Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tea in Lucknow: Huzoor Chaai pijiye!

In the winters, Kashmiri Chai is one specialty of Lucknow, which you won't find elsewhere.

This pink-coloured Chaai is a delicacy prepared through a special process.

It tastes very different from tea and even those who don't like tea, drink cups and cups of it.

The preparation of Kashmiri Chai, ( it derives its name form Kashmiri Mohalla of Lucknow) is different in the sense that the hot beverage is tossed in air repeatedly for a long time from one container to other and then only this colour and odour appear. The tea leaves are also different.

It is a connoisseur's tea and even a minor slip in procedure will raise the eyebrows of the Lucknow-walas. It is served along with Balaai (in Lucknow malaai is called baalaai, as baalaa means top in Urdu).

[Of course, I am not there in this photo on the left.]

If you are planning to go to Lucknow, don't miss the Kashmiri Chai. You can get it at Akbari Gate and some other localities in the Walled City.

Nimish (also called Makhan, which is also a special sweet delicacy not available anywhere else), Kashmiri Chai, Kulcha Nahari and Tunday's Kebab are a few things you can't afford to miss.