Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Congress and Communal riots in India

The anti-Christian violence in Orissa claimed 35 lives but not one person died in the riots in Karnataka.

Still, the UPA has issued warnings to both the state governments under the Article 355 of Indian constitution--a rare thing.

In sharp contrast, Assam where Congress is the ruling party, no action was taken though the figure of death went past 60 and 150,000 people had to fled their homes.

The riots at Rabori and later the Dhule communal clash which claimed dozens of lives, didn't stir the Centre [which was quite perturbed over Karnataka violence]. The riot in Congress-ruled AP's Adilabad where an entire family was burnt alive is also a case in the point.

Isn't it strange that 27 mosques were attacked and vandalised in Dhule* and over 20,000 people living in refugee camps but the UPA didn't issue any warning to Vilas Rao Deshmukh's government?

True, Muslim countries don't put up pressure [for good, though] the way France and Germany embarrassed our Prime Minister by taking up the issue of Kandhamal. But isn't it the clearly hypocrisy of Congress.

Its clear bias when it rebukes Karnataka CM but doesn't bother about the dance of death in Bhainsa town of Adilabad [Andhra Pradesh] where Congress government rules the state apart from similar incidents in Maharashtra and Assam.

It is quite a fashion to brand the BJP as communal, but I must say that the Congress is solely responsible for the situation where communal riots are not treated seriously. Except the short breaks in the last twenty years, Congress has ruled the nation for most the time since independence and its attitude has been the same.

Terming a BJP leader as murderer is okay. But what the Congress' role is? That of Nero! Our bureaucracy turned immune to riots during Congress regimes. As a result, today town in four States in various parts of the country are witnessing the deaths of innocents--Burhanpur (Madhya Pradesh), Adilabad (AP), Assam and Dhule (Maharashtra).

[*The horror tales of Dhule didn't get proper mention in the media also. Apparently, a state like Karnataka that has been identified with software gets attention at the slightest incident but massacres in far-flung rural areas get ignored.]