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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rizwanur's death: A tragic Hindu-Muslim love story

Priyanka, a millionaire's daughter, and Rizwanur Rahman fell in love and got married. From her palatial house in Salt Lake, she came to the humble two-room house in a lower middle class to live with his family but their happiness barely lasted a month.

The police started harassing him. Rizwan was warned to let his wife go back to her house. He was rounded up, kept in detention and later his body was found on the railway tracks. And this hasn't happened in Ahmedabad or Meerut, but in the City of Tagore.
Two adults who love each other and want to live together can't be separated but here they were not only in love but also married. Still, the police not only played 'moral guardians' to separate the mismatch marriage: Rich-Poor & Hindu-Muslim wedlock.
Several top officials of Kolkata police allegedly colluded to try to separate them and put pressure on Rizwan even as he was seeking legal support and the help of human rights groups. West Bengal, especially Calcutta, is known to have an enlightened society compared to other Indian cities and it is a place where ordinary people and the middle-class does react.
There is outrage in Kolkata. Social organisations and citizens have taken up the issue. Inquiries have been ordered but that's just a way to divert attention. Stern action must be taken against the police officers who harassed Rizwanul and Priyanka, the daughter of Ashok Todi who is Chairman of Lux hosiery.

The State and police have no business to interfere in the lives of people and stop people in love from marrying. We have enough of such killings in this country and it's time for us to raise our voice strongly at all forums to ensure that lovebirds don't have to fear for their lives in this country.
Going by WB Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya's statement that guilty policemen would not be spared and his admission that the case has many angles including money power, communal and social issues.
Rizwan, the 30-year-old graphic designer is no more. He has lost his life for love and at least we can hope that justice would be done.
(Photo: Rizwan and Priyanka)


Ye manzilen !! said...

Shocking.....absloutly shocking and that it has occured in WB...

mystic-soul said...

aashke rawan ki naher hai aur hum hain doston

Anser azim said...

Its tragic. I could not verify your source of information that his body was mutilitated? I was just pondering: has the definition of love changed in the last 25 years?. Many cultures and civilizations have come closer to each other and men and women talk more than they used to. There are no more hangama's that "larki ka khat pekra gya' bla bla!!There are No more "thertharahat" in opening some ones special letter!! Its just email. permitted by nana abbas and dadajaans!! respectively!!what a change!!

fauzia said...

Lets pray and unitedly hope that justice will be done to Rizwanur and his family, though it will not be an easy process. It may laso happen that years will pass on and nothing will happen except enquries and investigation. Let plan a process through which we can at least keep the memories of his trajic death afresh so that it does not go into oblivion untill justice is delivered............

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Its a tragic incident.
There are few protest & demonstration going on in WB... with its effect hope justice is deliver to Rizwan & his family soon.

Miracles said...

Few months back police nosiness created problem in Bhopal in Famous Priyanka and Omar case but it was handled very carefully by the satellite channels and family of Omar otherwise a similar incident would have occurred. Congrats to CNN IBN team for handling the issue otherwise……….

Hermis said...

Rizwan is not the only sufferer...there are thousands other like him ...whether they are hindu or muslim....and they have the same fate....they die under the attack from the Unholy trinity....Politician ,Police and the Businessmen

Anonymous said...

I have seen your programme we the people from Kolkatta on inter religion marriage. You have forgot one aspect and that is classified the society on food habits . vegetarian
and Non vegetarian. For me my religion is vegetarianism and it will be difficult for children to adopt different food habit after marriage so I prefer marrying my children to marry a spouse of same religion i.e food habits.

Anonymous said...

