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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Muslim youths' unique protest in Malegaon: Against illegal detentions, indiscriminate arrests

Angry at the indiscriminate arrests & illegal detention of hundreds of Muslims in the aftermath of Malegaon blasts, a unique protest was held.

After the Friday namaaz, local residents wore the kind of masks which police make the accused to wear after their arrests.

Especially, when they bring them before journalists at press conferences. The protesters sat outside the Hamidia mosque and Bada Qabristan.

'Hum sab dahshad-gard hain, hamko bhi jail mein thuus do', was their message to the police officials and administration.

Hundreds of Muslims were wearing black bands on their arm as protest against the police high-handedness. 'In the eye of Maharashtra police, we are all terrorists', said one of the agitating youths. There is a feeling of persecution and that people were wrongly arrested.

The anguish had spilt on the street. A human chain was also formed against the police action [rounding up of hundreds of youths[. On November 14, the bandh has been called. But who will report such a protest?

Post-Script: I am adding to this post a few years later. The protest and the local residents' feeling was correct. People were framed. For Malegaon blasts, ATS under Hemant Karkare arrested Abhinav Bharat's activists. The Saffron terrorists are now in jail.


Danesh said...

Masha Allah! Keep up the good work of reporting such events, you are slowly becoming the voice of the Indian Muslim. Jazak Allah khair.

Anonymous said...

Good work..masha-allah!

I dont understand why it wasnt coverd in mainstream media.

indscribe said...

Danesh bhai and Karim bhai, thanks both of you for encouragement. Yes, with blogs we can do a lot, spread harmony, tell our fellow country men about negative propaganda against Muslims and that we are a very peaceful, toleralant community...

HP said...


This was a good photograph. And also, liked the way they protested.

You are a journalist, right? So, why dont you send these photographs to mainstream newspapers??


Faraz said...


Thank you for reporting these events, it is good to see Muslims in India making such efforts.

You don't know me, but I'm your relative - your daadi is my father's khaala.