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Monday, March 03, 2008

After Hyderabad, screening of Islamic movie stopped in Kolkata

Al-Risalah, the first Hollywood movie on Islam, which has been dubbed in Urdu/Hindustani and released in India, has been taken off theatres in Hyderabad.

Following this the screening of the movie in Kolkata was also stopped. Director, Moustapha Akkad directed the film that has songs composed by AR Rahman.

The song 'Marhaba Mustafa' has already got popular. The movie was originally made in Arabic and English, and has recently been dubbed with lyrics and dialogues translated by Hasan Kamal. Of course, Prophet (SAW) has not been depicted on the screen.

No prize for guessing about the Hyderabad ban though: Majlis had protested the screening. When questioned that when Muslims in many other countries were watching the movie and clergy had okayed it, an AIMIM leader said that "it will still not let the movie run in the City".

The Indian distributors must have suffered loss as the movie is getting banned in one city after the other. However, they hope to earn through VCD that has more songs including Arabic ones and sermons. The reviews suggest that this movie, funded by Muammar Gaddafi, had been praised in Arab world and the West alike.


history_lover said...

"The Message" directed by the late Mustapha Akkad is not new .
It has also been dubbed in Urdu in Pakistan and was I think shown on Geo TV .

urdudaaN said...

Adnan Sir,

Thanks for discussing it, but the reason behind the demand for ban is not getting clear to me from your write-up.

indscribe said...

Yes history-loever sahab, old movie but after dubbing shown across the country. Urdu dailies and periodicals were full of ads for quite sometime before the launch.

Urdudaan bhai. Even I couldn't find exact reason. MIM opposed it and said that Ulema in other countries may have given it a go-ahead but they would not allow pictorial depiction of any part of Islamic history either.