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Saturday, December 30, 2006

India erupts after Saddam Hussein's execution: Photos of trains stopped in Lucknow, anger in Bhopal & Bangalore

Tens of thousands of Indians came out in scores of Cities and towns across the nation, to protest the hanging of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. 

Mostly Muslims, leftists, Samajwadi Party workers and citizens from various walks of life cutting across religious lines, hit the streets.

Following are some of the photographs to capture the mood from Lucknow, Bangalore, Bhopal and other cities of the country.

Though lakhs have already died in the war, Saddam Hussein's hanging on the eve of Eid-ul-Zuha, enraged Muslims.

People from other communities, especially, those with Communist background, were seen participating in the protests.

Slogan against George Bush
In fact, it was Saddam Husain as a symbol of the anti-imperialistic resistance that also brought such a large number of people out on streets. 

Hindus were heard ruing the death of a friend of India. In first photograph Samajwadi party activists are seen atop a train on the outskirts of Lucknow which they stopped. 

Trains were stopped elsewhere also to protest the killing of Saddam Hussein. There were huge rallies taken out.

In other photo, a woman, a surviving victim of Bhopal gas tragedy* holds a placard with message against-George Bush message, written in Urdu. 

In the third photograph, United States of America's president George Bush's effigy set ablaze in Bangalore. 

However, in Lucknow a section of Shias today celebrated. Most of these demonstrations and protests were peaceful.

The protesters were sad but calm and there was no destruction of property or arson reported from anywhere. 

There were huge protests in South India also. Ulema had urged Muslims to exercise restraint. 

The figure of number of protest is yet to come but over a hundred demonstrations were reported. 

Many cities had over a dozen demonstrations each and on Sunday many marches are planned.

[An American Multinational company Union Carbide's pesticide manufacturing factory had emitted poisonous gas causing death of over 10,000 people in 1984 in Bhopal] 


Anonymous said...

where do you get so many pctures

Anonymous said...

Good post.But its very sad to know that protestors stopped trains as protest against saddam's execution.why trains run by indian govt for indian people have to be stopped for this protest?.

hyderabadi guy said...

Hyderabad, Dec 30 (IANS) The execution of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein Saturday evoked strong public protests in Andhra Pradesh.

Protesters took out rallies and burnt effigies of US President George W. Bush. Holding posters of Saddam, they Shouting slogans of 'Down with American imperialism'.Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM), which has a strong presence in this state capital In Hyderabad, MIM activists held protests in different places in the Muslim majority old city parts and held a demonstration in Mehdipatnam.
MIM president and former MP Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi said if Saddam had committed crimes he should have been punished by the people of Iraq or their elected government. "He was tried and punished the way the US wanted. The trial was big charade," he said.

"We are not saying that he should not have been punished but the question is who has the right to punish him. Certainly not a country which invaded Iraq," Owaisi told IANS."This is a murder of justice. Bush has proved that he is the Hitler of the 21st century," "It is Bush who should be hanged for killing thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan," and added: "If Saddam committed crimes against humanity, the crimes committed by Bush across the world are equally heinous. If Saddam has been hanged for his crimes why Bush should go scot-free?"

Anonymous said...

This shair fits on saddam

Bujhtay bujhtay bhi zalim nay apna sar jhuknay na diya

phool gahi hai saan's hawa ki ek charagh bujhanay mai'n

written by well known poet Muzaffar Hanfi

Anonymous said...

This shair fits on saddam

Bujhtay bujhtay bhi zalim nay apna sar jhuknay na diya

phool gahi hai saan's hawa ki ek charagh bujhanay mai'n

written by well known poet Muzaffar Hanfi

How do we know said...

ok, that day, i happened to be stuck at the Jammu Airport, reading everything from Kashmir Times to Early Times from Jammu and the innumerable other "Times" (you'll be suprised).

Here is what we uncovered:
1. Saddam was sentenced to death, but there is a law in Iraq which forbids execution during Eid times.
2. The local iraqi govt. pushed the US for the execution, took full responsibility of the consequences.
3. The local leadership, composed of Kurds and a section of Muslims, got in touch with the highest religious seat based in Najaf.
4. They got a go ahead from Najaf for the execution before Eid.
5. Therefore, Saddam was hanged, and this death was hastened by the clerics sitting in Najaf.
6. Next day, an entire section of Muslims across the world protests and bemoans a death that was hurried by another section of the same religion.
7. the entire episode is blamed entirely on the US.

Now I am irrepairably confused.

Add to this, the fact that Saddam Huseein in his dictatorship days, was written off as not being a Muslim ruler at all, for being too liberal to be a Muslim, and today, his death is bemoaned by a BIG section.. and God! It does not make head or tail! How can a person like that suddenly become a religious concern? He always was a political -military figure!

His death was not a happy event, but how does it all add up??

indscribe said...

Internally what is happenng in Iraq is not as clear. We often get US version and yes there is sectarian issue.
I don't judge people on Islamic yardstick, but it is certain that it was wrong on humanitarian grounds.
US invasion was wrong and after the chemical weapons were not found, the 'massacres' were termed the reason. Did US go to Iraq to solve the Shia-Sunni strife?
Anyway, yes people can be angry with their own head of states. So some Iraqis were supporting this hanging, how many we don't know.
Muslim world was stunned because like others they did not expect it to happen, really. Hoping against hope! And more was anger against the helplessness that stems out of the silence of so-called Islamic states and mostly the Arab countries.
Personally, I was appalled from the humanitarian point of view. That's not the way to ravage a country just for the sake of a man's ego (Bush) but it's chiefly the responsibility of Arab countries.
What the hell Egypt and Turkey are doing? They are Islamic states with over 90% Muslim populace. There are more than 50 other Muslim countries. In India, there were protests but most of them had political backing, leftists and Samajwadis, and also Congress-supported. So you could see people in them but the demonstrations were not as huge as in the past on other issues.

How do we know said...

I agree.. on humanitarian grounds yes, what happened was wrong. That fact no one disputes. That Bush needs to go hang is no one's secret.

But :
1. Why do you blame only the Islamic countries in having failed to come to the aid of Saddam?
2. Why is Iraq not an issue of one sovereign country coompletely marauding the sovereign rights of another country, and then not exiting even after realising that it has been in the wrong all throughout?
3. Would you rather have had Saddam back in power? Or as a constantly irritating power in the oppposition, fighting with all the tactics - incl. guerilla war, eligious demonstrations etc. ? What do you think would have happened had Saddam lived?

The way I see it, it was important that he should die - for his enemies, that is. He was too dangerous and still too powerful(and dare I add, popular) to be allowed to live.
But the confusion is in the fact that.. sitting here, in India, what is our EXACT affiliation to the cause?

Why are members of exactly one community perturbed for a man who was never a religious icon? Though he belonged to the same religion all his life, in his death, he became an icon of the religion?

He, who could have become an icon of the sovereign rights of militarily weaker states - a case for proving that all nations in the world need to have a strong defence system to ward off the evil designs that the US might have on their territory, why is this man an icon of a religion??