Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Campaign to replace doctor's 'Red Cross' with 'Swastika'

Organisations sympathetic to Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh [RSS] have recently  started a campaign to replace the Red Cross with the symbol, Swastik.

The nationwide campaign has gathered some momentum and the organisation claims nearly 50,000 docs have already adopted the symbol.

The office-bearers of the organisation, Arogya Bharati, feel that Swasthik is similar to Red Cross and replacing it will be easy.

Also, it will bring doctors close to the 'Indian culture', they believe. Not all doctors seem to agree though.

Many feel that a religious symbol shouldn't replace the Red Cross.

Some private organisations of doctors that are close to Sangh Parivar are enthused and supporting the campaign.

Whether the campaign succeeds in its objective or not, one wishes that the focus is more on taking health services to the poor.

On the top left, you can see photograph of a a woman riding her two-wheeler.

The scooter has the symbol on it. In fact, the symbol of doctors is not the 'cross' either.

 It is the caduceus--the traditional symbol that shows two snakes, which you can see on the left [in black]. Still, cross is used by doctors as it is more recognisable.
Doctor's' symbol

Often, chemists and those associated to the medical profession also put the cross on their vehicles.

Will Arogya Bharati think of arranging docs' visits to rural areas where no doctor wishes to go and treating poor at nominal fees?

If it does that then it will be a great service and it will support even the 'Hindu cause' better than the mere symbolism.