Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Unique wedding photos of Bulgarian Muslims

The Muslims who live in the Rhodope mountains of South Bulgaria and Greece have a unique culture.

They have faced intense persecution in both countries for nearly a century [since the Bulgarian revolt against Ottoman rule].

The governments banned use of Turkish script and also  changed the names of their towns.

Among other steps that were taken was prohibiting new constructions and ban on repair of the existing old mosques.

They had also confiscated Waqf properties in a bid to erase the Islamic cultural heritage.

Many were forcibly converted. They can't buy land, get jobs in government or business licenses.

The Pomak marriage is a colourful affair though the make-up [face of bride is painted] may look astonishing to outsiders.

Its an amazing world we live in. Isn't it? So many regions about which we simply have no idea.

The boys and girls in are generally married off early (mid-teens and after). For some really good pictures of Pomaks.