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Thursday, September 14, 2006

From Mumbai to Malegaon: Skewed vision of police & Congress government's apathy

Role of Maharashtra police in terror probes has been far from satisfactory
It was befitting the Congress politicians, though they'd never have in their wildest dream, imagined such a response.

Malegaon residents snubbed Sonia Gandhi & Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, who landed here a day after the blasts.

The Congress chief and the State chief minister had come to this 'power loom town' for a display of their concern towards people and handing out 'charity' of disbursing the pittance of Rs 1 lakh for every dead when the families had barely finished with the last rites.

1. Compensation that was sanctioned for the kin of victims in the Mumbai blasts was Rs 5 lakh, so it seems even the second class citizens of a third class city [infrastructure-wise] could have been offered, at least, Rs 2 lakh!

The compensations vary [depending on media coverage and other factors] like a boy rescued from a borewell hole who gets Rs 3-4 lakh and free education for life for suviving in a deep pit to Rs 3-5 lakh in Gujarat and UP for victims of terrorism and riots respectively.

2. The City of 8 lakh [0.8 million, 70% Muslim] has just one municipal-run hospital of 30 beds and no ambulance. The victims had to be ferried on handcarts to hospital and due to lack of facilities and beds, taken as far away to Nasik.

3. Deshmukh and other leaders of his party had made false promises of opening hospital in the past but they never materialised in the last 50 years. It was the same Congress government in the state that had let the police loose on ordinary Muslims in the aftermath of serial blasts of Mumbai.

There were incidents like as many as 200 Muslims getting rounded up from a locality in midnight swoops and illegally detained and the officials [politicians also] refused to believe that any 'other' extremist organisation could be involved in the blasts.

4.Though I hate this nomenclature of terrorists as Hindu or Muslim but the attitude of police was inexplicable even after the incidents in Parbhani, Jalna and Nanded apart from the blasts in Jama Masjid in New Delhi and incidents in Maharashtra when the hand of Bajrang Dal and other extremist groups was found.

Malegaon: A City that has been targeted repeatedly
5. It is not that I believe that organisations with Muslim sounding names would not kill Muslims [nothing could be more foolish than this thought] but investigative agencies should not appear so sympathetic to Bajrang Dal despite its repeated involvement that has been proved.

"It was in April this year that a bomb went off at the residence of Bajrang Dal officebearer Naresh Rajkondwar in Nanded. Naresh and his accomplice Himanshu Phanse died on the spot. The police seized timer, switches, detonators, 1.5 kg gunpowder from the spot. 

Two other accused died in the incident. The narco-analysis report was submitted to the police but they were reluctant to divulge the information about the three accused", writes Times of India, in its report, published on April 12.

Similarly, Sanjana Chaudhary, member of Bajrang Dal was arrested for bomb blast at a mosque in Parbhani but probe has not progressed even after Chaudhary's arrest, writes Nitisha Natu in the news item 'Police grope in the dark on Hindu groups'.

Besides, several incidents in 2002-2003 suggested Bajrang Dal hand but what angers the Muslim community is that the police and the state government simply ignore them and are not ready to link any possibility of their involvement with the Malegaon blast.

6. Even the fact that skullcaps and fake beards were recovered from the Bajrang Dal activists [reported by many national dailies], the state government and its agencies were not interested in probing the organisations and the links of suspects.

7. I remember when the blast occurred in Nanded, the Home Minister RR Patil immediately named 'Islamic terrorists' in a hurriedly called press conference but when the accused were arrested, his enthusiasm was missing and he neither went for a deeper probe. The accused were not labelled as terrorists either.

Why this double standard? Everybody knows RSS cadres have a history of bomb-making and involvement in fanning communal hatred despite propaganda of its being a cultural organisation in recent years [one need not remind that their men were involved in killing Gandhi and its involvement found in innumerable riots].

