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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Indian Muslims are away from extremist influences because...

[At IndianMuslims.in, Sharique has written 'Why Indian Muslims are away from terrorism' , my comment could not be posted, apparently due to some technical reason despite scores of attempts in separate sittings & I being a member of the group blog. I used different connections, browsers & all sorts of ways but..Now I am posting it here...]

Though there may be injustice to some extent* and often a feeling of persecution, but the nature of our democracy is such that it allows a person or group to give vent to their feelings publicly.

Gujarat carnage aside, it is mainly the failure of Muslim leadership to raise real issues concerning Muslims. Otherwise the Hindu leaders and parties in even states like Tamil Nadu which have barely 5% Muslim votes, have championed the cause of minority and it is not just votes or appeasement alone, which prompts them to do it.

In society, politics, media, there are non-Muslims who speak for Muslims. Otherwise, which group has not faced injustice! * The status of Dalits in Indian society is yet to improve much and tribal populace has suffered most from the apathetic administration. But that's the general problem of a bureaucracy, which is corrupt and insensitive. Muslims do have a much better social status despite their poor financial state.

In Sports, Films, Arts and especially Indian traditional music, Muslim representation is more than their percentage. This shows that complaint of'bias' and 'communalism' doesn't hold much water. Of course, it is a casteist society so there is bound to be a feeling of discrimination experienced by each section, but Indian society is a much better evolved society with an interaction of Hindus and Muslims for over a millennium.

In this democracy you can shout from the rooftop that you have faced bias at any office or any official of any rank has been guilty of partiality. There are a range of commissions where you can complain and media channels and a press that is absolutely free to give your story and tell them your grievances.

And government jobs are not everything. We are lucky to have a great advantage in free media, where if nothing, at least if you are angry, your letter to editor can get published after a few rounds to the office. I mean, dil ka Ghubaar nikalne ke kaii raste maujuud haiN.

If percent of Muslims is not too high in government jobs, there are all other avenues and business. Just an incident, whatever people may term Mulayam Singh Yadav (a majority of politicians and also public servants are guilty of corruption and nepotism) but he dared to fire at the Kar Sewaks.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the Mandir movement was so fierce that despite any amount of lure for Muslim vote no government could have risked that. He did and it kept the faith of many Muslims in the inherent secular nature of this country and the fact that somebody stood for Me and the Mosque despite all odds. And there are always voices of dissent against any totalitarian regime. May be these are some of the reasons.

I think extremism can't come to Indian Muslims because of our democracy that may not be perfect but is still the best in the world in many respects. Our Supreme Court is a great institution and we ought to be proud of it. Yes, Gujarat became a fasicst state but hopefully it would prove to be the last such pogrom. New laws against communal violence and riots are on the cards. Compensation for riot victims and justice will also come steadily.

When you see Harsh Mander, a brilliant person, resigning from IAS just because he was shaken by Gujarat riots, and forming Aman Biradari or Teesta Setalvad fighting for victims of riots, your trust in the values of this country and society enhances tremendously. I don't think there is any cause for Muslims to get infected by any extremism.

If people in failed Muslim countries where even organising demonstrations and rallies is banned or even writing a blog can be dangerous, get extremist I understand but not in India. Here you can be a Muslim of any sect, organise a rally or demo, stage a protest, climb up a tower in Delhi to demand 'that India should help Saddam', as a person had done, and what not. Remember the huge rallies on Caricature Controversy when lakhs poured on streets in India, whether rightly or wrongly, but can they come out in most countries in Gulf? That's why, I guess, a resounding No from Indian Muslims to any form of extremism. Aap logoN ka kyaa khayaal hai?


Anonymous said...

Extremely well written piece. no community is full of vice or people with fundamentalist attitude. Due to few wrongdoings of people around the world a whole community is under scrutiny but it is good to hear that Muslims in India do not feel so threatened that they would resort to violence.

Sharique said...

Adnan bhai, I am surprised why comments are not working..they are now working.

