaz before the Deobandi Imam should re-marry their wives. Men from the age of 20 to 80; Age doesn't matter. The fatwa is stern. And when journalists reached the Mufti sahab, what he had to say!

Deoband seminary in Saharanpur: Centre of Deobandis
"You won't understand, it's an age-old issue between us and Deobandis, I have just re-issued the fatwa", said the cleric. 

Poor villagers were rushing to 'aalims' and some were even convinced that they should get a second 'nikaah' with the spouse. 

But the Mufti has at least proved that Indian Muslims are in no way a block or monolithic as many believe.

In many parts of the country, Deobandi Vs Barelvi rift has widened so much that if a person visits other sect's mosque they clean it [it happens in Eastern UP]. 

These sects live in separate clusters in some towns of North India where they don't have Roti-Beti relationship like other biradiris who are at conflict.

And the rift is getting widened as I find in conversations 'Bhaaiyyon ham log bhi ek doosre ke jaan ke dushman haiN aur hamare andar har woh zaat-paat, unch-nich maujood hai jo hamare hindu bhaiyyon me hai".

[We are after each other's throat, just like our fellow Hindu brethren, and are equally casteist]


bhupinder singh said...

Reminds me of the Mewati Muslims who follow the gotra system within themselves.

Indeed, unlike what the Hindutva-wadis would like us to believe, Indian Muslims are as much Indian as Muslims- the differences between them are deep and it is as much "monolithic" as the Hindus, or any other religious Indian community for that matter.

Long ago, M Mujeeb had addressed this question in his book Indian Muslims.

koonj said...

Could you explain the roti-beti relationship? (I'm guessing it means eating another person's roti and bringing his beti into your family in marriage).

indscribe said...

jee haan....kuchh aisa hi hai...huqqa-paani band suna hi hoga aapne...yeh kuchh kuchh vaisa hi hota hai...biradari baahar...zaat baahar...qata' ta'alluq jaisa...

and Bhupinder Sahab, I haven't read M Mujeeb's book, would look for it now.

Neena said...

Saudi clerics want to restrict women praying at Mecca

So I had to see when these male Mullhas took out a fatwa against it. BTW, if there is a space restriction why not they restrict Men and let Women pray around Kabba.

Sharique said...

Its really pathetic. Damn these mullahs especially barelvies..they are so stubbron and orthodox in their approach that they have brought shame to Islam.

history_lover said...

This dehati islam is really the pits .
May Allah grant them Hidiyat

As If said...

That's no news to me, that happened once in my moms village more than a decade back, when some people visited a Shia's funeral.

The Mullah's either barelvi or Tabligi have lost all their senses or are their just to make people fight so that they remain relevant. Poor people have so much faith in them that they follow whatever they say.

ansari said...

this is absolutely hilarious and absolutely shocking at the same time...i literally laughed out loud at the 'solution'! can you please put a news link or something here? thanks..

Anonymous said...
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