Friday, January 19, 2007

Taslima Nasrin's article against Islamic veil angers Indian Muslims

'Let's burn the burqa' is the title of article written by Taslima Nasrin in the recent issue of the weekly magazine, Outlook, that has agitated many Muslims.

The strongest attack against the Bangladeshi author has come from Mumbai.

Here a host of Muslim organisations have demanded action against her for hurting sentiments.

Many non-Muslims have also issued statements in support. Here is link to the article. Click here.

Whether it is cheap publicity she is after, as some sections say, her conviction to write and utter such things or some other agenda, Taslima Nasreen, is once again under fire. All India Muslim Personal Law Board wants her deported.

But is it too objectionable? Yes, one can understand that the protest is not about her opposition to burqa but some other reference in the long article, which will probably not strike a non-Muslim reading it. It seems to have affected some Muslims' sensibilities. Her references are incorrect and she has not read the Quran, it seems. But can't we just ignore her!

Achelois has replied to Taslima Nasreen's article. Link.