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Saturday, August 18, 2007

On Imam's threat to Taslima Nasreen at Kolkata rally

At a rally in Kolkata, the Imam of Tipu Sultan mosque reportedly fixed a reward on Taslima Nasreen's head.

Another Imam asked her to leave the country within a month while yet another speaker gave her just a fortnight.

But the statement of Noor-ur-Rahman Barkati, the Imam of Tipu Sultan Mosque, deserves to be condemned.

We surely don't need such Imams. Indian democracy gives us ample freedom to stage demonstrations and protests, submit memorandums to the officials and politicians, approach courts and other forums if you feel that somebody has insulted you.

The promise of cash reward to a person for executing the death threat is absolutely intolerable. And when it comes from an Imam, it is really unfortunate.

Haji Yaqub sought publicity through a similar announcement sometime back. But he was a politician unlike Barkati, who is a religious person. Also, such statements tarnish the image of the community, which is under intense media scrutiny.

A section of Muslims appear baffled by the criticism of such actions. They feel it is an issue concerning Muslims alone and doesn't hurt the feelings of Hindus or other communities.

A person like Pravin Togadia who issues an open threat to Muslims and says that the minority community should be 'economically boycotted' doesn't invite any criticism from media but a Muslim who speaks out when it comes to his religion and that too against a foreigner [not an Indian], he is castigated.

The action of MIM leaders in Hyderabad was condemnable but it was surely not a 'murderous attempt' as English press [and even Taslima Nasreen] claimed.

The Muslim organisations must devise a strategy and ensure that nobody is allowed to issue such threats. Togadia's rabid hate-speak doesn't give license to issue irresponsible statements to anybody else.

Sanity must prevail.

Latest update:

The Darul Uloom Deoband has termed illegal the statement of Barkati at the Kolkata protest and said that any 'fatwa' or statement for execution of a person is unlawful and against the Islamic tenets.

Deoband Ulema including Mufti-e-Aazam Maulana Khurshid Alam, Naib Mohatamim of Seminary Mufti Ahsan Qasmi and Mufti Muhammad Arif, criticised Barkati. In a joint statement the trio said that there is no right to any clergyman to issue such decrees in a democratic set up like India.


Ye manzilen !! said...

I wonder if these Imams have the ability to entertain the other side of the argument, they are simply retarted?

Qais said...

Nice post. I appreciate this one just as your previous posts. I liked the Mast Kalkattvi's ghazal posted in another post. Those ashaar are very popular and they are so often used without giving any credits to the uncelebrated poet. Thanks for the info!

Just FYI, you may want to rectify the typo in the first para - "Tipu Sultan Mosuqe"

indscribe said...

Ye Manzilen...true, they unnecessary give an opportunity to Islam-bashers.

Qais bhai, great to see you after a long time. Kya khabreN haiN. pasandiidgii ka shukria.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Muslims at times make mockery of themselves. Its very unfortunate….
Imam’s death threat is condemnable……

Raza Rumi said...

Adnan: thanks for this nice write-up. Refershing to see that you speak your mind - such elements have brough much harm to Islam and Muslims- about time they should be challenged and rejected..:)

Diganta said...

Thanks for reminding the Togadia episode. It seems that people do forget those ...
About the law, I am a little bit skeptic since Taslima's writings all get green signals from the court. I think writing things are acceptable and anybody else can write against what Taslima has been writing. In a secular country everyone's writing has to be published. Because, you cannot prefer one over the other based on the number.

Promote Bangla | প্রচার বাংলার said...

Its heart wrenching to SEE WEST BENGALS Shahi Imam uses URDU and not BANGLA...!
Learn something from our neighbouring Bangladesh- USE BANGLA...!
Only a BENGALI Muslim should be the IMAM of Kolkata or elsewhere in Bengal...
Our Muslims are overwhelmingly Bengali (only 2% of 25% Muslims of WB are Urdu speaking remaining 23% are all BENGALI )
JOY BANGLA ! জয় বাংলা !