Monday, April 30, 2007

Muslims had helped 'Killer' Cop DG Vanzara with money in his studies

DG Vanzara was arrested and jailed for fake ecnounters
IPS officer DG Vanzara, who has been arrested for the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, had been helped by Muslim villagers in his childhood.

Vanzara's father Gobarji was a poor and illiterate man who herded donkeys.

He had no money to finance his son's studies but the bright boy was helped by Muslims in his native village.

They helped him buy books and in school fees so that he could pursue his studies. They stood by him all along until he became a big man--the DIG.

The village of 12,000 has a 60% Muslim population. "The boy whom they willingly helped so that he could carry on his studies quickly forgot them, returning to build a mansion in pink sandstone at a careful distance', reports Sreenivas Janyala in Indian Express.

His classmate Natubhai Patel and teacher Hasanbhai Holda [the latter taught him English], acknowledge that once he rose to the position he never really bothered to look back at the village and his former well-wishers.

Vanzara never cared to give something back. He refused to donate any amount to the school, writes Srinivas. The three-storey house built at the cost of Rs 2 crore has all the luxury goods.

Ilol school principal GHS Dethrotiya says that a salaried person can never afford to build such a huge bungalow.

Ilol is the place where Sohrabuddin Sheikh's wife Kausar Bi's body was burnt and later disposed off.

The small Vanjara [Banjara] community of 25 families in village is ashamed, not at the crime but because he 'was caught for the crime'.

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Vanjara is Rs 150 crore man

The empire of DG Vanjara that includes commerical and residential buildings in Ahmedabad, Gandhi Nagar, Surat, Mehsana and other cities is estimated at tens of crores.

He earned most of the money through extortion, corruption, encounter threats, says Gujarat newspapers.

In construction industry alone he has invested Rs 100 crore. He also invested crores in Gujarati film industry but after failing to get returns, put money in Bollywood movies through his contacts with Gujarati actors in Mumbai.

Has 80 JCB machines [Bull Dozers] in the names of relatives in Gujarat.  Apart from him other ATS officials, including Rajkumar Pandayan have also accumulated huge wealth.

Dahyaji Gobarji Vanzara was surely given a long rope but law has at last caught up with him. He is now cooling heels in the jail, with those he had framed and wrongly arrested.

Photos of Kausar Bi, Sohrabuddin and officers [Rajkumar Pandian, DG Vanzara, Dinesh Kumar]