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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chacha's Qeema-stuffed Samosas

Chacha sells qeema-stuffed samosas, a non-veg delicacy which is no longer very commonly visible in Cities.

Inflation has hit him hard. Chacha is quite old now. Yet, he and his wife make 200-odd samosas, which fill his cycle's rear basket.

On road, those who know him, wave at him and buy the samosas from him. Outside mosques the business is better when people are coming out after prayers.

The best day is ofcourse Friday when the mosques are packed to capacity. Along with Biryani, Haleem and Zarda, Chacha's samosas have also many takers.

But price of mutton has been soaring and buyers don't want to spend more than Rs 2 for each samosa, which has become thinner and the quantity of qeema (minced meat) getting lesser.

There are admirers of these samosas. Those, if they came to know about the delicacy and the place it is sold, can buy the whole basket. But this is the parallel Muslim economy--Biryani for Rs 6-10 a plate and Keema samosa just for Rs 2-3, that flourishes in old quarters and narrow lanes.

The same Qeema samosa presented as an exotic dish would find a place at the top of menu of any five star hotel, and could be priced anything between Rs 30-50. But Chacha, or another elderly seller, Barkat Miyan, don't have any idea about marketing or how to promote it. They are content with whatever little they manage to earn.


Ye manzilen !! said...

This is a great opportunity adnan. I would LOVE to help these kinds of folks make money after adopting a diff way to sell....

Let me retire and move back and we will have a blast helping these chchas for free..

حیدرآبادی said...

مگر یار یہ منزلیں۔
تم نے مجھے ٹھیلہ بنڈی پر کہاں کھلایا سموسہ بھیل پوری؟ تم بھی تو وہی خواہ مخواہ کی ارسٹوکراٹ مہمان نوازی کر گئے تھے اُس وقت۔

urdudaaN said...

سموسے میرے پسندیدہ ہیں اسی لۓ یہ ترکیب لکھ رکھی ہے

آپ نے ایک صحیح رخ کو اجاگر کیا ہے

Anser Azim said...

These samaosas are mouthwatering!!. With time things have changed. Consumerism, corporations and capitalism are now part of our lives. I remember sometime back we used to wait hafton for eating an egg and murghi ka gosht was occasional. Khaas damad kai liye Murghi ki tangain bachai jaati theen!!!.
Now we buy dozens of eggs,and chicken legs are the least prefered dishes. We eat more than our body can handle. It gets deposited and stored in our pot bellies!! Slowly and gradually the chicken and beef cholesterol/fat heads to the artries and blocks our artries. This is deadly and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise amongst us all.
Sugar was rationed in my days and very few used to ahve Type 2 diabetes or ziabetes,or undiagnosed!!. Now its an endemic in our part of the world!! Let us see OONt kis kerwat baithta hai!!!

history_lover said...

Most of my non muslim friends and acquaintance have never even heard of Qeema samosas .
Are they still available in muslim neighbourhoods in Delhi and Lucknow ?

indscribe said...

Ye manzileiN...beshak these people need training in entrepreneurship.

Urdudaan Sahab, aapkie puraani post se insilaak ka shukria.

Thanks Azim Sb and Hyderabadi Sahab.

History_lover: They are available but only in selected areas and travel on their routes. Caution for non-Muslim friends (many use Baday ka gosht due to inflation)

حیدرآبادی said...

ye manzilen !!
اس ہی بلاگ پر ذرا یہاں آنا۔ ایک غمناک اطلاع تمہاری منتظر ہے۔ وہ "پل" ٹوٹ گیا ہے ، آہ ہ ہ !! ۔۔۔۔۔۔ وہ راستہ خاموش ہو گیا ہے ہمیشہ کے لئے۔ انڈسکرائب بھائی ، آپ نے آج ہم دونوں کو دکھی کر ڈالا ہے۔