CM Sudhakar Rao Naik AND 92-93 Mumbai riots
8. Such was the Congress state government and state-machinery's response to blasts that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had to issue a statement and assert that 'role of Hindu organisations couldn't be ruled out' two days back.

But for Maharashtra government, it seems that a terrorist simply can't be a non-Muslim. The indiscriminate arrests of Muslims in the aftermath of Mumbai blasts suggested the approach.

The State Home department and Anti-Terror Squad of the state refused to believe that there could be another hand though the investigators were reportedly closing down on a group of Hindu extremists.

What angers the Muslims in Maharashtra is the chameleon like leaders of Congress though the Muslims have themselves fallen in the trap of the party due to lack of political alternative and the perpetual fear of BJP-Shiv Sena instilled by Congress leaders.

Time and again the Congress has come to power in Maharashtra with the promise of fair treatment to Muslims and the minorities have fallen in the trap again and again--the fear of 'right-wing BJP and the communal Shiv Sena'.

And after the PM's and Union Home Secretary's statements that involvement of no group could be categorically ruled out, the state police suddenly seems to have broadened the scope of their investigation process.

The ATS chief who had earlier 'ruled out the involvement of Hindu outfits' reached diametrically opposite stand of 'can't conform role of Hindu fundamentalist organisations yet'.

This was despite earlier leads as reported in papers that terrorist groups active in Kashmir would not have committed another incident as already terror trails were leading to Malegaon and it would have caused arrests of members of their sleeping cells.

Besides, there was belief of police that during Shab Barat such incident by a 'Muslim' terrorist group would 'antagonise Muslims' (as if Indian Muslims are not antagonised with terrorists already and Indian Muslims are't victims of terrorism)--Such communal vision in terror trail.

Now that most of the suspects caught are not Muslims, the point is not that Muslims can't be involved, anybody could be and must be treated alike. The investigators should be open-minded and must not be biased to such an extent, as witnessed recently.
9. Now the verdict for Mumbai blasts is all set to be delivered, it is pertinent to remember the role of the then Congress Chief Minister (late) Sudhakar Rao Naik. Of course, the Shiv Sena perpetrated the riots that caused over a 1,000 deaths but it was absolute inaction of Congress Chief Minister, who had refused to take action & let the rioters kill citizens in December- January 1992.

When prominent citizens approached him to rein in the rioters, he told them to go to Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray and request the latter to end the riots. The fate of the Justice Srikrishna Commission's report on riots is known to all.

The same Congress that promised action against policemen and politicians indicted by the Commission [part of its election promises] did not implement the report. Riots occurred before blasts but the petition for implementing the Commission report is pending with the Supreme Court. No effort was made to speed up the process for arrests of riot accused by government.

10. All terrorist acts are equally condemnable and the accused need toughest sentences. But absolute one-sided action and exonerating some militant groups just because they are not Muslim send bad signals. Except TOI and HT, Hindi and Marathi papers did not carry the stories about Bajrang Dal workers and the recovery of skull caps, fake beards. 

Why? [Does it not make a good copy like the one about mushrooming madarsas or madarsas breeding terror]. And when police and the other government agencies function in such a way, their credibility is seriously eroded. 

Unless there is confidence, share of information and good intelligence input would not come from the sections that feel alienated and persectued. Surely, the police and politicians must introspect for the sake of the nation.

And the worst is the politicians and mediamen parroting that Muslims and Hindus of Malegaon showed restrained and remained united. Fools, you think Muslims and Hindus who live in each and every town of India, are mad.

As if, we are ready to fight and kill each other in an hour of tragedy like the British thought of us: Hindus and Muslims, always raring to kill each other. Better you, politicians learn to control your own tongues and spare us of your biases. It would do good to all of us.

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Sharique said...

Good job! U have collected almost every piece of news that was available. It really is saddening to read all these and see people still talk about our allegiance of the nation in spite of this biased approach. They never look at this side of the coin. I am not very hopeful of the perpetrators of malegaon blast being brought to book. THATS THE SOCIETY WE LIVE IT

Wamiq said...