what I am going to say might offend most of you..but it is likely to be a fact..First I do not want to say that murdering someone is ok, if it has happened in the case of Rizwan..but i would like to raise some fundamental questions before worshipping rizwan as a hero..First of all it is NOT professionally legal for a teacher to have relationship with any of his students..but he had it not with one but many...he had relationship with someone Pompi Roy which broke just in 2004..however, the most interesting thing is that he hide his past from Priyanka even after marriage..this is pure cheating..priyanka came to know about this from her father..the question is not how she leaned about it but the point is that why Rizwan kept it as a secret from a girl who left 200 crore property for his "love"?...it is interesting to note that Rizwan convinced the girl to elope with him but did not exlpain about his past completely to her..finally, I conclude he was just a womansier and had interest in hindu girls..I have some muslim friends and I observed they got some strange attraction for hindu girls.. I am not from RSS or Visha Hindi parisab but a reasonable guy who can think...If he was murdered the guilty should be punished ...however, I see no reason to become emotional for him..he saw she was a very rich girl so took chance and became serious... Mr. Todi's resistance was completely justified..how many of you would accept happily to see your sister/relatives eloped with a muslim and getting married?
it is very easy to say we are LIBERAL, which we are fundamentally not.. If Rizwan was ethically sound, then he should have stopped priyanka from getting married secretly..he should have understood her parents condition and would have tried to persuade them..he did not even tried that once... our government never left any stone unturned, when it comes to appease the minority community..I am sure Priyanka will get over it and will have a normal life soon..so guys use your brain and think about it :)

Anonymous said...




Anser azim said...

Anonymous (last post): I hope thats not the doctrine of RSS as it is lunatic,selfdestructive, insane and sign of a progressive disease.Meant for failure!!Though Late Mr. Sarvarkar admired Hitler!!. Hatred has no cure!! Modern medicine suggests surgical removal of hatred gland from the brain. Although, this gland is yet to be identified!!
best wishes

anser azim

Rashid Poo Raj said...

As a Hindu boy if I fall in love with not one....but two rich Muslim girls one after the other...I'm sure it would raise doubts and opposition in the minds of many Indian Muslims.

We are living in a country where to say that "I'm a moderate Hindu from India" is seen as something inferior...but any person who claims that he is a "moderate Muslim from the subcontinent" is showered with praises.

Apart from the showbiz world, how many Muslim women marry Hindu boys in India as compared to the other way around? It is almost negligible. Whereas the muslim society keeps its women in purdah kind of slavery...it has no issues with their boys bringing home converted hindu girls?

Of course, Rizwan's death has a lot of injustice...and in this respect alone, we need to punish those responsible for it....but all this doesn't mean that his motives are beyond suspect.

khuda hafiz

Furkan said...

Dear All,

I have learned all the comments of all of you, depends upon the thinking of individuals. coz everyone has the right to speak in this great democracy. I always salute to my country.

As the case of Rizwanur-priyanka, we are discussing about, this is not the matter of criticise any one, bt the matter of JUSTICE, Matter of INDEPENDENCE, matter of security. we are in 21centuary, & still we are talking about the bloody things of HINDU & MUSLIMS. I just want to know how many of you are going every day to your worship places, how many of u are not involved in sins. how many of you are not hurting to othetrs.

Dear, comment on somebody is easier then to apply the same things on ourselves. so plz use your mind, remove all obstacles & focuss on your future of your lovedones & your country. Bcoz as a member of perticular community me cant seprate purseves from other coz we are directly or indirectly complimentry to each other.

Plz come togather, to remove hate from our hearts, which is created by politicians for their individual interest.


Warm regards

Sam said...

People in India particularly in West Bengal wrote a lot about the problems associated with inter-cast and inter-religious marriages. marriage is a complex affair and should be executed very carefully.

Like everything, there is a line that one should not cross. One should not get married without permission (at least a nod) of both families. I married someone from another race and religion, but with the permission (not support) of both families.

In the event one must do it without permission, due to hormones, prganancy etc., then it is best to simply elope and not look back. Trying to get into the in-law family afterwards is not a good idea, because it is not going to happen like Todi-Rehman case and it is only going to create more problems. I could not understand why Rehman was trying so hard to get into Todi family, calling Todis "papa and Mama" after snatching their daughter from them without permission. IT was a true miscalculation. He simply underestimated the resolve of a man like Ashok Todi.

Indian citizen said...

PLEASE READ: This notice has been issued in the interest of the mental , intellectual and religious health of our scoiety.

A dangerous psychopathic fanatic commonly known as “Shyam Roy” has threatened to come to India on New Years Eve.

He considers himself a Hindu but knows nothing about Hinduism. He likes to hate and is not possible to have a meaningful converstaion with him. He likes to visit websites seeking Justice for Rizwanur and posts nauseating meaningless comments.

How to identify him?

