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Friday, July 27, 2007

Rahi Masoom Raza's novel on survival in film industry in Mumbai: 'Scene 75'

...mera fun* to mar gayaa yaaro
maiN niilaa paD gayaa yaaro
mujhe le jaake Ghazipur ki Gangaa ki godii meN sulaa dena
magar shaayad vatan se duur maut aaye
to meri yah vasiiyat hai
agar us shahar meN chhotii sii ek nadii bhii bahtii ho to mujhko
uskii god meN sulaakar usse kah denaa
ki yah Gangaa ka betaa aaj se tere havaale hai...

*fun=art, the Urdu word [not English]

I am reading Rahi Masoom Raza's novel 'Scene 75'. Earlier I have read a few of his other novels including his masterpiece Adha Gaon, Topi Shukla, Katra Bi Arzoo, Os ki Boond, and Neem Ka Ped as well.

Scene 75 is a short novel. The main characters of the novel are Ali Amjad, Harish Rai, VD (Virendra) and Alimullah Khan, who have come to Mumbai in search of livelihood, and live in a small rented room.

The novel is set in the decade of sixties, the nascent new born India, where the wounds of partition are still fresh. Through characters like Sarla, Ms DeCruz, Manchandani and Lata Sinha, the novelist delves into the anxities of the generation and sensitively deals with issues of human existence, survival in film industry and of course, communalism.

Raza writes, 'I am a son to three mothers--Nafisa Begum, Aligarh University and Ganga. Nafisa Begum is no more and even her features I can't recollect but the other two are alive and I can recall them clearly. This novel is dedicated to these three mothers of mine'.

Read the lines:

...jisko dekhiye, jisse miliye
auroN jaisaa lagtaa hai
is bastii meN jaise kisii kii apnii koii pahchaan nahiiN
siiDhiyoN par phir kisii kii chaap hai
phir koii be-chehraa hogaa
muNh meN hogii jiske makhan ki zabaaN
siine meN hogaa jiske ek patthar kaa dil
aur muskuraa kar, mere dil ke ek varaq le jaayega...

I feel it's an engaging novel though not in the same league as Topi Shukla or Adha Gaon, still, a good one to read. After this, I plan to get and read Himmat Jaunpuri, another major novel by the same author who is remembered for his Bollywood scripts as much as his contribution to the scripting of DD's epic Mahabhrat serial.


Ye manzilen !! said...

good for u saab...
How are u getting ur hands on this master peaices?
Keep edcuating...

bhupinder said...

I haven't read Scene 75 (and Neem ka ped, though I did watch the TV serial), thanks for reproducing parts of the preface. His poetry is good too.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

"muNh meN hogii jiske makhan ki zabaaN
siine meN hogaa jiske ek patthar kaa dil aayegaa
aur muskuraa kar, mere dil ke ek varaq le jaayega..."
Here he honestly explained the truth about Mumbai. Emotions take a toll here.

My uncle is wedded to Rahi Masoom Raza's granddaughter, his literature is still alive here & its nice a feeling to learn his work is appreciated today by young folks like u.

indscribe said...

Ye ManzileN...Thanks. somehow get them here and there...

Bhupinder bhai. Ya he was a good poet and have read a few of his ghazals. Haven't seen his divan yet, which was published in devanagari script.

Kagaz ki Kashti...Good to know that you are related to Rahi Masoom Raza's family.

Anser azim said...

I liked it. I do not know how Dr Raza looks like, but I am sure that he is definitely in his second childhood. In once life second childhood is ugly, painfull and some time miserable. He was well taken care off by his first two mothers in his childhood and in his prime respectively. I hope Ganga accepts his prayers though in recent past Ganga has been abused and molested by his own sons and daughters so much that even her tears are polluted and smelly!!!May Allah grant him his wishes.
Anser Azim, Chicago

Anser azim said...

I just googled about Dr Raza and I am sorry to learn that he passed away long time ago. He was a proud son of my madre-dars-gah!!
Anser Azim

Zaid said...

dear member"kagaz ki kashti"
ggod tee u over here n feeling very proudlly to see the discussion on rahii saab, well i m not be able to recognize u n plz let me to introduce myself the as.........rahii saab was my mamu.plz let me to know about u

u may mail me at ammarzaid@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hello ammar ths is sarkar haider from india, good that u r rahi sahab's bhanja. his niece rumana is my class fellow