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Sunday, July 27, 2008

After Ahmedabad blasts: What India needs to do?

It's clear now that India is one of the worst victims of terrorism. Two major cities have been targeted in consecutive days--I don't remember this happening in any other country ever except Iraq or Afghanistan.

When 17 explosions occur in 70 minutes, it is clear that Indian government, intelligence agencies, the State government of Gujarat and the local police and intelligence have all proved to be a colossal failure. It's childish to blame any party or either the centre or state. Everybody has failed.

Even a layman can think how much of groundwork would have been done by the terrorists in engineering so many blasts in just a day. Huge money and manpower must have been used. The police were simply caught napping, even when a day ago Bangalore had been hit by similar serial blasts. Would these real culprits be caught! Have they ever been! Do you believe that such a big network would be busted?

Equally foolish is the assertion that POTA would have stopped it. When we don't catch the real culprits, what's the use of any law. After the blasts, its usual to see mass roudings-up in which dozens of poor people of slums are caught, forced to make confessional statements and some are brought to books.

Do we remember when was the last time the real culprits were caught. Have we ever felt that this particular case has been solved and justice has been done. From Hyderabad to Mumbai Train Bombings or anyother such terror attack in India, the story is similar after every blast.

Jingoists get into anger and claim we are a Soft state. So what a hard state is? What we need to do? The truth is that we are not a soft state, we are an INEFFICIENT STATE with one of the most inefficient police force and intelligence agencies. The need of the hour is a drastic overhaul of Indian police system, as the harsh truth is that Indian policeman is perfect in everything except investigation.

People who say India is a soft state don't understand a bit about society and security. They are the ones who would love to get a passport made through bribe to a policeman or any similar law-breaking activity that damages the system.

We have one of the most inefficient police forces in the world. Right from the beat constable, (BTW do you know who is your beat cop and have you ever met him or has he ever said a Hi to you) who is all the time busy in getting 'hafta' from vendors, extort money from bootleggers, satorias, thieves etc, to the top officers whose aim is always a good posting and keeping the politicians in good humour.

And they are even lacking in skills to do the most basic 'Scene of crime investigation'. Yes they know which person can be detained for a week and who can be let off on just a phone call from a minister's house.

The Indian cop is busy in security of political masters, the VIP visits and tackling dharnas and demonstrations. He is never made to learn investigation, leave alone the kind of training and bent of mind required from the policeman in a country that is now fighting terrorism.

The cop is just a babu, dressed in khaki, who is interested in making money, as he is the worst paid government employee who hardly gets a day's off. (The cops don't get weekly offs, like most of us do). The crimes in India are solved by default or due to major slips of criminals, not because of cops' intelligence or tact.

Despite media glare, a high-profile case like Arushi murder case was botched up. Do we seriously expect this police force to track the terrorists! BJP claims that POTA can deter terrorism. Really!

Why don't the BJP ruled governments implement the Police Reforms despite Supreme Court's direction, so that the cops don't have to handle the issue of VIP security and can focus on investigations.

We all know what kind of police force we have in our country. Politicians have done their best to damage it. They use cops to take care of their works, legal or illegal, and love to have them around, to flaunt their status (just like landlords).

Whatever. The situation is critical. India needs a really drastic overhaul of our policing system. But it won't happen. Politicians don't want police to be independent (and efficient). Neither the Congress, nor the BJP. Transfers have to be done by politicians.

A couple of days later, everybody will forget and things will unfortunately be the same. Alas!


san said...

Ideology is the solution. It then brings certain issues to the fore, and places priority on certain values. I support nationalist ideology, so that it places national security issues on a higher priority. The police are politicized by the Left, and not by the Right. As for failure of local Gujarat police forces, I think you're setting an unreasonable standard where you want them to be catching bullets with their teeth. I expect those who make such criticisms to demonstrate by personal example, showing how to catch bullets with their own teeth. Nationalism is important to emphasize issues like national security, pursuing it relentlessly so that it can be achieved. I see no point in blaming the beleaguered police in place of the belligerent terrorists.

Anonymous said...

IndiaMuslim - You are right. Blasts in India are of course the result of India policemen, India politicians, ET from Mars and of course popcorn.

However i do notice how conspicuously you absent any mention of the jihadi strain of muslims. Is it out of some misplaced sense of loyalty to fellow 'believers'? Or are you one of those who believe in the nonsense that a 'full inquiry is required'.

