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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Arresting innocent Muslims in UP & failure of Lucknow Conference

The "Allegation on Muslims and Terrorism" conference in Lucknow, had raised expectations among Muslims that their voice would be heard.

And though the event could be considered successful in terms of the participation of over a hundred Ulema and Muslim intellectuals, the desired objectives couldn't be achieved.

Firstly, it failed to make any impact on State politics. The decision not to invite any politician was laudable but the event didn't make any headlines in the media. The fact is that situation is UP is quite bad at the ground-level.

Everybody wants sternest possible action against terrorists but it is unacceptable the way police implicate innocent (of course, poor) youths in false cases, just to show their success in cracking a case.

But this is happening in UP regularly. The arrest of Aftab Alam Ansari was one such incident. There have been several such cases. Ironically, those arrested are immediately branded terrorists and even the lawyers refuse to fight their case.

This is the perhaps the most unique situation where a person who gets framed, has no option, but to accept the verdict. The cops are forced to make such arrests because of the politicial pressure after any major strike.

In the case of Aftab, who was subjected to torture for over two weeks, and later DGP Brij Lal had to admit that his arrest was a mistake and he was innocent, the government didnot take action against erring cops and nobody apologised.

What they fail to realise is the extent of anger among Muslims, who feel leaderless and voiceless. The communalisation of policemen in UP is an old story but the lawyers have now taken the lead, and branded the community as radical, giving no option of justice to the arrested person.

It is bad for the psyche of any community. And it was in this backdrop that the seminar-cum-national conference was held. Maulan Rabe Hasan Nadwi and leading Islamic scholars spoke at the conference, which was organised by All India Milli Council. Unfortunately the organisers failed to draw attention towards the state machinery's brazen bias towards Muslims.

Two reports in the Hindu about this conference here and here.


Urdudaan said...

This is where Rushdies, Zakarias and Tasleemas need to pay their attention rather than 'beating' around the 'bush' all the time.

One cannot be selling themselves for too long, ask the sex-workers!

Manas Shaikh said...

Adnan, it may sound like a conspiracy theory, but they will not pay any attention.

Unless we earn it. I mean Muslims in the media. Muslims owning the media. Muslims in journalism along with others. Journalism and everything else.

If we are unable to take care of our community, nobody else is going to.

At the moment the community is in such a loss of direction and a sense of purpose.

We need a sense of purpose.

history_lover said...

This is why muslim leaders were demanding the repeal of draconian acts like POTA/TADA
The present government must be atleast be appreciated for repealing POTA
Unfortunately the hinduvtva and other rightwingers consider this as yet another act of muslim "appeasement"

Anser Azim said...

India has taken the bait of Capitalism. And we see prosperity and at the same time gradual widening gap between the poor and rich. India is also a country of multiple languages, culture, race and and religion. Here also exists the sense of Chuoot and achoot. Muslims are also Seyed, Shaikhs Patahans and many from the lower casts. In the coming 100 years if the educational backwardness of the muslims does not change, I fear that 150 million muslims are going to be the future untouchables of this country. Muslim representation has dwindled in the last 59 years of our independence in every sphere of life. Their number is gradualling increasing in things like prostitution, crime, gambling, poverty, frontseat movie goers and homelessness. Those numbers are frightening. The paan eating ladies and gentlemen, who watch all the listed shows on TV, hardly buy and read books in a typical Muslim Aminabadi household!
That state of mind is all over and less emphasis is there for education in muslims that I know off.
Khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki haalat naheen badlee
na ho jisko khyal aap apni haalat ke badalne ka"

Anser Azim, Chicago

henmen said...

change comes from within...no torrent or blissful rain can change things for those who themselves do not aspire for something better...

Tathagata Mukherjee said...


POTA was upheld by Indian Supreme Court. India is the worst victim of Islamic terrorism.

So, where is the problem with POTA?

Time has come for Indian Muslims to wake up and confront these Jehadis, Islamists.

Muslims do NOT need psuedos blessing- they are rooted in India. They are being emotionally blackmailed for political pupose, and Islamists taking advantage of this.

adal said...

When the news about the Deoband Declaration appeared in The Hindu,my friend said :"Baasi kadi may ubaal aaya! I ully agreed with him.The one question that rose in my mind then was: Why these ulemas took such a long time to speak the truth?
As far back as on the New year day(1/1/2000) there appeared a letter to the E ditor in Economist that the west must be very alert as six Muslim countries have become independent in central Asia. And the west will have to face their fundamentalism!
How alert they are and how lazy we are!our laziness and sense of hopelessness have brought us to this level!
we cannot be looking for leaders. We have to unite and collective leadershp only will save us.