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Friday, November 14, 2008

Malegaon Blast: Liar Leaders more harmful than Sadhvi Pragya

It's the irresponsible and liar 'leaders' who will end up hurting this nation in the long run more than any of the blast accused--either a Hindu suspect like Sadhvi Pragya or a Muslim terror accused.

Let me first put a few things in perspective and then come back to it and explain why I feel our politicians are doing great harm to the country.

1. The current trail of investigation after the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur that has spread across the heartland is disturbing because of the role of some armymen, the latest being an ex airforce personnel who had become a fake Shankaracharya*.

Though the Hindutva brigade initially got stunned, it soon came out in the support of Sadhvi, despite understanding that there are substantial evidences and it was only after the ATS did homework that they dared to arrest a Sadhvi. [The officers must have thought about the consequences of an acquittal in case the force fails to produce enough evidences]

2. The fact that the Armymen's name were brought in the open, shows that there was enough evidence, else in the name of national interest several scandals are buried under the carpet when it is felt that disclosues can be potentially damaging.

Some sections claim that she is innocent. Yes, nobody is guilty until court proves it. Many hard-core elements openly said that 'even if Pragya Thakur and her group' was involved in the blasts [Malegaon, Modasa, Samjhauta Express], it could be justified.

But when national parties come to her defence and say she is falsely implicated, it is serious. As we have a judicial system or should the courts be abolished or all VIPs exempted from trial?

3. The lawyers and bar associations who don't let any Muslim suspect get legal assistance, are now ready to fight cases. The battery of lawyers reached Nasik court and many parties are ready to bear legal expenses for fighting the case.

Though it is surprising, it is not as worrying as the BJP's stance. The party leaders lied. Where in the world this happens? A national party has no problem in openly lying. When the case started unfolding, the Party president Rajnath Singh said that he didn't know Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur and that she was never linked to the BJP or the Parivar. The ABVP flatly denied that she was its member.

Soon the photographs of Pragya appeared in papers. Her links with top BJP leaders was established. Ultra-right parties like Uma Bharati's group who are fighting against the BJP, were now standing up for Pragya, claiming her innocence.

Now the BJP was aggressively claiming her back, fearing that RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal workers may get upset as the party doesn't defend its own people when they are in trouble and this could hurt the prospects of the party in the elections.

All for the sake of votes. So whither ideology? What intrigues me is that nobody is shocked at BJP's overnight change. Why they were shunning her earlier? At least, if they had their heart beating for new postergirl of Hindutva, they could have sided with her or at least said that, 'Yes we know her, she was with the Parivar but is misguided'.

But no. They lied to the nation. Isn't it shameful. And nobody on national TV or in debates question them that why they lie? How can responsible national parties and politicians publicly do it. This keeps happening in India. Criminals and terrorists can be arrested and jailed but such downfall in character of leaders and parties is immensely damaging for our democracy.

Now everybody including bloggers and those posting comments on sites, appear divided on communal lines, accusing the 'other terrorist' and defending the 'terrorist of his side'. But why leave these leaders who lie and cheat, go unquestioned?

We just saw the US elections. We talk about a health democracy in India. But unfortunately there is neither truth nor honesty. Human lives count even less unless you are a VIP. [Does the BJP care for the poor Hindu, who may be implicated for Gujarat riots? No it doesn't.]

The most profitable business in this country seems the sale of spirituality. Godmen fool the society. Dayanand Pandey alias Sudhakar Dwivedi, who claimed himself to be a Shankaracharya, was known as Swami Amritananda Maharaj, who lived in Jammu]


Pinku said...

politicians lying through their teeth dont seem like anything spectacular to us any more.

its a sad state of affairs...but thats the truth...the reason they are not being questioned is because no one was earlier taken in by their denials nor does anyone doubt the real reasons for the acceptance now.

Anonymous said...