Tarana said...

Good blog you have here. I intend to explore it further. Also, could you tell me how you put Urdu fonts in it?

indscribe said...

السلام علیکم؛
بلاگ پر خوش آمدید --کیء طریقے ہیں-- امیج فاءیل بھی اور تیکسٹ بھی دونوں سٹاءلز ممکن ہیں--
On www.bestghazals.blogspot.com I use image file because of nastaliq urdu font. I use the Urdu inpage software for doing that.

Here I use text on this blog sometimes. For this some Urdu Editor softwares are available for free download. http://www.urduweb.org/blog/2005/03/23/
I have another software but I don't remember ( I searched again today but failed) where I had downloaded it from. Besides, you can go to Urdu Wiki at http://www.urduweb.org/wiki/UrduHome
Here you can get lots of information.

Tarana said...

Shukriya :)

Anonymous said...

Some very valuable poits you touch upon. Clearly, our democracy with all its faults and shortcomings has some innate positives. One is to not marginalize any community (precisely the opposite of what fears led to the creation of Pakistan). And this is indeed a big positive in a caste-ist society like ours, which has way too many divisive forces.

While watching a Hollywood flick recently something struck me. How in older Bollywood movies, the ending almost always had redemption, the even the bad people turning to good. This made me think that our psychological foundations believe everyone can and will change for the good, given the chance. Thats why you will never have unbridled hatred or completely uncompromising narrowness taking over this country - its my faith in my people.

indscribe said...

Anon, yes, I agree.

Screen Sifar said...

Maybe you should come and live in Gujarat for a while.

indscribe said...

Yes, it was horrible and it is still tough. But I have also lived through riot. And the horrors of Gujarat are known the world just because it happened in sattelite tv age. Earlier, the riot of 1969 was no less terrible. I have also lived through a very big riot and seen deaths and destruction. The riots in Morabadad, Ferozabad, Bhagalpur, all had a higher death toll. But they failed to evoke this kind of response. How long shall we shed tears over Gujarat. Zakhm dil meN haiN lekin...ek behtar aur roshan mustaqbil ki ummeed zaruuri hai...life goes on...I have written posts where I was very angry, I have given vent to my anger for years, and now I have learnt that one needs to be optimistic and keep doing things in all little ways, whereever possible to spread hope and harmony.

Diganta said...

Excellent write-up ... :). The best one dealing this particular topic i have ever read.

Zulfi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zulfi said...

There are N no. of reasons for it and hopefully I pray we are not pushed too far the edge.
As i said there are many reasons but please discount the notion of supreme court and media being holy cows. This is very orchestrated view that Supreme Court is unbiased and partisan which is contrary to its image. Remember how SC FECILITATED Advani in the case. Did you notice the behavior of SC in reservation issue? Did you observe the kind of attention the SC gives to some cases ….a particular class I must say …. Not elaboration? The less said of the media the better. Its nothing but a bunch of Brahmin/Bania gang serving up to their masters in Nagpur. If not serving there masters, cozying upto the highest bidder.

Now the EC turn... the last bastion of democracy. Lets see what happens in BJP CD case. This is open and shut case for derecognizing of BJP. Do you think it will ever happen? BJP will diswon/deny/withdraw/apologies/fiegn ignorance and EC will warn.... end of the chapter.

shahid12 said...

Extremism is never an answer. We need activism. We Indians from other places were unmoved when 1000 of humans were getting butchered in Gujrat.
Can Testa and others can subsitute for us! Dont we have any responsiblity. Cant we raise our voice's and protest strongly against the attrocietes.
We have seen protest in UK when Modi was there. What happens when he is in Mumbai or Lucknow ?

adal said...

