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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Of our so-called Muslim leaders in Congress: The leadership thrust on Indian Muslims

*Salman Khurshid, the modern and liberal Muslim face of Congress in UP
*Mohsina Kidwai, 'veteran' Congress 'leader
*Ahmad Patel [Fourth term in Rajya Sabha, courtesy his closeness to 10 Janpath]

These are just a few names to begin with. Most of them are suave, sophisticated and educated. Salman Khurshid* can't easily win a Lok Sabha election.

I am not upset with him because he hardly ever utters a word of Urdu [or even Hindustani], as many point out, and speaks the most Sanskritised Hindi, among political leaders.

Of course, he is the grandson of Zakir Hussain. I have no personal issue with him except that one hardly gets to hear anything from him on any any issue [not taking about Muslim issues alone].

Mohsina Kidwai, hasn't won an election for ages. She has little credibility in the state she comes from. After all, either its riots or killings like Maliana, one never heard her voice. She is in Upper House, a Rajya Sabha member, elected not from UP but Chhattisgarh.

Muslims fail to understand why consistently these 'leaders' are forced upon them. Why should leaders who don't have any following be given posts or kept as show pieces. Either replace them with popular Muslim leader or remain the posts unoccupied.

In UP, Muslims do have much more trust in Pramod Tiwari and Sri Prakash Jaiswal and their secular credentials than these Muslim leaders. Lately there were several issues but did anybody hear them leading any movement or even their voice.

1. Either it is the arrests of persons like Haji Ishtiaq, Aftab or similar arrests in which police had to later accept that it had wrongly caught innocent persons or framed them on false complaints, such Muslim leaders remained mum.

Rather, the Loktantrik Party, Samajwadi Party and Ajit Singh, who raised these issues.

2. When madarsas were blamed for all the ills and seminaries are defamed, where these leaders go hiding? Or if they speak, why we don't we get to hear their voices. After all, what's their job if they can't even speak?

3. Muslim youths who are arrested in various parts of UP who have no legal support due to the unprecedented decision of Bar Associations to not fight any case in which police has accused a person of terrorism.

Himself a lawyer, Khurshid could have tried for a mediation. Now, Muslim lawyers have come together to fight the cases of youths, who are framed and are languishing in jails. Again it is getting communalised, which is not a healthy sign.

4. Clergymen Khalid and Tariq, who are alleged to be involved in militancy, have been languishing in jails. Everybody is claiming that they are innocent and were framed. The Government has ordered a judicial inquiry.

There have been reports of Muslims clergymen subjected to torture, forced to drink liquor, given electric shocks and made to undergo the most unpleasant things to make them 'confess'. For months they are in custody and police have failed to substantiate its charges.

The police story fell flat as it claimed they were together on a mission and were caught with ammunitions but hundreds of people have petitioned that there were caught separately, from different places and at different hours.

5. Forget such issues. Ever heard about any effort to provides basic civic amenities or movement for health facilities or education in this backward state.

Salman Khurshid's favourite pastime was training his guns on Mulayam Singh Yadav during his tenure has UPCC chief.

Where are these leaders. Nobody expects them to deliver fiery speeches but they can take up issues and try to resolve them. But they are never seen or heard. I wonder what they do. And many other Muslims like me also wonder. What's their use? Is it just for their Muslims names do they survive!

Don't forget Najma Heptulla, who has the most unique political life, just by virtue of having some sort of a kinship with Maulana Azad, and when she grew too big for he boots and was dumped by Congress, she continues to be in Rajya Sabha with the BJP support.

Can she win a corporation election on her own!

Act or at least speak, on any issue, where it involves Muslims or not. But they are greats, they do know this art of survival. And the parties seem to love them.

[*Update: This article was written long back. Now Salman Khurshid has won a Lok Sabha election. Best of luck to him. One hopes that he will raise issues concerning the common man, and also the Indian Muslims and prove this humble blogger wrong.]


Anser Azim said...