The revelations made by Maharashtra ATS about a "Swami" with multiple aliases reads more than the best fiction.A young man , son of a Police Inspector,named Sudhakar Diwedhi joins the Defence Academy and drops out, under the alias,'Dyanand Pandey'!Then he surfaces as a sadhu and calls himself'Swami Amritananda'Then, he makes a beeline to Jammu and declares as the Head of Shardha Peetham in Pak OccupidKashmir!.When he is deposed due to misappropriation of funds, he sets up a rival outfit,Sharda Sarvgya Peetham and shows the residence of his auditor as the Registered
In 2003 ,he moves to Srinagar, lives near cantonmenandestablishes
link with a high ranking Army officer. His brain washing of the latter leads him to emerge as the mastermind of Malegaon bomb blast!
Moral: Even religious heads have to be given the respect"due" only.
There are black sheep in every fock!Hence, you must be smart enough to spot them and remove them!

Indscribe said...

Ya we are all not perturbed as if they have a right to deceive us.

The problem is that a section of Hindus feel that Hindus can't do it and a section of Muslims feel that Muslims can't do it. There are worst criminals in all communities.
Yes, becoming a GODMAN seems to be the easiest thing in India...to earn respect, money, power and clout without doing much.

a fan said...

This expose is good to prove that no religion is free of people who are ready to kill in the name of religion.

Any hindu or muslim who is still thinking that their section of people can't be really responsible for terror activities are living in a denial mode...And, the only example which i could of think is our neighbour, pakistan, where there are still few people in denial mode after almost daily suicide blasts!

Reg BJP, it should've taken this opportunity to distance itself from RSS and VHP. Because, i think even without RSS,VHP support, BJP could emerge as a secular national party against Congress. Because there is no national party against Congress and BJP can easily fill that slot without religion leaning.

aziaf said...

'I'm not saying that all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims'-this can be heard from even the most educated bunch of people. Now they can have their mouths shut.

We condemn by every means possible when a blast or anything happens in the name of Islam. But it never comes out in the open.

Anonymous said...

Congress is courting Muslims so BJP is courting Hindus. Clearly after this delibrate mudslinging on Hindus they will polarize towards BJP, why would BJP let go of this opportunity to get Hindus on its side.
On Dec 8 Congress is going to be routed in state elections.

Anonymous said...

adnan miyan...yeh blog etc likh ke kuch khas haasil nahi hoga....asal mein is desh ki sabse badi samasya hum jaise log hi hain...jo sab samajhte to hain...lekin vote nahi karte..due to several reasons...the they these politicians start realizing tht ppl like us who vote for quality and not for a TV set or a kg of rice also vote...things will start changing....
goto jaagore.com...register (those like me who dnt vote)....and do ur duty...

Anonymous said...

Somewhere enroute in our journey as a nation , we seem to have lost the innocence of old !! There is suspicion , hate and more than anything , people who will stop at nothing to make hay while the sun shines !! Muslims , hindus , christians can all live peacefully "provided" we learn to respect each others ,"sentiments" !!

Is this not the same country , where children , both Hindu and muslim are carried below a taziya for good luck ? where the Jaggannath rath stops in front of the house of a muslim ? Lets give it a thought !! probably , we need something like the Truth commision of South Africa where one can come ,confess and finish the hatred !! Where is Gandhi ?

Indscribe said...

@ A fan: I agree, BJP should be more responsible but it has failed on most occasios.

@aziaf: Ya, that 'All Muslims aren't..but' was so cunningly spread though SMS, emails and every possible medium. Though we kept condemning, there was always the charge, 'Muslims don't speak out enough'.

@anon, anon and anon: I wonder if you are all same anons...lol...just a few days left and let's see whatz the outcome of Assembly elections.

Regarding voting, I feel people are getting disenchanted as a whole from electoral process.

election wala anon said...

yeah..we are entering a vicious cycle....not voting doent solve the problems...it infact deepens it...it nt abt who u choose bt sending a message tht even rational minds vote....things will not change overnight bt they will surely change for good very soon

Vinay said...

Please understand that for every Hindu who hates muslims there are a million hindus who would never in their life discriminate against muslims in any way or for that matter dont even look at the world through the distorted lens of religion/beleifs etc. Lets just keep focus on improving our selves - a task for which a lifetime is not enuff.

Indscribe said...

Absolutely true Vinay bhai.

vGossip said...

why is it surprising? Why should a change of nature any political party be surprising.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

There is one more thing that I observed Adnan Bhai, that it when a muslim is caught as a bomb blast suspect he is soon tagged as a "terrorist" while on this Malgoan episode, all the suspects caught are never tagged as a terrorist...??