The piece is good in parts but not entirely!
Many Indians have not been pushed in the direction of "extremism" becuse in their semiconscious self, the Quranic
dictum that "Muslims have been made 'ummatan wastn' (middle order society by Allah :HQ2 :143) is well etched.
Secondly,over the last sixty years, their deprivation has led to their "helplessness"!
Most importantly,leaders belonging to their own community have failed to do the needful.
We have every right to be proud of our democratic set up and a society led by rule of law.
But when that law fails to prevent communal clashes/apprehend and punish the guilty,how could we praise it?
The Governments in the past have viewed the communal riots as a matter of law and order, and hence they have failed to evolve a just society.Now they should go deep into the wellsprings of such riots and close them once and for all.

Reemas from PrivateMarriage said...

It all depends on us as community-

Is religion making us good or we are making religion good.

fugstar said...


bro theres no need to dig in the failed muslim countries bit. i wish you good times, especially now. lets just nurture environments where people arent extremely upset and stupid in their faith.

aslam saiyad said...

i fully agree with .adnan sahib

we muslims in india are well secured than most of the countries.
we enjoy mre democracy then most of the countries.

aslam saiyad said...

i fully agree with .adnan sahib

we muslims in india are well secured than most of the countries.
we enjoy mre democracy then most of the countries.

Nirmalya Sen Sharma said...

Really an excellent blog.

SanJam said...

this guy is a genius. i'm his fan. we need indians like him. muslims like him are the apples of our country. he is 100 times better than rotting vegetables of so many other communities....
inscribe fan :)

humanbeing said...

I want to tell you one thing

You all guys talk about gujrat riots

did you know why it happened ... 75 people womena and children were burnt alive .. You cannot do that india ..

Either convert to hinduism or leave india as simple as that

You think you will do what ever you want and dont expect us to answer .. This is hypocracy

India is a hindustan and live and remain hindu state

If muslims are not happy they can go to pakistan we have no issues .. but no part will be given to anyone .. Not even kashmir ....Talk like An india if you are ..

Shahid said...

you said have been named hindu-being instead of human- being.
The biggest problem this type of hatred. whoever spreads it Muslims or Hindus. he is harming Indian interest and surely an enemy of India.
The ones responsible for Godhra should be severely punished.
If one justifies Gujrat riots by raising Godhra issue.
Then its a big problem.
It shows the lack of faith in the State Government and Center Government, which were both ruled by BJP at the time of the incident.
If this educated Hindus can be misguided by some corrupt individuals and they started justifying violence. Muslims are certainly are an easy target for the corrupt individuals.
May Allah save Hindustan from the
this extremist.
We are 100% Hindustani and who wants us to go away from here.
Should get his mental checkup done.

Anonymous said...

I want the whole world to know that Hindus & Muslims are the biggest friends. In India we all live peacefully;hindus, muslims, sikhs, christians, jains, buddhists.... I'm a hindu and everyday i pray that we can live together and take this great nation of ours to its rightful place of glory. i regret the attacks on muslims and christians that have been happening lately and pray for forgiveness on behalf of the criminals. please spread the message of peace.

Shahid said...

Brother Karma,
We appreciate your message.
If we want to see India as the most progressive nation of the world.
We have to work collectively to achieve this vision.
Any divisions in the society would bring the efforts to Zero.
One who promotes division in the society, Hindu or a Muslim is surely a enemy of India.
We need to beware of them.

Shahid Pradhan

Shahid said...

Brother Karma,
We appreciate your message.
If we want to see India as the most progressive nation of the world.
We have to work collectively to achieve this vision.
Any divisions in the society would bring the efforts to Zero.
One who promotes division in the society, Hindu or a Muslim is surely a enemy of India.
We need to beware of them.

Shahid Pradhan

Anonymous said...

Muslims will never be able to live in harmony with any other religions. Those who think the opposite will sooner or later be blown by a muslim bombs.

Religion of muslims are those of psychopaths who must be destroyed at all cost.

Hindusim is the greatest religion of all.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are slowly taking over the world.
Only fools can believe that they can be trusted.
They must be destroyed before they destroy us, Hindus.
Never forget what happened in Mumbai

Anonymous said...

