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Monday, April 30, 2007

Muslims had helped 'Killer' Cop DG Vanzara with money in his studies

Gujarat Killer cop DG Vanzara, who has been arrested for the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, had been helped by Muslim villagers in his childhood.

Vanzara's father Gobarji, a poor and illiterate man, herded donkeys. He had no money to finance his son's studies but the bright boy was helped by Muslims in his native village.

They helped him in buying books and in school fees so that he could pursue his studies. They stood by him all along until he became a big man, the DIG.

The village of 12,000 has a 60% Muslim population. "The boy whom they willingly helped so that he could carry on his studies quickly forgot them, returning to build a mansion in pink standstone at a careful distance...' reports Sreenivas Janyala in Indian Express.

His classmate Natubhai Patel and teacher Hasanbhai Holda [the latter taught him English], acknowledge that once he rose to the position he never really bothered to look back.

Vanzara never cared to give something back. He refused to donate any amount for his school, writes Srinivas. The three-storey house built at the cost of Rs 2 crore has every inconceivable luxury.

Ilol school principal GHS Dethrotiya says that a salaried person can never afford to build such a huge bungalow.

Ilol is the place where Kausar Bi's body was burnt and later disposed off.

The small Vanjara [Banjara] community of 25 families in village is ashamed, not at the crime but because he 'was caught for the crime'.

Click here to read the story.

Vanjara is Rs 150 crore man

The empire of DG Vanjara that includes commerical and residential buildings in Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, Surat, Mehsana and other cities is estimated at tens of crores.

He earned most of the money through extortion, corruption, encounter threats, says Gujarat newspapers.

In construction industry alone he has invested Rs 100 crore. He also invested crores in Gujarati film industry but after failing to get returns, put money in Bollywood movies through his contacts with Gujarati actors in Mumbai.

Has 80 JCB machines [Bull Dozers] in the names of relatives in Gujarat.  Apart from him other ATS officials, including Rajkumar Pandayan have also accumulated huge wealth.

Dahyaji Gobarji Vanzara was surely given a long rope but law has at last caught up with him. He is now cooling heels in the jail, with those he had framed and wrongly arrested.

Photos of Kausar Bi, Sohrabuddin and officers [Rajkumar Pandian, DG Vanzara, Dinesh Kumar]


Anser azim said...

Questions is what turned him into a beast. Burning some one alive by an officer of the highest caliber is shocking and sickening. He cannot be the follower of Ram and Hinduism, which teaches peace. If Muslims helped him why has he turned into a muslim hater? Did muslims abuse him in his child hood? Or this is just venom of hate that he got from Modi and his

indscribe said...

Anser bhai,
Didn't Justice Anand Narayan Mulla had said....police are the most organised group of criminals in uniform....so the rogue cops and criminals are no different.

They are few but still cause lot of harm. There are upright officers surely like Gita Jauhari on whose report all this action has taken place.

The question that how can he amass Rs 150 crore and escaped the eyes. Were the Vigilance, Lokayukta, CBI and other anti-corruption agencies were sleeping.

On Sohrabuddin case, I understand BJP's position but they should not support Vanzara for this magnitude of corruption.

Rogue cops are very dangerous because they think they can play with the system. For them mostly money matters, religion is not important. However, it is possible that some person may have a pathological hate for Muslims.

sunil_mathew_online said...

anser bhai ,
i am neither a muslim nor a Hindu
but don't you think this blog is bit , subjected towards hatred among 2 big mass of peoples , i feel bit fuzzy about it ,what i believe love is ultimate solution,show hatred
will only bring hate,i am not saying to exclude something that have happened but to include some topic about peace or love between each others,if your ultimate aim is so,lets keep some dignity among educated community so it shows otherwise we are no less than those
who doesn't know what he is doing


indscribe said...

Mathew sahab,
This blog is about harmony. You have seen 5 posts on this page, this blog has 300 posts in its archive, mostly about that.

However, at times you have to raise certain issues and this blog has always stood for humanism. However, writing about a corrupt cop, is surely not hatespeak. It's people's money they gobble up to build empires.

Anser azim said...

Azizi Mathew Miyan/Indscribe Duain:
Your point is well taken. Expression of opinion is part of these blogs. I do not participate if this is abusive and not meant for dialogue.
I grew up in a different India where Hindus and Muslims lived together for centuries. I remember all my childhood friends and many of them were Sikhs and Hindus. I still remember my very few toys that my father ever bought were not on the day of Eid but on Dipawali. I still remember that I used to notice greetings between the Maulvi saheb of our Mosque and the Pujari of the road side Ram temple. The concept of family and Muhalla has vanished in recent years where we used to know all and hated none. There were some religious fanaticism on the part of few but never this violent that we burn and kill women. Kill 5000 or more in the name of a religion is very new. Hinduism has accomodated so many religions and has been very tolerant than any other civilization on the face of earth. Why these togadias, modis, vanzaras, who spew just venom?. Many Hindus are vegetarians beacause there is cruelty associated in being nonvegetarian. But at the same time few fanatics take the baby out from a mothers womb and then burn both of them. Why the oldest religion of the Mahatmas has been hijacked by many politicians who teach nothing but hate.
Indscribe: Role Ms Gita Jauhari should be lauded I am with you and only Justice and equality can make India Great and greater not the economic power.
best wishes

Vick said...

This is just so disgusting. I feel so cheated. But then i shouldn’t be surprised. Dont we(normal ppl) still fear the police instead of being comfortable around them?
Now i have huge doubts about Ishrat jahan too. When the report of her encounter came i thought may be it was true, afterall there was a lot of discontent against Modi.
I am also disgusted with comments from readers on lot of news sites, who are offering excuses likes' The Guy was a criminal'.
I am also disgusted with bollywood movies who have made Heros out of the encounter specialist.
Aur is sab ki jad hai our judiciary. If they were doing the job of putting away criminals for good, atleast public opinion about such encounters wouldn’t be so favorable.

abdul ramiz khan said...

tell me one thing even though u have exposed vanzara.

why the hell r u supporting sohrabuddin n kausar bi???

they were bloody criminals who deserved their fate n its a pity that someone like u who considers himself a true indian muslim is glorifying a bloody terrorist.....

its true that in an independent nation u have the fundamental right of freedom of expression but dont take unnecessary advantage of it
but still gud work dude as even i feel a corrupt person like vanzara deserves this treatment but u shudn't support ppl like sohrabuddin who r a blot on our religion

indscribe said...

Khan Sahab,
I don't support Sohrabuddin, in fact, I don't know whether he was criminal or not.

I know one thing. In a law-abiding society, encounters like this shouldn't happen.

Leave Sohrabuddin.

What was Kausar Bi's fault or Tulsiram's?