Thursday, July 03, 2008

Indian Muslims' stand on Nuclear deal: No pan-Islamic concern, national interest first

First the Communists said it. And now Mayawati also gives the same impression, as if Muslims are opposed to the Nuclear deal. Other parties have also in the past, tried to manufacture this myth.

The fact is that a majority of Muslims, just like the tens of millions of ordinary Indian citizens, don't understand an iota of Nuclear deal. But they would definitely back their government and would support whatever is best for this nation.

The reality is that Muslims are as ignorant about it as the rest. Except the 'self-styled intelligentsia' not many are able to go through the merits and demerits of such a comlex issue. And debates make it even more confusing.

But, we as citizens of this nation, hope that our leaders would do the best as far security India's interests are conernes. And that's it. One Mr MK Pandhe of CPI (M) gave this statement that the deal would cost Congress its Muslim support.

What a joke! Muslims hardly have enough time out of their daily lives and earning their livelihood, that they care to think of an issue like Nuclear deal. If, at all, Indian Muslims had a pan-Islamic concern apart from Arabia, then it was Palestine that was close to Muslim hearts.

I have deliberately not written 'is'. But did you hear ordinary Muslim ever raise a voice when Indian government cosied up to Israel in all ways including military exercises.

Howsoever irresponsible our politicians may be, we have elected them and we expect them to get the best deal for our country. And we hope they will come to a unanimous decision in the best interets of this nation. This is what they have been elected for and sent in the parliament.

And this is what most of us feel. Please don't try to imagine things. Ask us, if in doubt!