Does anybody really beleive an inquiry will reveal anything? Does anybody really not know that jihadi muslims are involved in this?

indscribe said...
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indscribe said...

San, I didn't say Gujarat police failed alone. It is failure of Centre and central agencies also.

Anonymous, writing the same thing each and everytime doesn't help, does it! Let's hope the culprits are caught this time and their network is busted.

अभय तिवारी said...

I don't think there is any huge manpower network as you are suggesting. They are just a handful of inflamed individuals who are indulging in their scare tactics.
I know there are many deeper problems of justice and other things involved but they behave just like disgruntled kids who throw stones at window panes, if angered by the owner of the bungalow. but just because few windowpanes are broken the bungalow owner can't harrass all the kids in the nighbourhood.
They must be dealt in the same way as a parent would if his child gets unruly. Please forgive me for comparing the lives of innocent victims of bomb blasts with window panes. I mean no disrespect. The persons responsible for these blasts are criminals and they must be punished properly. What I mean is- in order to do justice to the victims no further injustice must be done by blaming innocent Muslim youth.

Hitesh said...

Let's not Blame any one. No good hindu or Muslim wants kill their fellow brothers. But one thing is for sure.. This "JEHAD" thing is getting worsen. People involved in this are not from any community... they just see their seeing own benifits. they are politicians, Local mafias, selfish Religious man and people who want someone to work for them free. Something must be done to stop these people.. Don't you think Masjid's are becoming the primary school for creating this so called "Jehadi's". They are not even true Muslims and they call them selves JEHADI's. I just saw pakistani film "KHuda ke liye". it just explain each question. But we need to stop these young people to get misleaded, stop these mullas and Masjids to spoil the youth.

ONly muslims can do something.. People just do something.. Save us.. Save yourself.. Save your and our childrens.. Save nation. save islam.. Save humanity.. Save Earth.

Jyoti said...

What is needed is the complete overhaul of the intelligence mechnism....RAW by all means is raw,nothing good about it and ohh the police....the only thing it does is napping and harassing innocent people.....a TOTALLY USELESS FORCE...

You really want to know what india needs ???? Its Indira Gandhi again.

Anonymous said...

Adnan... Indian Mujahideen or Huji or LeT... You always manage to pin blame and turn the topic into a BJP centric issue...

Dont you think its time for Indian Muslims to introspect instead...

Pink Floyd said...

In spite of the utter mayhem and repeated destruction that is being done in the name of religion, I still have not lost my trust on Muslim brothers. I do see a lot of customary angry comments in the blog, however, many of them are mere rhetoric statements without judgment. Unfortunately stereotyping or blind hatred works as a great motivating factor among masses in this vexed world and this is precisely where fundamentalist elements makes hay and deep polarization and ignorance takes root. I certainly do not believe in the adage “not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are Muslims.” My judgment is based on my personal experience in interacting and staying with Muslim friends and also having experienced unforgettable warmth and hospitality in Muslim ghettos as varied as Bangalore and Old Delhi. Apart from my religious difference most of the Muslim families I know share similar middle class values. For all I know, the average middle class Muslim youth like any other youth shares the importance of a college degree, a decent job, making a name for himself and his/her family.

However, in all the ghettos I have also experienced fringe elements with perpetual hatred towards other. Unfortunately this fringe element has been given greater leverage in Muslim society and because they are backed up by an ignorant Mullah and no one dares question them and the consequence is for all of us to see. The Indian Muslim world requires astute and visionary leaders instead of a semi literate mullah. The greater Indian Muslim intelligentsia has to wake up and take responsibility and need to ask some hard question to themselves if Muslim values or society can coexist with other society. They also need to understand that a fundamentalist political party like BJP is not their greatest enemy but a fellow ignorant Muslim themselves. It also needs to broaden its world view and understand that currently, Islam is at war with Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and others. None of these religions are at war with one another. Islamic nations are involved in four-fifths of the world's armed conflicts, though they only account for one-sixth of the global population. It is a bitter fact the Muslim society has to acknowledge that the current Muslim world is more violent than any other society. Thorough introspection, open debates and pragmatic approach to shape public opinion is required to keep the radical elements at bay from Mosques and it is only the Muslim society themselves who can address and solve the menace of violence afflicting the society. Blaming an inefficient Indian Police system or a biased government is not going to cover the greater evils lurking in the Muslim society.

roomwithaview said...

hey, nice piece. i'm a time magazine reporter, would you like to comment on muslims feeling marginalised in india for my story? call me at 9818081877. thanks

Anser Azim said...