Rise hindus rise hindus
Rise before Muslims destroy you.
Sever the head of muslims like those of chickens and let the blood flow until the earth is clean of the sons of satan.

Sudha said...

Thanks for your great post. You are right that any grievances must be addressed through the channels of our democracy and through our media, which is the freest. Our greatest strength is that we are multi-religious...it gives us all perspective on everything.

Anonymous said...

I myself am a hindu and i would like to cut the heads of these bastards who say they are hindus and hinduism is the best something and posting comments like kill muslims and all other bulls**t.You morons it is because of hindus and muslims like you who should go to in that shithole pakistan.And personally,i believe some anti-muslim comments here maybe posted by pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

The bastard who said that he is a hindu and would like to kill hindus who want to destroy muslims is surely the son of a bastard. it is people like them who will destroy the hindu community. instead of talking they should keep their unvaluable mouth shut. Convert yourself to muslim you bastard.satyanad

Anonymous said...

Are you a Secularist? Then please answer these questions for yourself .

There are nearly 52 Muslim countries. Show one Muslim country which provides Haj subsidy.

Show one Muslim country where Hindus are extended the special rights that Muslims are accorded in India?

Show one country where the 85% majority craves for the indulgence of the 15% minority.

Show one Muslim country, which has a Non-Muslim as its President or Prime Minister.

Hindu-majority Maharashtra, Bihar, Kerala, Pondicherry , etc. have in the past elected Muslims as CM's, ..
Can you ever imagine a Hindu becoming the CM of Muslim - majority J&K?

In 1947, when India was partitioned, the Hindu population in Pakistan was about 24% .Today it is not even 1%; In 1947, the Hindu population in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was 30% . Today it is about 7%.

What happened to the missing Hindus? Do Hindus have human rights?

In contrast, in India, Muslim population has gone up from 10.4% in 1951 to about 14% today;
whereas Hindu population has come down from 87.2% in 1951 to 85% in 1991.

Do you still think that Hindus are fundamentalists? THIS QUESTION IS PERTICULARY FOR SO-CALLED ELITE hindus

In India today Hindus are 85%. If Hindus are intolerant, how come Masjids and madrasas are thriving?

Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public fund, not government funds.

Why Gandhi supported Khilafat Movement (nothing to do with our freedom movement) and what in turn he got?

If Muslims & Christians are minorities in Maharashtra, UP, Bihar etc., are Hindus not minorities in J&K, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya etc? Why are Hindus denied minority rights in these states?

When Haj pilgrims are given subsidy, why Hindu pilgrims to Amarnath, Sabarimalai & Kailash Mansarovar are taxed?

Do you admit that Hindus do have problems that need to be recognized? Or do you think that those who call themselves Hindus are themselves The problem?

Why post - Godhra is blown out of proportion, when no-one talks of the ethnic cleansing of 4 lakh Hindus from Kashmir?

Why Temple funds are spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians, when they are free to spend their money in any way they like?


indscribe said...

Mr Anonymous

You come here without a name and throw the same questions which guys like you keep asking me almost every day.

All these questions have been dealt with and answered in the 500 odd posts and comments section of these posts for the last five years.

First. I don't know what is your definition of Secularism. I am a Humanist that's all. But yes I am a proud Indian Muslim.

Seondly. It's clear that you are more Hindu than an Indian.

Thirdly. It is useless to argue with indoctrinated guys like you who don't even know that just like section 370, similar articles for states of North East exist, but RSS-BJP never tell you that.

You can't even visit several parts of India, let alone buy land, unless you have permit. But you won't raise it because there are no Muslims there.

Try going to Nagaland. You blame Muslim countries but the first wave of prosperity came to India from Gulf.

Forget, the few lakh Indians in America, 35 lakh Indians, mostly Hindus, especially from South India are in jobs in these Muslim countries.

I oppose Haj subsidy. It is given in gratitude by Indian government, to make Arabs feel that they treat Muslims well.