I am struck with this picture which you have depicted. I am very interested, and wanted to know if you would like to write a piece for me on the plight of Indian Muslims and the racism they face in India? I would be most interested.
All the best.

Raza Rumi said...

Informative, well-researched and painful...Excellent post Adnan!

This is my personal assessment: a key dilemma of Indian muslims is utter lack of leadership and articulation of communtiy concerns in a democratic-secular framework. The archetypal image of a paan chewing, burqa and achkan loving, amma/abba hazoor, contraceptive-shunning muslim image in India has to change. Bollywood had promoted achkan stereotypes and now the mainstream media (including Bollywood) had nothing more to add except the underworld linked muslim (look at all the films with the standard Bhai and bhai-log). i was struck by endless discussion on media's craziness on speculating what will happen to Sanjay Dutt after the Mumbai verdict. Instead of reporting on what happened to the victims of Mumbai blasts earlier and now, this was peculiar.
And now the 'terrorist' label is all pervasive. Yes there are many many voices of sanity - alas they get drowned by the sensationalism of media.
However, I also see positive signs: with younger, rational writers and leaders such as yourself, I am hopeful for the future of Indian muslims.

Wamiq Saheb: Adnan might get into trouble if he writes for an international publication. As it is he doesn't sing Vande Matram! just joking..

summer said...

Even if we assume that the malegaon blasts were perpetrated by Hindu organizations, how can anyone be labelled a terrorist at this stage? majority media in india still calls kashmiri terrorists 'rebels or militants' right? and this is after they have murdered tens of thousands? similarly, LET and JOM etc are called terrorist today after decades of bloodshed. so only after its established that an organization is using terrorism, the media will call them terrorists and hold them as obvious suspects when bombs go off.

As for Wamiq saheb, he'll do well to get articles published on LET, JEM and their fronts that operate with impunity in pakistan. For all u know, it was their RDX that went off in Malegaon.

I also find it amusing that a qaum aspires to be different and then complains that they are treated differently!

Abdul's blog said...

Good post - wrote a small piece on the same in my blog

indscribe said...

Thanks Sharique bhai. Wamiq Sahab, I don't know if I will be able to do write and do justice to the subject. I will contact you.
Raza Rumi, yes, Bollywood has either a don, a buffoon or a Namazi elderly kind but they surely know what kind of films and stories would sell. And Bollywood is probably the only place where at all levels, Muslims are represented fairly well and there is no bias.
Summer sahab, agar aap apni identity zaahir karte to behtar hoga. Who wants to be treated differently? Which qaum? In fact, I just in a recent post welcomed abolishing Haj subsidy.
Thanks for visiting Abdul, I am about to see your piece also.

summer said...

Hmmm... identity like what? name, sex, age, language, country of residence, religion, sect, nationality, profession, qualifications, political affiliation, iq? what exactly helps you to place me? aren't my thoughts important than my identity?

i do honestly feel that your quam wants to be different in the way you dress, in the way western education is shunned and in the way religion comes before nation. aren't we all bound by our nationality? the concept of a nation did not exist in 7th century Arab world. this is a different time. your insistence on resistance to change makes you different by default, because this world is changing so fast.

its ok to have grievances, everyone does. but one must remember that nationality matters. if you go to a muslim somalia, things won't get better for you overnight because you are among co religionists. it won't even happen in pakistan, let alone somalia.

i'll give an example f resistance to change. one muslim in a very big BPO who was hired as a manager in the very very critical function of risk management was fired recently. the reason, he wanted to reschedule conference meetings with clients in UK and US to accommodate his prayer times. when his parsi boss who had hired him tried to reason with him or discuss alternatives (adjust timing etc as impossible to reschedule meetings daily), he would go to his local religious authority and ask if it was ok (which they ruled was not). i'm sure he feels like a victim now because he was fired from a very high paying job. but see if he was hired in risk management, to liase with the west in the first place, obviously there is no bias. its his failure to change that made him suffer. this happened very recently. i just could not believe this when i heard it.

indscribe said...

