Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Roadroller, King among vehicles: Nobody dares mess with Road roller on Indian roads

Nobody dares to mess up with Ram Sanehi on the roads.

He doesn't move fast but still he rules over the road. The rash drivers are also cautious when they see him.

They just don't take the risk of trying to overtake him unless he allows them to do so.

After all, can anybody who has a sane mind dare challenge the mighty road roller?

Even those who don't care much about getting dents on their cars from the tempos and loading autos that have sharp edges jutting out of them, get careful.

The sight of the huge road roller moving on the big metal wheels, can humble even the man in Mercedez or any new SUV.

The road roller doesn't move fast. It has its own speed. It barely exceeds 20 kmph. But those owning the most expensive automobiles lose confidence on a narrow road with a road-roller ahead of them. 

And this gives the driver, Ram Sanehi, a kick, the sort of high.

He doesn't earn much but has the satisfaction that he can drive at his own pace.

He stands no chance of being the victim of accident or road rage on Indian roads.

The traffic keeps getting nasty day by day. People are more carefree, impatient and reckless.

Yet  nobody behind him is honking or daring to graze past him. He calls it 'Sadak ka Raja'.

The Road Roller that moves graciously like an elephant is a good option for Indian roads, if you like solitude and don't need to hurry.

Given the scary figure of accidents on Indian roads. Think of it.