In my opinion they are all ordinary people like many of us. Or they are also involved in activities that are not the characterstics of a true muslim. The muslim leaders of the subcontinent in the last 50 yeras have just been a mere disappointment. Many of us too donot practice what we preach!! I wish all Indian Muslims can get proper education in all forms of lives so that they can live by example. This is not an easy task and will need hardwork, determination and most importantly sacrifices on the part of parents. But things are very gloomy what I see today in India!!! books are rare in most of the muslim households!!!Those who are blessed buy bigger TVs then their relatives and neighbors!!!

anser azim

syahi said...

this is why the muslim leadership is always interested/focussed on "outsiders attack on muslim or Islam".Majority of muslims are get satisfied with this funda.
This is why the muslim leadership,offcourse so called,never speak on internal issues.If they do so,the fingures will be raised towards themselves as well.

Ye manzilen !! said...

You are not alone dear. There are many more jebronis like you who do think what you have written. I feel pity for these so called leaders.

A wave will come bringing educated / honest / selfless leadership and these guys will drown never to return.

What is needed is to arouse the educated voter....

Anonymous said...

Allah Is one. ka'bah is one. Nabi Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa (SAWW) is one. Quran is one. They why not Muslims? If Muslims wants to leave in peace in India they should have there own political party. There are so many examples in front of us which will make us to think that why Muslim need there own party?
Police and media become communal. Police in India never hesitate to fire on Muslims and media will help them to prove that those who killed are terrorist or media will hide all those crimes which were done by police.
1) 1992-93 Mumbai riots where Muslims were killed and burned by Mumbai police. Even police had not allowed any one to carry basic need thing like milk and vegetables in Muslims area. No actions were taken by any political parties not even by congress. Watch CNN IBN video clips on youtube.com
2) Gujarat riots.
3) Bhagalpur riots.
4) Sachar Committee report on Muslims tabled in LS (http://www.rediff.com/news/2006/nov/30report.htm) No action was taken by congress govt.
5) Police in India are shooting Muslims to kill. i) Mecca masjid shooting in Hyderabad. ii) Malegaon Shooting maharashtra. And many more.
There are so many incidences which I can be present as an example.
I am strong supporter of Muslims Own political parties in India. We are 25+ crore, Can't we stand on our own legs. If Mayawati can run a party, you not we. Allah ke liyea please think on this.


Siraj Shaikh said...

Assalam Wa'Alaikum ya Ahlul Iman.

Adnanbhai ne apni soch ko lafjome utara hai. Per mera sawal hai aap sabse adnanbhai, jin leaders ki baat aap karte ho, kya unhe ye ahsas hai k wo muslim hai? Congress ho ya NCP ya BJP, wo aise hi logoko chunker kahi kuch post dete hai jisme Qaumi ahsas na ho. Leader is the one who leads. So tell me how much people these so called leaders lead.

Hamare jin leaders ko log follow karte hai, jinke ander Qaumi ahsas hai unhe ye parties kabhi aage nahi aane deti. Antule sahab ki hi misaal lijiye. ye ek kabil insan hai, barister hai, aur log unhe mante bhi hai. per congress ne unhe kaha rakha tha?

Maharashtra ka waqf board ka jo chairman tha, M A AZIZ wo kis tarafse musalman tha? usne kai karode ki waqf ki jameen khud hadap ki. Isme uski aur CM Deshmukh ki partnership thi. Usine waqf ki jameen koudiyo k dam ambani ko bechi thi. uske wajah se hamare yaha k masjid me do group ho gaye. usne zagde mitane k jagah unhe aur bhadkaya.

Jindagi me DEEN nahi hoga to yahi hoga. inhi jaise leaders hum logoper musallat kar diye jayenge. jindagi me DEEN nahi hoga to ye doctor bhi bana to ye paise k khatir patient k jaan se khelega. Advocate banker sach ka jhut karega. Gunahgar ko chudayega, aur begunah ko jail me bhejega. Aise kai doctor aur judge maine dekhe hai jo nam k siwa kisi najar se musalman nahi malum hote.

Mere walidain jab Haj k liye ja rahe the pichle saal tab constable ne passport enquiry k paise mange the. Wo nam ka musalman tha. Aur jab uske boss ko PSI ko jab pata chala to usne kaha k ye log to bhagwan k kamse ja rahe hai, inka kam fouran kar do.

Mere uncle police constable hai, Najma Heptulla k bunglow per unki security k liye duty thi. Ramjan k mahine me wo Juma ada karne gaye the. sirf 25 mint ki baat thi per jab use pata chala to us najma heptulla ne kaha tha k namaz wagaira mujhe nahi pata, mujhe yaha sare aadmi duty per chahiye.