I am sad and it is not in our hands. All these bombings and killings are attributed to muslims and their religion, Islam. But this is all for political gains and its nothing to do with my religion and majority of muslims.
This is insane and has nothing to do with my religion or any religion in particular.

Vinavu said...

Kindly check this article on this subject in TAMIL and comment...If possible provide a link


Kagaz ki kashti said...

Whether its a failed intelligence or the failed police force... the sad thing is the death of innocents...
Finally the blame goes to some terrorist groups..claims to be MUSLIMS..??
Islam never encourages violence.. its a peace loving religion.. hope 'Jehadis' first learn the basics of Islam..

Terror Free India said...

Blaming one another isn't gonna do any good for both parties.

A loss of a human life is a loss to both religions.

Contribute - sensible advice & solutions for a terror free india.

Let's strive for a terror free india.


check_this_out said...

u seem to be one of those jihadi muslims only...
your blog proves this. u have criticised police as much as u could do but nowhere mentioned those muslim terrorists who in the name of Islam are killing so many innocent people. police are to be blamed to some extent bu not much. u cant have security at every nook and corner of the country.
the reason for this increasing terrorism in the country is the soft corner govt. has for these terrorists as they want muslim vote bank to remain stuck with them, remember Afjal Guru. The poliicians know that deep inside their heart every muslim supports this jehad, every Indian muslim has more love for Pakistan than India ( i m a student and i know so many muslim sudents who cheer pakistan in an india-pak cricket match ) thats why they react in a very lenient manner towards these terrorists. i m telling unless islam is there in India its very difficult to tackle terrorism.

indscribe said...

Check-this-out, you are also one of the bunch of fools who love to hate Muslims.

People like you don't have any love for the motherland. Why don't you react the same way when Naxalites kill dozens of Indians in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and other places?

Woh kaun hain? Kuchh to sharm karo saare musalmano ko gaali dene se pahle. Aur agar himmat hai to ek blog banao, apni identity zaahir karo aur phir baat karo. Chhup kar anonymous ban kar gaali dena bohat aasaan hai.

So you want Muslims out of this country? This is old RSS agenda, Twenty crore Muslims can't be forced out.

Its people like you who are agents of ISI who want to divide Hindus and Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Bhaiaa deshbhakt musalmaan.blog par
likh kar kuchh nahi hoga'khuleam aatank bad ke ninda karo.apne ghar me chupe atank badio ko pakarbao,tabhee bat banegi

Anonymous said...

http://churumuri.wordpress.com/2008/08/02/when-my-conspiracy-theory-is-better-than-yours, check this out.

Anonymous said...

Amaresh Mishra has written this on CHURMURI link:

When my conspiracy theory is better than yours
AMARESH MISRA writes from Bombay: The Ahmedabad blasts mark a turning point in Indian political life. Till now, whenever and wherever a blast occurred, the blame was put squarely on Muslim terrorist organizations; there was unanimity amongst all major Indian political parties, whether in power or sitting in the opposition, over the central role played by Muslim extremist outfits in planning and executing lethal bomb blasts.

The situation was such that after every blast no matter if they happened to occur in Muslim areas, Muslim youths in their hundreds were picked up by the various State Police departments of the Indian Union.

After the 11th July 2006 Bombay blasts, hundreds of Muslims youths, most of them found innocent by the Mumbai Police later, were not only arrested without warrants but tortured as well. Similar was the case after terrorist attacks in Uttar Pradesh, the Malegaon and the Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts.

After each blast some obscure, new terrorist organization, which was never heard of before, and which was usually never heard of after as well, popped up to claim “responsibility” for the violence. After the recent Ahmedabad blasts, too, the name of never heard of before “Indian Mujahideen” group popped up; the pattern was sickeningly similar and every secular indeed Indian feared for Muslim youths in Gujarat.

But suddenly, things started changing—the familiar pattern was disturbed; the UPA Government at the Centre appeared reluctant to toe the Gujarat BJP’s Government line about the involvement of a Muslim organization executing the Ahmedabad blasts. Bombs started appearing in Surat and elsewhere in Gujarat—the police was conveniently informed about them before they could explode.