I have never read a newspaper mentioning terrorist "Pragya" or terrorist "Dayanand"...

Why is discrimination??

Z@ki-R said...

I second what the fellow bloggers (e.g. pinku, kagaz ki..) r saying. i think, besides the politicians, it's the media ( particularly electronics media) which is doing a great damage to our social fabrics. No, I m not saying everything was alright few years back when media did not encroach upon our lives as today. But still things were better.

A terrorist is always a terrorist be it in name of 'religion' (some associates of rss, 'jihadis'), 'ideology' (Maoists), regionalism ( ulfa, thakres ), language (klo, wb; ltte in sl). But a terrorist is a terrorist only when the court of law declares that. Till then, the suspects should be given enough chance to support them legally. sadly in our country, real terrorists are often not touched...at the same time , if a group does get violent then only the govt. seems to take notice.

the politicians twists the facts according 2 their convenience...but our bull-shit media's too concerned abt sensationalization of news items. They r too worried of their TRP....may almighty save my country from the clutches of dirty politicians n irresponsible media.

Anonymous said...

Well, we know what the sangh parivar stands for, what they want. It is therefore, no surprise as to what they are doing, it would have been surprising if they had acted otherwise. What more you can expect from people who have, wrt a particular case pending before Alld highcourt, said again and again, that 'they 'll abide by the court decision only if it is in their favor'. "Their Favor" is the key - their agreement (or the lack thereof) to anything does not have to do with whether the thing is right or wrong, but whether it is in their favor or not. But, pointing the above (obvious) thing was not what i started writing this comment for.

In an environment where even to express the possibility that some of the blasts might have been carried out by hindutva outfits risked one being identified as sympathizer, Mumbai ATS did something which was unthinkable - they actually picked up terror suspects in spite of the fact that suspects were not muslims.

This, this really was something amazing, something one never thought one'll see in one's lifetime (one felt just like blacks felt when Obama won in US). I won't go to the extent of quoting Michelle Obama "that it (Obama getting so much support among general public) was first time she felt proud of her country", but I definitely felt prouder ... much prouder.
There are correct things and there are right things. As Collin Powel pointed out while responding to the possibility of Obama being a muslim during US prez elections, "the correct answer is, he is not a muslim, he is christian, but the right answer is, what if he is a muslim, does that make him less qualified, less capable for prezship". Now, doing / saying right is not always easy, it required stature of a Collin Powel to point out the right thing (even what Obama campaign did was the correct thing only (not the right one), "guys, he is not a muslim").

Doing the right thing, sometimes, requires one to swim against the tide, against what seems like rest of the world, and that is what this ATS did.
We are proud to have people like them amongst us. People who are not afraid to do "right" thing.

Anonymous said...

this is not for publishing (previous one was) :) - i dont have ur email id, so ... sending msg here ... (-shadkam)

Read this short story by Khwaja Ahmed Abbas - saying that i got goose bumps is an understatement.
Hil gaya main ..


Ruchira Paul said...


I think we met once before on Confused's "Streetcar." Today I came here via Pinku's "enchanted" blog.

I fully agree with you and everyone here who says that differential treatments of terrorist acts and fascist philosophies based on the religious affiliation of the perpetrator is hypocritical and extremely harmful for India's future. Let the punishment fit the crime, no matter who the criminal is. That is the only fair way.

But I disagree that "nobody" in the mainstream Indian media has brought this up and criticized the BJP's hypocrisy. Please take a look at veteran journalist Manoj Joshi's archival blog where he stores his editorial columns. Joshi has been a reporter / columnist / editor in publications such as The Hindu, Times of India, India Today, Hindustan Times for the last thirty years and currently writes for Mail Today, the new daily launched by the India Today group. Please note that three of the four articles on the front page relate to the issue of Hindutva instigated terrorist acts. I wish more senior journalists had the courage to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Ya Ruchira,

Nice to have you on this blog. The moment I read your name, it did ring a bell.

Manoj Joshi's blog I used to read quite often in the past but hadn't read lately. He writes really well and I have read him in both the major papers where he worked lately.

I agree that journalists need to be a bit more sensitive and sensible. May be the electronic media has exacerbated the problem.