Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saudi Arabia & Israel becoming 'friends' to contain Iran

Mai Yamani's article in Times of India has surprised a lot of Muslims.

He has written about the meeting between top intelligence officials of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The situation is that Saudis are wary of growing Iranian influence. And after their failure to annihilate Hezbollah, Israel knows that it can't bank upon United States of America for its survival in the Middle East where Mishal, Ahmedinejad and Nasrullah are heroes of street.

So the common enemy is Iran and its growing influence. At the beginning of the recent clash between Israel and Lebanon's Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia was the first country to criticise the Hezbollah, writes Yamani, in his quite long article that appeared on editorial page.

It's no big issue for Saudis as they consider Shias apostate. However, Muslim street is now tired of the Royal family that changed Arabia to Saudi Arabia. Israel-Saudi bhai bhai! After all, doesn't Saudi rhyme like Yahudi [Jew].

Forty years after they lost to Israel in the 1967-war, Saudis seem to have grown quite 'pragmatic'. (May be they feel that when the slayer of Jews, Hitler was a Christian, and Jews shared no ill will with Muslims until mid-20th century unlike their relations with Christians

So it is better to make them friends than the Persians with whom the Arabs have the real fight for supremacy in the region for over a millennium. Read the article at this link.