Aaj hume chahiye k hamari pahchan hum pahchane. Wo hai ISLAM. DEEN-E-ISLAM.

Assalam Wa'Alaikum

Anonymous said...

Why cant more muslims be like you ;normal, irritated by stuff that irritates all people, not wearing one huge placardover their lives saying MUSLIM. Luv yoooou.Please do keep writin sensible stuff .Lets us all be friends ;no need for false brotherhood vagarah. Aap hyderbadi muslims ke barey mein bhi likhen. ham log bahut difefrent sey rehtey sochtey hain from UP muslims .aap ko maloom hai na. hameen mein itna farak hai;what to talk of Hindus and Sikhs.

Anonymous said...

riyaz mian
pehley aap indostaani hain. wahi khoon aap ki ragon mein hai jaisey ere khoon mein. aap mujhey dekhengey toh aap ko katai ahsaas nahi hoga mai kis koom mein shamil hoon.Phir itni besabri kyon. janb aaap hujoom mein jatey hain, aap ko chot lati hai toh na toh aap key neighbors aapka mazhab poochtey hain, na hi doctor. toh aaap itney tvley kyon huey ja rahey hain haan? aap chotey chhotey kadam badhaiye aap khud b khud ehsaas karengey ki wakai mein aap elk insaan pehley hain aur phir muslim hain.
Islam ka matlab surrender hai.apna ego surrender kar deejiye aur dekhiya paak nazron sey: insaan kitna pyaar ley dey sakt ahai. Imagine kijiyey agar aap apna muslim mulim ka dhindor peetiega aur ek din aapk ahaspatal ka dr yon kehta hai: ley jaiyey paney patient ko kisi muslim hospita mein aap batiayey aap ka isme kya faifa hua aap ka hua na hua,agar yeh apki eti key saat hho to? kitna chhota khayal hai na, aap maneyngey jab aap islam ke naam pr insaniyat ko adnaam karen.
Alah aap ki khair rakhey

Anonymous said...

SALMAN KHURSHEED- a muslim leader who could never win muslim hearts in his entire political career.. he continues to reap the benefits of being born to khursheed Alam Khan who by fault or default was son in law of late president zakir husain..then marrying a christian woman who is always pleading sonia gandhi for her husband
This man has single handedly destroyed the congress party in U.P ( remember his term as state president till almost last year), muslims instead of joining congress chose to distance themselves from the congress under his leadership ( If at all he has one).. similarly this man has corrupted the prestigious Aligarh Muslim university by influencing too many undeserving appointments in it's faculties, once a QAYAMGANJI relative of salman khursheed applies for a lecturer's post he has to be accommodated mostly at the cost of some brilliant candiadte who is quickly shown the door of his dear alma- mater.., the usual carrot shown to the vice- chancellors remain an offer to make him some ambassador ( i personally know the case of ex- A.M.U. V.C. Mr. naseem farroqi, in the end VC is usually duped of the offer and AMU sinks to yet another low, This is how the demise of once famous Aligarh Muslim university is written. On similar charges the DPS ( delhi Public school) society ultimately kicked out Salman Khursheed..

They were more smart than Muslims intellectuals of Aligarh to timely get rid of this perpetual parasite he is just a muslim face congress needs to flaunt now and then so that statistical registers go on reflecting muslim participation in congress led governments, therefore it is a commonsense that salman khursheed has never and will never understand the needs of muslim community in India..
With the kind of support muslims rendered to congress in this election, congress ought to better payback their help than once again appointing the useless salman khursheed as minister for minorities..This time I personally expected saner step from Rahul Gandhi if not from Madam sonia but it appears that night is continuing and the sunrise is still a distant dream for muslims of india.

shakeel farooqi said...

Salman khursheed do practice what he preach. To understand him one must be a true indian muslim.

indscribe said...

Mr Farooqi.

Your comment is welcome but you appear too stung. Firstly, Khurshid is in public life and leaders face criticism.

Salman Khurshid is not a holy figure that an Indian Muslim should get a certificate of his 'IndianMuslim-ness' by understanding him..

Anyway let us see what he does. However, you would better do him more service, by not being over-sensitive to him. Politicians are in fact more tolerant of criticism than their 'well-wishers'. Keeping coming to the blog but don't carry false notions.

shakeel farooqi said...

indscribe...like to see your photograph.....