One way to identify him is that he uses the term “moslem” for some reason

Also, In almost every post he writes he expresses his innate Narcissism by talking about himself and he always find a way to tell everyone about his life’s biggest achievement’ that he lives in the US. Some of his lines are-

“I am a bengali living in US
“I am making a great contribution right here”
“we in US do it this way...” “I am 12000 miles from India”
“our FBI is watching you”
“I love george bush”
“I was out of town for few days actually in Washington DC”

He uses foul and abusive language, indulges in personal attacks on people who do not accept his pathetic views and logics [ personal attacks on Rimi chatterjee; Srean and many others].

Now, The dangerous bit:

He also suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder [The presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states associated with Inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness]
Evidence that he suffers from this condition:
He takes up new names like Shyam Roy or I AM SAM or SAM or Samaresh or Anonymous and some others too. In keeping with his condition he is unable to recall gross personal information.
• I grew up in Chetla and attended New Alipore Multipurpose. [Posted on Nov 10, on comments board in sify].
• I grew up with Moslem friends in Thakurpukur [Posted on Nov 2, on Indian Mutiny blog].

Now the scary spine chilling bit which proves he is clearly psychopathic- on Nov 11 on the indian mutiny site he mentioned- I call myself shyam roy because it is the name of lord krishna and in his own words he says “I really do not exist; I am just doing his work (implying lord krishna) by defending Todi.

What can you do?

Please in interest of safety try not to engage in any conversation with this person. He is a danger to civil liberties and religious tolerance; hatred, bigotry, deceit are his main weapons. Discussing things may lead to significant damage to your intellectual health. So, try and go out of Kolkata if you can during New Year. If you can’t; be on your guard and report any sightings to the mental health authorities. Please let as many people as you can know about this and ensure their safety.

Haseena Khatun said...

Muslim Guys Love to Flirt, Marry (and Dump) Non-Muslim Girls

You’d have noticed that Muslim men are mindlessly restrictive in giving away their girls (the true Dalits) in marriage to non-Muslims. Muslim boys and men have a tendency to run after Hindu, Christian and other non-Muslim girls as they find them more modern and attractive compared to their own women. Besides, they also have a religious fervor to convert those girls and make them Mohammedans.

Why is it that Muslim boys run after non-Muslim girls?

There are many reasons:
(1) First, Muslim girls are mostly kept in the confines of their homes and most of the time they are not allowed to mix with boys. The repressed lust of the Muslim boys finds a vent when they interact with non-Muslim girls whom they find gullible and easy to flirt.
(2) Second, they get support from the members of their own community. Muslims love to see their men flirting non-Muslim women. It’s an act of chauvinism and communal pride. Muslims feel macho at such instances of Muslim guys befriending non-Muslim girls and see the other community as feminine and Islam as masculine.
(3) Third, Muslims have big families. You’d come across examples where the youngest son or daughter of a father is younger in age compared to his eldest grandson or grand daughter. Muslims breed in their old age as well. Islam prohibits bachelorhood. The compulsions of the big families and poor standard of living force them to think out-of-box. They cannot leave Islam. They would be called “Murtad” or apostate which is a grave sin. As such, they want to improvise their lifestyle by marrying non-Muslim girls and convert them to Islam.
(4) Fourth, the Muslims think long-term. They have not forgotten the fact that their co-religionists ruled India for centuries. Today they are out of power. Marrying Hindu women gives them temporary pride to feel chauvinistic. They feel that India would become an Islamic state through high rates of breeding and slowly converting the Hindu population into Islamic fold. Marrying non-Muslim women is one of the several things that they can do.

Do Muslim Men believe in Secularism?

Muslim men do not believe in secularism – else they would not have resisted attempts to provide equal rights to their women. Muslim women are the true dalits of India, denied basic freedom for centuries. Think of Shah Bano – the poor woman who could not even claim reimbursements from her husband. It was a big blot on the secularism of this country. Find on Google to read more about Shahbano – you’ll find countless articles. Muslims believe only in one thing – Islamic chauvinism in the name of Allah and his prophet.

The fundamentalist Muslims are not wayward Muslims. They are true Muslims in a way that they act as per the tenets of Quran and Hadith. Take for example, Taliban. If you judge the Talibanese in terms of their commitment and honesty to Quran, they are far truer Muslims than the likes of secular Sanjay Khan who gave his daughter Suzainne in marriage to Rithik Roshan, a Hindu heathen. The fundamentalists are not bad Muslims – they are true Muslims – at least, in their sincerity to the Islamic scriptures.

