Monday, November 06, 2006

'Muslims, Sikhs need not apply for job with Indian intelligence agencies'

*India's premier intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing [RAW[ has a strength of 10,000 but has no Muslim officer. No Muslim appointed ever since 1969 and even the late Humayun Kabir's son not selected after cleared in interview just because of his religion.
*The Intelligene Bureau (IB) with a strength of 12,000 personnel has a handful of Muslims.
*The NTRO and Special Protection Group (SPG) also don't recruit Muslims, it is the unwritten rule.
The lead story in weekly news magazine OUTLOOK by Saikat Dutta that divulges these figures, begins with the intro, 'You can blame all of India's intelligence fiascos mainly on Hindus, as the agencies don't find Muslims or Sikhs fit to work for them'.

How much the entire system [Government & bureaucracy] has been against inducting Muslims can be gauged from the fact that 'a decision was taken during Narsimharao government's tenure to recruit Muslims in IB, but still not in the RAW'. 

So a decision had to be taken [does't that reveal what is in the hearts of politicians and officials and what is on the lips when it comes to Muslims]. Even as ex-RAW chief and senior officials of army assert that it is critical to have Muslims in intelligence because they can bring crucial information and know the psyche of Muslims, the intelligence agencies are still not recruiting them.

Is it absolute foolishness on the part of government then? Or so deep a hatred that no amount what happens the Muslims should not be allowed entry in these establishments. Pathological hate. That tthey should not get any good jobs i.e. a foothold anywhere in these prime agencies. 

Or it is a Free Mason's secret, something so much against Muslims that if they enter into the RAW, that will be exposed! The anti-Sikh bias in NSG, SPG and other agencies started after 1984 with Indira Gandhi's assassination. 

So what about Mahatma Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi's killers? Did the government stop recruiting Hindus or say Maharashtrians and Tamilians--Godse and Dhanu's respective castes. That's a naive argument and when it comes to the challenge of security, there should not be such profiling. 

Anyway. I have a feeling somebody saying to me: Sardar ko Prime Minister bana diya, Muslim ko President, ab kyaa hamaari jaan loge.....IB, RAW ko to chhoR do [With Sikh Prime Minister, Muslim president, what else you minorities want. Now please leave our intelligence agencies]

Sorry, sirs. How can I dare write on this SENSITIVE issue. Thanks to Outlook, that it was revealed. I just dared to comment. Now back to serious note. I think there is a need to get professional people, really good hands, belonging to all communities and all cross-sections.

And I think, there has been a slight change in policy. Muslims are being recruited now. This will not only show that state has full faith in its minority citizens but Muslims will also, just like they have done it in army, excel and ensure better intelligence gathering. 

[Link to Outlook Story]