You talk of special rights. Find out. Even Pakistan has reserved seats for Hindus in every Assembly.

There have been lots of non-Muslim head of states. But fools like you don't need to know anything because you are real fool, hell bent at hurting India by questioning your own country's secularism.

You talk about atrocities. There are no communal riots in Muslim countries including Pakistan against Hindus. Thousands are not killed in such mindless state-sponsored violence.

Don't spread false canards that Hindus are 1% of Pakistan's population. There are Hindu majority areas even today in Pakistan, in Sindh and Pakistan's gujarat district.

Don't talk about Kashmir. It was a Muslim, Sheikh Abdullah, who had favoured Kashmir's integration into India else.

Hardly a few hundred Hindus have died in Kashmir, the lakhs killed by army and bullets of militants are Muslims.

It is a secular country and we know it. But probably it was the fault of Indian Muslims that they never protested when there is bhumi pujan at every function and a temple in almost every polie station, it has reached to this level that you guys may someday object why we wear this and why we eat this.

The problem with hate-filled guys like you is that your mind has been stuffed with hatred. You are colour blind.

I don't hate you. I pity you. I could have stopped publishing your comment but I did, so that guys like you don't feel that I don't let your fake charges find a place here.

Keep spreading falsehoods, hate and build a strong India of your own dream.

Ever heard of Tansu Ciller, the head of state of Turkey or similar premiers in Indonesia. Who was she? Find out.

Even if you know, you won't bother as you will try some other trick to blame Muslims.

I wish you had the courage to post it with your name, address and other details.

I would surely love to put it in a separate post and give you due space.

You might send a passport size photo. I hope you would like your friends, neighbours to know about your ideas.

Also, tell me whether you are with ULFA, Nagas, Bodo militants, LTTE, Abhinav Bharat or whichever other terrorist organisation? Or you are simply in their brainstroming school.

And just to correct you. Hindus are not 85% in India. They are 79.5%. Go to census site and find out.

Of course, if you include Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Bahais, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists, Atheists and Animists, and club them under the Hindus, you might get to this figure.

Anonymous said...

Somebody asked some questions to secularists. Here are some answars.

Haj subsidy is actually a discount given by Air India. Go to any Airline and you will get discount on the ticket. The bensficiary is Air India and not Muslims. Muslims have been asking the Government to remove Haj subsidy and spare them.

Hindus are actually 25% of population, minorities are 18% and the rest are tribals and buddhist who are actually not Hindus.

India is not yet a Hindu Rashtra as dreamt by Guru Gowalkar, but a secular state. Hence anyboby can aspire for any post.

Can any Muslim in India go to Kashmir and buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, work there , settle there ? The answer is NO. The special status given by the Government of India to Ethnic Hindus and Muslims ensures that Kashmir is for kashmiris. Hence why blame Indian muslims for the plight of Hindus in Kashmir. If kashmiri pundits are ousted from Jammu and Kashmir then should Indian muslims pay the price in Gujarat?

"Why Gandhiji objected to the decision of the cabinet and insisted that Somnath Temple should be reconstructed out of public fund, not government funds. "
because India is a secular state and should insulate itself from religion.

Mahatma Gandhi supported the Khilafat Movement because he wanted Muslim support in the Freedom struggle. At that point of time the muslims were undecided. Without Muslim support it was not possible to win freedom. But after Gandhiji supported the Khilafat Movement the muslims gave full support to Gandhi in the freedom sruggle.

Temple funds spent for the welfare of Muslims and Christians is a big lie. Show me one instance. The Government took control of the Temples because it was infiltrated by VHP and Bajrang Dal goons.

Anonymous said...

You believe in Supreme Court of India.. You always mention the Gajarat Riots as a shame on Mordern India.. But looks like your hate was induced by completely manufactured media reports that were exaggerated reports some of them spread by TEESTA SETALVAD.

Look at this Times of India report which states that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE FOR SOME OF THE REPORTS THAT MADE THE RIOTS LOOK VERY GRAPHIC as concluded by SIT in the Supreme Court of India..


