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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Best wishes on Hindu New Year from An Indian Muslim

Wishing all of you, a happy New Year on Gudi Padwa to all from An Indian Muslim.

Gudi Padwa, also known as Ugadi and Vishu, is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra, which falls on April 7 this year. This marks the beginning of Hindu New Year.

Also, Chaiti Chand is celebrated today. Please tell me if I am wrong anywhere. The Indian government's Calendar Comittee had agreed upon the Saka (Shaka) era and Chaitra 1 as the beginning of the New Year.

May the New Year bring prosperity to everybody and the nation. Also, let's make resolve for greater interaction among Hindus, Muslims and other sections of the society, and make efforts to reach out to the other and work for harmony in the society during the year.



Zafer said...

Why are some pages of your website trying to install an ActiveX control on my computer?
Nice site anyway

Edgar Dantas said...
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indscribe said...

Zafer Sb. I have no idea, why it's happening (ActiveX). Thanks for your appreciation.

Jubin George said...

Happy New Year to you too. :)

The traditional calendars, Panchanga-s of India are of either lunisolar or solar. Punjab, Bengal, Assam and most of the NE states, TN, Kerala, etc., use solar calendars, and their new year falls on 14th of April this year (Vaishaki, Pohla Boishak, Rongali/Bhohag Bihu, Vishu, etc.). The years in each calendar are different, as each was established at different times, though all the calendars, both lunisolar and solar, follow same paanj anga-s and 60-year cycle of year names.

Thank you.

Alok Upadhyay said...

Thank you sir!!
And I wish you all happiness in life.
I wish all of the Indians have open and good thoughts as yours are.