Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank God Haj subsidy is gone

So the Haj Subsidy has gone. I consider it as a good news for Indian Muslims. The High Court has rejected application moved for vacating the stay order. The final hearing will be on September 18.

I am happy because whatever justification people may cite for the subsidy, it has haunted Indian Muslims for long. This will deprive the communalits of another issue. What remains is Article 370 about which we have no role. The BJP government could have done away with it but it failed when it was in power.

In fact, at least Indian citizens can any day go to Kashmir but what about states like Nagaland where you need permit to go. How many are aware of that? Allahabad High Court is known for taking tough decisions on issues concerning Muslims but I really feel relieved. I am not interested in hearing that 30 lakh Indians work in Gulf and it is a goodwill gesture or anyother explanation.

The subsidy had to go. Hopefully the centre won't play any trick later as some politicians may mistakenly think that Muslims want it. Surely majority of Muslims don't want it. Those who can afford will surely go and the private airlines will provide better and less expensive services.
(Above pix of a Sadhu hugging a Haji)