Then came the bombshell: BJP—the party which had always been the most strident about blaming “Islamic terrorism” for the blasts, the party which was in forefront of open Muslim persecution, the party which always demanded the most strict measures against not only terrorist organizations but often Muslims as a community, the party which advocated revoking draconian black acts like TADA and POTA, which suspended civil liberties and put Muslims in a dock—that party went on record to state that the Congress-UPA Government at the Centre planned and executed and blasts in order to divert attention from the “cash for votes” scandal following the confidence vote in the Indian Parliament over the Indo-US nuclear deal.

The allegation is shocking all the more since the BJP is a known Muslim baiter—in the past, it has not only refused to listen to reason that how could a new Muslim organization pop up every time after each blast, but it has also been consistent in standing firm with Indian security agencies, however absurd their version might be on the arrest and torture of Muslim youths.

In fact, in several cases, especially the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, the terrorist attack on the Red Fort, and the 11th July 2006 Bombay blasts, the BJP appeared to have advance knowledge of the events.

Then in other cases, most famously in the Nanded blasts at Bajrang Dal Headquarters, bomb attacks in Vashi and Thane, Hindu terrorist outfits were found by the police to have been involved in executing blasts. Most of these organizations were affiliated to the BJP-RSS combine.

The attack on RSS Headquarters in Nagpur turned out to be a hoax, a set-up where attacking terrorists, officially shot down by the Nagpur Police in an encounter, were found to be victims of “encounter deaths”, about which even the Nagpur police was clueless. In Tamil Nadu, members of the Hindu Munaani, affiliated to the RSS have been charge-sheeted officially by the Tamil Nadu Police for planning the terrorist attack on RSS’s Madras headquarters.

Thus, accusations that blamed the BJP for organizing both the Bangalore and the Ahmedabad blasts for political mileage after the formation of the Mayawati-Left alliance threatened their 2009 electoral fortunes, carried credibility.

In the past the BJP brushed these allegations off by blaming secular and “pro-Muslim” forces of planting “conspiracy theories”. Now in the post-Ahmedabad blast phase, the BJP itself is constructing a conspiracy theory, blaming the Congress Government for facilitating the attack! Has anyone ever heard of anything like this before?

For the first time in recent Indian history, the glare of terrorism, has shifted from Muslims; by accusing each other, both the Congress and the BJP are in a way promoting conspiracy theories; both these parties are also going out of their way to say that the attacks happened as part of a plan to shift focus away from a political objective.

Now, Left and other secular forces have been saying time and time again that a deeper enquiry has to be conducted into the nature and pattern of Indian bomb blasts; that it is insufficient to blame Muslim extremist organizations; that the angle whether Hindu fundamentalist organizations or rogue and communal elements in various State and Central agencies might be involved in the blasts, should also be probed: subtle hints have been given out about the hand of foreign agencies as well; in a country which has seen the assassinations of two Prime Ministers in which the hand of foreign agencies is still suspected; where one of those Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) went on record blaming CIA for conducting covert-subversive activities in India; in that country the possibility that a conspiracy exists first, to carry out bomb blasts and terrorist attacks by some forces or an alliance of forces—and then make Muslims a scapegoat—at the top—both within and outside India—cannot be discounted.

But in the past, the Left and secular forces making these points have been laughed at; now, after the BJP accusations, these very forces stand vindicated.

The issue is not whether the BJP charge is true or false; the issue is that a mainstream political party, a known anti-Muslim force is blaming not Muslims but the Government of India; this is the time when all persecuted Muslims and secular elements ought to stand up and demand justice for injustices committed in the past; the fracas over the Ahmedabad blasts between two main Indian political parties reveal that there indeed is a big conspiracy—involving the BJP, Congress and even some elements of the Samajwadi Party at various levels—often in collusion but opposition as well—behind bomb blasts that keep happening in India.

If secular elements miss this moment, in which there seems to be a momentary collapse of the subtle understanding between the BJP and the Congress over the Muslim persecution issue, then another similar opportunity might not come by for some time.

(Amaresh Misra is the author of Author of Mangal Pandey: The true story of an Indian revolutionary (Rupa); Lucknow: Fire of grace (HarperCollins), and more recently War of Civilizations: India, South Asia, Europe and the World)

Anonymous said...

I don't think its a Hindu-Muslim or Jehad, this might be possible that Politicians and other people who are sitting up there in high positions are involved in blasts. We must tally how much sympathy and profit they are getting from all these and must check who is getting much profit of anytype might be involved in all the things happening right now in India.