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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

After Ulema, it's government's turn

After the recently convened Anti-Terrorism Conference & the Ulema's historic Deoband Declaration, the Centre and State governments must also take care of the following critical issues:

1. The 'secular' Congress government in Maharashtra must immediately give sanction for prosecuting all the rogue cops booked for biased action and shooting innocents during the Communal Riots of 1992-1993 in Mumbai.

Indian Madarsa Students: Eternally in the dock.

2. The Vilas Rao Deshmukh's Congress-NCP combine 'secular' government should immediately accept the Sri Krishna Commission Report and implement its recommendatiosn without any further delay.

3. The Congress-led UPA government that has been playing the "Sachar committee card', should instead rein in the agencies that routinely arrest innocents, term Madarsas as threat to national security and in turn creating suspicion among Muslims regarding the police and law-enforcing agencies.

4. Put on a curb on spreading falsehoods about Muslims and check those who defame the entire Madarsa educational system of this country.

5. Police need to be de-communalised. In UP, the 'secular' Mayawati government should desist from framing innocent Muslims. The arrests of innocents like Haji Ishtiaq or Aftab Alab (their cases have been reported on this blog), are two cases in the point.

The Ulema have made a step. But if there is no response and excesses continue, the clergy would again go back into its shell. The dialogue must continue and it is not possible unless the other group takes a serious view of this situation.

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Tatha Mukherjee said...

Author is a confused Muslim.

On one hand, he 'claims', that Ulema has done its job, and now its for the politicians to do the rest.

But he also uttered "secularism" in every line:)-

ULEMA HAS NO ROLE TO PLAY IN A SECULAR STATE. Clear your confusion before you make yourself laughable.

indscribe said...

What confusion, Tatha!
The Congress claims itself a secular party. And because you perhaps toe the BJP line, you expect me to support Congress, isn't it!

So Ulema should seek your permission before everything!

Anonymous said...

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