The story of Muslim ghettos - how many Dalit Muslim Women have you interacted with?

Have you ever visited any Muslim ghetto? Do you feel you could interact with their women? Most of the Muslim homes (in ghettos) have goats and have pathetic sewerage systems around. You’d find their colonies predominantly loitered by boys and men (in lungis), and the women folk mostly in their burqas (veil). How’d these guys then flirt their own women? Muslim boys pick up the details of human sexuality even before they reach the fifth year of their age. How? They have big families and most of them stay together in one or two rooms. From their very childhood, they see their parents making love (or fighting) on bed. Among the poor families this is even more common. It’s a fact that Muslim boys pick up the intricacies of human anatomy at much earlier age. When these children read Quran (such as Surah II, Ayat 222) they come across things such as “menstruation”. [They question thee (O Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: It is an illness, so let women alone at such times and go not in unto them until they are cleansed…] A madarsa-going child of 5 years age can easily understand what menstruation means – how could you doubt he would not know other things!

Mrs. Haseena Khatun
Editor – Khawatein Voice

farhan said...

I am very much impressed by the research of Haseena mam, so much knoledgeful lady, I really respect & proud of such type of ladies,,,,

I am agree with the lady on some comments but not on all, like all muslim guys are doing flirt with non muslim girls,,,,

Mam, for your kind information this is nothing, wat ever picture you are showing to the outside world that is the picture of some slum areas, where so many poor & uneducated peoples resides.

& For your kind information,, If a kid is going to MADARSA,,,, He dont know about the meanings of the holy book....

Dear Mam, I dont know about your experiences of life,,,,,,,,, I am just a kid & I have to learn lot of things................

But as per my views,,, Wat ever problems or comments you are showing that is the problem of uneducated & slum areas,,,,,,,,,,,

Can i ask a very personal question please,,,,,,,,,,, DID U DO ANYTHING TO IMPROOVE THE STATUS OF YOUR SOCIETY........

Sirf comment likhne se kuchh nahi hota,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, & I think you have the problem with muslim MEN not ISLAM................ & Frankly speaking if u have the problem with islam,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then i think you shud check with your inner..............

fazilath said...

It is the big mistake of the parentsto give permission to do such things it is not possiblethat every muslims do such things islam shows right path in every aspects of live it depends on us to choose and it depends on thinking of an individualwhat they can do in their live islam is a good religion in islam were a burqas for their protection and they also study by school and college and it is not depends only muslims boys to do such things it also depends on the girls becoz thali ek hath se nahi bachti thali do hath se bachti hai

Anonymous said...

No one should blame rizwanur. I personally just wish for the poor boy to rest in peace. He died because the todi family refused to let priyanka go back to him first the faked ashok todi's heart arrest to blackmail her to go back to her father and they also threatened to press false charges of robbery on rizwan. Under so much pressure the girl went back to her family in return for a signed contract that said the todis will let priyanka go back to her husband in 8 days on the 9th day rizwan died after begging the todi to let him talk to priyanka. He had been trying to get into contact with his legal wife and the todis made it impossible for him to contact her in bag way. The todis should be punished. Rizwan was not after money. He agreed to sign any papers confirming that he wants no part in their wealth. That man loved a Hindu girl, and his mistake was he was a middle class, Muslim guy? The todis should be ashamed for causing the absence of a poor soul. A son taken away from a mother, a brother taken away from a brother, a husband from a wife, a friend from another friend. May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

M a hndu grl n luv a muslm boy since 8 yrs...should i continue??? Hw willl.b my future

Padma Thadakapalli said...

Love transcends all barriers. Go Ahead & Get Married.

But one Caveat please.

If the boy is a Muslim, then be very careful. It is lawful for a Muslim to take many wives. You may feel cheated & helpless in future if your lover wishes to dump you. The Police & Courts will not come to your rescue if your spouse wants to marry again, leaving you merely as a sex-slave & work-slave in his home.

If your love is pure, then, BOTH OF YOU should get converted into any THIRD RELIGION, say, Christianity or Buddhism and then get married under the SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT. This will fully protect you from exploitation.

Please follow my advice. If the love is pure then the boy should not have hesitation to marry you. If the boy is merely a paramour then he will be put off by your proposal

Anonymous said...
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