Sunday, April 08, 2007

The inflammatory anti-Muslim CD & BJP's lies

IBN 18 exposed the lies of BJP on the controversial anti-Muslim CD that was supposed to polarise the voters on communal lines.

The dramatic picturisation of two Muslim youths, dressed as Hindus and buying cows to butcher them, about Muslims giving birth to more children and Muslims boys abducting Hindu is all there in this 'zahreeli CD'. (The transcript of the VCD 'Bharat ki Pukar' is available at Siddharth Varadarajan's blog here)

The Culture cell in-charge of party in UP Alpana Talwar acted in the movie and accepted on television that she was aware about the CD and its purpose.

The director and maker of the video CD Virendra Singh Parmar named Lalji Tandon, Keshri Nath Tripathi and Rajnath Singh on TV that they entrusted him with the task to demonise Muslims in the CD.

Tandon had released the CD and the visuals are available। It was done without the permission of Election Commission. Then came Kesri Nath Tripathi's statement that it was sent to EC but apparently it was distributed mistakenly. The party apologised and has now devised its strategy to appear defiant. But who are they fooling?

Hats off to TN Seshan for turning EC into such a powerful body. Read Makhmoor Saeedi's Ghazal:
jab hukm saadir huaa, tum chup rahe ham chup rahe
voh waqt kuchh kahne kaa thaa, tum chup rahe ham chup rahe

taqriir uskii aag thii, sho’lay fizaa meN bhar gaii
aur shahar saara jal gayaa, tum chup rahe ham chup rahe

qaatil bhii voh, makkaar bhii voh, Tokaa use ek baar bhii?
voh jhuuT bolaa barmalaa, tum chup rahe hum chup rahe…

जब हुक्म सादिर हुआ, तुम चुप रहे हम चुप रहे
वोह वक़्त कुछ कहने का था, तुम चुप रहे हम चुप रहे

तकरीर उसकी आग थी, फिजा में भर गई
और शहर सारा जल गया, तुम चुप रहे हम चुप रहे

कातिल भी वोह, मक्कार भी वोह, टोका उसे एक बार भी?
वोह झूट बोला बर्मला, तुम चुप रहे हम चुप रहे

جب حکم صادر ہوا تم چپ رہے ہم چپ رہے
وہ وقت کچھ کہنے کا تھا تم چپ رہے ہم چپ رہے

تقریر اسکی آگ تھی شعلے فضا میں بھر گیء
اور شہر سارا جل گیا تم چپ رہے ہم چپ رہے

قاتل بھی وہ مکار بھی ٹوکا اسے اک بار بھی
وہ جھوٹ بولا برملا تم چپ رہے ہم چپ رہے۔۔۔