Please read the

Pointing out a specific instance, the SIT report stated how the evidence of 22 witnesses was “suspect” owing to the identical submissions made in their affidavits submitted to the court. On enquiry, the SIT found that all the 22 affidavits were drafted, typed and printed from the same computer, giving sufficient grounds to believe they were “tutored”. When the SIT questioned those who signed the affidavits, it was shocked to learn that these complainants were not even aware of the incidents.

Referring to another instance that exposed the Citizens for Justice and Peace’s much ‘trumpeted’ charges, Rohtagi said the SIT investigation found untrue allegation about a gangrape of a pregnant woman Kauser Bano, whose stomach was allegedly pierced by sword and her foetus killed.

Even the instance of dumping of bodies into a well at Naroda Patiya and a charge of the police allegedly shielding accused persons in murder of a British national was found to be untrue, Rohtagi said.

Anonymous said...

Rohtagi has just picked some words and lines from the report here and there and distorted the report. A case should be filed against him for misleading the people and making public the contents against the Court's orders.

Anonymous said...

If some indian muslim says that hindu population is just 25% out of census data of 80% and rest of the 80% arent hindu ,but tribal ppl...then pls feel bad that if some hindu start hating u.

some senior blogger insists 79.5% not 85%,giving enough impression that he enjoys with every decline in hindu population and most likely rejoice that exponensial and social harmony disrurting muslim popolation explosion.

Anonymous said...

I'm fed up of all you Hindus/Muslims/etc. constantly fighting. Fact is..India is a secular state.

It is home to all Indians, irrespective of religion! Our country will go to the dogs if people keep thinking about Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh etc. etc. Can we not think as Indians?

We got into the whole Hindu/Muslim issue back in 1940's, and guess what it led to?! Partition! Why repeat same mistakes!

In our country of India, people of EVERY community have suffered.

Yes, Muslims have suffered (Several riots etc.). But so have Hindus (Kashmir,Punjab),Sikhs (Kashmir&Punjab), Christians (Orissa), Jains, Buddhists & Dalits.

And all of us have also gained a lot from India. And now that things are beginning to improve, do you guys really want to be stuck to the past?

Please, work together to make the future India prosperous for all of us.

All of us, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Jains..we're all natives of India, and always will be. India belongs to all of us.

The Hindu extremists (or any other kind of extremists) will never succeed in making India a discriminatory country.

Let's work to make India a truly secular country, where religion is a personal identity, not a national identity.

(Also, someone mentioned that no riots occur against non-Muslims in Pakistan/Bangladesh --> that is highly untrue..many riots have occured there, many temples/churches have been destroyed, many people killed. Fact is, that India/Pak/Bang all are interconnected. Whatever happens in one country directly affects the other. All 3 have riots, and riots in one country initiates riots in the other 2. That's just how it is. And it all has to do with the fact that none of us have been able to get over the ordeals of the Partition).

shaleha said...

this is a question to all muslim people in the world.Why are the coverted muslims not accepted in this world,when khuda has accepted us as muslims & not saying born muslims r better than converted,only muslims r allowed to go for hajj & umrah,than why do born muslims think superior than people like r treaed bad than the born muslims???can any1 answer my questions????????????????????

Sreenivasa Reddy said...

Well reflected thoughts about Indian society. We need more of such writings to beat the vote bank politics which divides US.

India never belonged to one religion/cast and it will never be.

Living together in peace and harmony is the way to go!

Goutham said...

Dear Adnan,

I thought you are forward thinker and well educated unbiased Muslim. But now it made to think about my perception towards you. You talk so much about Gujarat riot but do you say single word about Godhra train incident. Probably this is the reason why Indians somewhere suspect the acts of Muslims . I am very disappointing towards your approach.


Abbas Zaheer said...

I am a Muslim and I spent my entire childhood in Delhi. Never felt alien. Most of my friends are Hindus (mostly punjabies) and a few sikh. They never seem to discriminate.

