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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The end of BJP in UP: Gets 1.35% votes in by-poll

Amid the blue hue that has swept UP, the humiliating defeat of BJP and its absolute marginalisation in the state has been totally overlooked.

In the three Assembly by-polls, the share of votes in Muradnagar, Colonelganj and Bilgram, the party has been extraordinary low. It could get just 1.35%, 3% and 5% votes in the elections, the results for which were announced two days back. The BSP won all the three constituences, as also the two Lok Sabha seats.

Surprisingly, the Lotus has wilted in the state where it emerged in the mid-80s pitting Hindus and Muslims against each other. And today it seems both Hindus and Muslims have forgotten this party in India's most populous state.

This is shocking for the party that it got such a low vote shate. And it has happened barely two decades after the Ram Mandir movement threw the country into communal flames. Clearly the electorate no longer considers BJP as a political option.

It was this state where the BJP had got 57 seats out of 85 at the height of Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir movement in 1989. And exactly twenty years after that, VP Singh' Mandal card has killed the BJP's genie.

It is now crystal clear that even the Brahmins have deserted the BJP. The OBCs were once a strong votebank and also section of Dalits. But that is an old story. Today, it's a reality that BJP has lost Uttar Pradesh.

Though it is also an irony that the party has reached this state at a time when it is believed the architect of Ayodhya movement, LK Advani has become politically 'touch-able' and hopes to become Prime Minister of India.


वर्षा said...

up me kamal murjha chuka hai. aapki site de baare me TOI me padha tha.

Anser Azim said...

It is not the BJP or say Bajrang Dal, is the problem. It is the philosophy of hate and fascism that concerns me and the world. I still remmeber the rise of BJP on the mandir issue, the riots and the communlazition of the society. I remember how the waves of Kar sevaks changed the relations between Hindus and Muslims. How the daily early morning exchange of greetings between maulvi saheb and the hindu priest was affected due to that wave. I remmebr how that wave of hatered affected the relations between neighbors that existed there for centuries. Philosophy of Facism and hate is a matter of concern not only to India but to the whole world. It is good that followers of Sarvarkar philosophy have been defeated. It is the victory of Old Indian civilization that was always peaceful and never militant.
anser azim, chicago