I meant as a blogger, like many blog friends about whom I don't know their religion etc
Just a simple blogettique though I don't believe in that and that's why I have let anonymous comments by non-bloggers here.
Muslims, you must have met many and whatever impression you had, you are of course entitled to do that.
Hopefully aapke dil ki 'bharaas' nikal jayegi. :)
Rest you have as much right to express your thoughts. Take care

Rahul said...

What am emotional crap....One malegaun and so much emotions! Dont forget Hindu majority has elected all minorities for the top posts. That is just a live example of tolerance on Indian nation. Please dont blame backwardness of your community on others. If you cant reform what can others do?

Definately ISI seems to be succeeding. Target 10 times Hindu temples and Hindus and one time Muslim target and burn Indian nation in deadly communal voilence. Thats their satanic strategy. Hindus understood atlast but maybe Indian muslims will never!! How can they forget ummah and go against their own people across the border....Kafir is afterall a Kafir!

Miracles said...

to the blogr-im sure people like us will make them do good to everybody in our country.
as romi saheb said -Yes there are many many voices of sanity.

For-- whoever summmer or winter raising a voice by being anonymous says it all.HE HAS IDENTITY CRISIS.
but sir very well written and associated.facts cant be denied afterall,although for some it might me emotionelss.

Imran Mulla said...

This is a very good article. Very insightful and thought provoking.

Zafer said...

To summer/rahul etc.
Muslims like any other community (which of course includes hindus) would like to preserve their identity. There is nothing unique about it. Do you know about Hindarf? The hindu organization in a muslim country. One of the aims of the organization is to protect religious/cultural identity of the malay hindus. AND I BELIEVE there is nothing wrong with it (Hindarf and it's cause).
As for that guy in the BPO story goes, there are people with far stranger religious beliefs in India and the world. And the world accomodates them. I have come across a marvari who doesn't issue me a cheque because it was 6 PM and they do not pay people in the evenings. So, I have to wait for the next day.
Still, there are stranger people, which the world is accomodating. There are people which practise suicide as a religious act (Jain santra, Buddhists), corporal mortification (christians - opus dei). The world is accomodating heredity based religious groups who think other people are inferior to them (Jews, Brahmins), religions which promote miracles and chamatkars (christians and hindus).
I am writing this just to prove my point. I am sorry if anybody's has been hurt. If anyone complains, I am ready to remove my comment.

Anonymous said...

mr. zafar,
u r realy very objective and precise and answered summer and winter in there temperature scales. now they understand fully but one thing that is called stubborness which comes to play many times on such occasion.god bless them.

Anonymous said...

All Muslims are aware of double stand of political parties in India whether it is congress or any other party then also we are stuck to them why? Does any of Muslim can give me the answer to this question? Why we are not forming our own political party? We are 25+ crore in India and still we are dependent of others. If Mayawati can form a govt by creating her own party why we can’t?


Bisuali said...

Good Job, I Think only solution to this issue is to educate muslim so that they can take part in the CIVIL services of india like IPS,IAS,IFS

Then only indian muslim can make a diffrence.

Anonymous said...

it indeed is hard work collecting news form various agencies and posting them, thanks for the post.
killing innocents is wrong whether done by muslims, hindus, or any other religious fundamentalists.
in these attacks the common man is killed irrespective of his/her religion, and these so-called representatives of the public come after the damage has been done and usually through a few thousands for the deceased persons family.
and forget taking any steps to stop this, their first step is blame muslims, second step....., sorry 1st step continues.
do we really need such politicians?

Alok said...

firstly congress always won due to muslim votes. Secondly it is wrong to expect govt and others to build and provide all facilities. For an example if every muslim in malegaon just contributed one rupees per day then they cud have built a modern hospital and school . Why expect too much? Why not contribute to develop community and
nation. Also why blame