But once I was in an awkward situation. What happened was that my punjabi hindu friends came to my place on Ed and I also took them to Masjid. I was a good experience. Things were fine. Once day we all went to college trip and on our way one of the stoppage at a hilllstation was a mandir. (btw I don't have a beard)

Entering mandir for the first time was giving me some guilt as if I am going against my religion. I looked around and noticed that most of my other community friend's like sardars, chirstians, jain etc were very comfortable.

I was in stress I won't mind agreeing that I was the only one who was actually very stressed in such a peaceful area. What if's were affecting me

what if dad got t know about this
What if someone clicked a pic and dad got to see it...
what if the pujaari noticed that i am the odd one.
What if everyone got to know that I am stressed...

Not entering was equally troublesome as entering it.

That day I finally entered the mandir. No matter if I did some sin. because for me it was more sinful to hurt my friends who have always given respect to my faith. Puandit ji offered prasad but I gave it to a friend later (tactfully)

But being a Indian Muslim.... it's not a rare thing to get into these situations.

PS: dad got to know about this trip to mandir but he didn't say anything

Ajnabi said...

Good effort to show your affiliation with India. But unfortunately you will only be in peace when you have your free Muslim land to live in.

Wish you good luck.

D. Singh said...

Excellent post. I am already a fan. I think have a positive attitude and outlook makes all the difference.well done...

Anonymous said...

Its not at all a well written article. The title promises a lot but the content isn't logically strong to do justice to the title. Please think a while and you can come up with stronger points.

Promote Bangla | প্রচার বাংলার said...

One of the Best Written Blogs.
But i wonder the Comments are so hate instigating- Be a human before Hindu or Muslim or Christian.
There are riots in every country (muslim or christian or secular country). But there are some Negative "Shaitans" who instigate the riots everywhere.
Its time that we grow up and think logically.
Good Work Sharique.
-Saurav Chatterjee (Bengali Indian "Humanist")

Anonymous said...

Those who think that RSS,VHP,or Bajrang dal are nationalist organisations,plz check ur facts right they are actually extremist organisations,following bigotry rather than hinduism.Thay always put hinduism before nationalism,had india been a non-hindu state,these forces would have been attacking the majority of this country's populace.They dont love india,all they love is their bigoted form of hinduism.If you really wanna see the essence of hinduism,tread in the footsteps of M.K Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

I dont understand when are we suppose to get over such kind of mentality..Its 2012 & we should focus on how to make our live & society better. Instead we are still stucked to believes of 17th or 18th century. Apne halat kaise sudharne hain uske baare me nahi sochenge, per haan dusre dharam ya jaat ko din me jab tak 10 bar galian na de den khana hazam nahi hota yahan logon ka..
We in India have 4 main religion & hundreds of cast- subcast in it. Extremism is not limited to hindu muslim but within every religon itself. Example Thakurs & SC's. What else could be a better example of rivalry between Mulayam & Mayawati.
My only advise/ request to people is that if you are smart or intelligent enough to understand that any kind of communal or religion extremism will only take you to hell..bhadkoge aap aur aur rotian koi aur sekega...
Extremism will only take you to

Jeet Joshi said...

yahan ek se bade ek gyani log apna gyan baant rahe hain..bajrang dal, narender modi RSS, supreme court,muslim hindu extremism et etc..
..Kabhi socha hai ghar ke aage ke streelight itne saalon se kharab hue padi hai jake complaint he kara aayein..

..Kabhi socha hai jaake municipal corporation me gande naalon ke shikayat darz kara aayein..

..samaaj me faile corruption ke liye he kuch kar lein..

Extremism dikhana hai to corruption ke against dikhao, aapas me ladke kya mil gaya aaj tak jo aaj mil jayega..Din me ek acha kam karke dekhna kabhi, bahut sukn milega..

dil todna bahut aasan hai, per dil jeetna bahut muskil..
karke dekho doston, bahut acha lagega