Friday, November 14, 2008

Malegaon Blast: Liar Leaders more harmful than Sadhvi Pragya

It's the irresponsible and liar 'leaders' who will end up hurting this nation in the long run more than any of the blast accused--either a Hindu suspect like Sadhvi Pragya or a Muslim terror accused.

Let me first put a few things in perspective and then come back to it and explain why I feel our politicians are doing great harm to the country.

1. The current trail of investigation after the arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur that has spread across the heartland is disturbing because of the role of some armymen, the latest being an ex airforce personnel who had become a fake Shankaracharya*.

Though the Hindutva brigade initially got stunned, it soon came out in the support of Sadhvi, despite understanding that there are substantial evidences and it was only after the ATS did homework that they dared to arrest a Sadhvi. [The officers must have thought about the consequences of an acquittal in case the force fails to produce enough evidences]

2. The fact that the Armymen's name were brought in the open, shows that there was enough evidence, else in the name of national interest several scandals are buried under the carpet when it is felt that disclosues can be potentially damaging.

Some sections claim that she is innocent. Yes, nobody is guilty until court proves it. Many hard-core elements openly said that 'even if Pragya Thakur and her group' was involved in the blasts [Malegaon, Modasa, Samjhauta Express], it could be justified.

But when national parties come to her defence and say she is falsely implicated, it is serious. As we have a judicial system or should the courts be abolished or all VIPs exempted from trial?

3. The lawyers and bar associations who don't let any Muslim suspect get legal assistance, are now ready to fight cases. The battery of lawyers reached Nasik court and many parties are ready to bear legal expenses for fighting the case.

Though it is surprising, it is not as worrying as the BJP's stance. The party leaders lied. Where in the world this happens? A national party has no problem in openly lying. When the case started unfolding, the Party president Rajnath Singh said that he didn't know Sadhwi Pragya Singh Thakur and that she was never linked to the BJP or the Parivar. The ABVP flatly denied that she was its member.

Soon the photographs of Pragya appeared in papers. Her links with top BJP leaders was established. Ultra-right parties like Uma Bharati's group who are fighting against the BJP, were now standing up for Pragya, claiming her innocence.

Now the BJP was aggressively claiming her back, fearing that RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal workers may get upset as the party doesn't defend its own people when they are in trouble and this could hurt the prospects of the party in the elections.

All for the sake of votes. So whither ideology? What intrigues me is that nobody is shocked at BJP's overnight change. Why they were shunning her earlier? At least, if they had their heart beating for new postergirl of Hindutva, they could have sided with her or at least said that, 'Yes we know her, she was with the Parivar but is misguided'.

But no. They lied to the nation. Isn't it shameful. And nobody on national TV or in debates question them that why they lie? How can responsible national parties and politicians publicly do it. This keeps happening in India. Criminals and terrorists can be arrested and jailed but such downfall in character of leaders and parties is immensely damaging for our democracy.

Now everybody including bloggers and those posting comments on sites, appear divided on communal lines, accusing the 'other terrorist' and defending the 'terrorist of his side'. But why leave these leaders who lie and cheat, go unquestioned?

We just saw the US elections. We talk about a health democracy in India. But unfortunately there is neither truth nor honesty. Human lives count even less unless you are a VIP. [Does the BJP care for the poor Hindu, who may be implicated for Gujarat riots? No it doesn't.]

The most profitable business in this country seems the sale of spirituality. Godmen fool the society. Dayanand Pandey alias Sudhakar Dwivedi, who claimed himself to be a Shankaracharya, was known as Swami Amritananda Maharaj, who lived in Jammu]