Monday, January 28, 2008

Hindu household, Urdu nameplate

Over the last couple of decades I have seen Urdu signboards and nameplates disappear fast across the country.

Languages have a region, not religion. Still, it is a fact that such name plates are now rarer to find.

As Urdu is not supposed to be a language that will attract the consumers, shop-owners are also not keen on having display boards in Urdu.

In Muslim localities also Urdu nameplates are now hard to find except in a few cities. That's why such nameplates fascinate me.

Still, in some Kayastha houses you can spot old Urdu nameplates. On the left is the photo of one non-Muslim house sporting an Urdu nameplate.

The owner's name is Awadh Narayan. He is not a Kayastha though. And that's Circa 2008.

Photo (C) Shams Ur Rehman Alavi