Saturday, June 02, 2007

'Hindu-Muslim can be best friends' community at Orkut

There exist innumerable communities on the social networking site, Orkut but here I am writing about the community 'Hindu-Muslim can b best friends'. If you are on Orkut member, you can reach there straight by clicking here.

It's a beautiful community that seems growing fast. I must congratulate the owner, GG, and the moderators SAA and Abdullah, for the effort. Already it has 531 members and I wish the membership here would grow.

Each and every day one comes across articles/messages on sites and blogs that only talk about Hindu-Muslim differences but when you come across such a sweet community, one feels delighted. I believe that millions of Hindus and Muslims have their best friends belonging to the other faith. But the micro-minuscule lumpen lot on both sides, which works with a missionary zeal and hate, to post venomous posts/comments on blogs and sites, are mistakenly construed as representative voices of Hindus and Muslims.

Such efforts either by GG or any of us, in any capacity, can surely change the perception. We must speak out more about what is common between us and foil the attempts of those who try to give the impression as if Hindus and Muslims are at war. Just that I really like GG's concept of this cute community.