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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saluting the martyrs: Mumbai policemen who laid their lives battling terrorists

Every Indian's heart goes out to the families who lost their close ones in the terror attacks in Mumbai. It is an hour of gloom as over a hundred innocent Indians have died and the nation is battling the most ugly form of terrorism.

This catastrophe of extraordinary dimensions has left everybody shocked. But for most of us who watched the war-like-situation on TV sets in our homes, the harsh reality is that so many of the brave police officers lost their lives.

We salute all these men including NSG's Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, ATS' topmost officers like Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte & the junior personnel like Inspector Shinde, who sacrificed their lives to rescue the innocents trapped in the Mumbai hotels. Shinde had dreamt that his daughter would become a doctor one day.

The government announced compensation but can we as a society ensure that the families of these policemen and their children get the due respect from us? Though over 125 persons were killed, it is equally true that hundreds of other persons were saved and rescued in this gargantuan operation. One hopes that the families will not have to run from pillar to post to get the compensation. We owe a lot to these police officers.

Still, what is immensely disturbing is the nature of terrorist strike, which was nothing less than a movie script. That it happened in reality, makes it more alarming. The terrorists reportedly came from the sea side via boats, armed with huge cache of arms and explosives and used all possible tactics to scare us--hijacking police van, ensconcing themselves in hotels, spraying bullets and throwing grenades--puts question mark on our security issues. No guarding of shores or lack of preparedness on part of those expected to keep vigil at the sea.

Earlier, also in case of Mumbai blasts, the underworld had used sea route to bring explosives. A news report mentions that this time the fishermen had noticed these people carrying bags and moving suspiciously but even after informing police there was no action for two hours, that gave time to terrorists to hide all over the City.

Latest reports say that after 25 hrs, the Army and the commandos have killed all terrorists in Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and also rescued hostages from Nariman House. As the dust settles down, lot of things will be discussed and the investigation will hopefully pinpoint the persons responsible for the attack (foreign hand has been proved, according to reports). But right now, we need our politicians to stop blaming each other.

Terror must not be politicised. If BJP says that Congress is soft on terror, it is an absurd thing to say. Say that it is inept but not that it is soft (which is a dirty way to say 'sympathetic'). After all, Congress has also lost its leaders to terrorism. The government can be termed ineffective or unprepared but not 'soft'. It's not an occasion to score political victories. All parties should speak in one voice rather than speaking with eyes set on election.

Update: After 60 hrs the operation has finally ended. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan of National Security Guard, Gajendra Singh and NSG commando Gajendra Singh also laid their lives. The family of ATS chief Hemant Karkare has reportedly refused to take the Rs 1 crore compensation offered by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. D

uring the recent election campaign in Rajasthan and MP, the BJP leaders had made personal attacks on Karkare, used foul language against him and put question mark on the integrity of ATS officers.

The Maharashtra police personnel who lost their lives battling the terrorists include:

Prakash More

Bapusahab Darugude

Tukaram Omble

Balasahem Bhosale

Arun Chitte

Jaywant Patil

Yogesh Patil

Ambadas Pawar

M Chowdhury

Rahul Shinde

Mukesh Jadhav

& Gajendra Singh [National Security Gaurd]

Hanif Sheikh, the hero of the NSGs

The role of an ice-cream shop owner Hanif Sheikh needs to be mentioned in the operation at Nariman House. When others were vying to get photographed along with commandos, the NSG men got themselves photographed with Sheikh.

They said that but for him the operation wouldn't have succeeded. The Nariman House is located in a narrow lane amids many houses and Sheikh not only helped rescue several insiders including a kid but also assisted in taking away families from neighbouring houses. He drew the map and kept on informing the commandos about the entire building and the area, reports Sushil Kumar Jha, for BBC.

Times of India also terms him a hero and said that he guided the commandos through the layout of the building. Throughout the operation he remained with them without fearing for his life and remained modest when he was asked about it after the operation ended.


Anonymous said...

Bad times brother. Salute to Police officers Mr Karkare, Mr Salskar and other members.


aziaf said...

Yes brother, its high time the politicians stop the blame games and start acting prudently.

The killing of the ATS Chief investigated the Malegaon case is really very disturbing.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon

Anonymous said...

This the result of the hopelessly incompetent home minister Shivraj Patil, who should have been never in charge, but is only at his post because of the bootlicking he has done of Sonia Gandhi.

Vote for congress = vote for incompetence

congress ka haath aam aatankvaadi ke saath.

Within a week the human "rights" people like arundhati, shabana, shabnam will come out and say this entire thing was a fake encounter. Amar singh will announce compensation to the terrorists. Jamia milia is planning to give legal aid to the captured terrorist.

Anser Azim said...

In shock and disblief. Horryfying!!!. Heart felt condolences to all who ahve lost their lives including these national heroes.
anser azim

indscribe said...
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indscribe said...

@ Anon, Aziaf and Anser Azim Sb: One hopes that after an attack of this magnitude the political class with unite and stop indulging in blame game.

@ Anon: It's true that there have been so many attacks but again, there may be political reasons, and Congress might not replace the Home Minister.

Regarding human rights activists, I don't think anybody is going to speak for them. It is a different case unlike 'suspects' who are caught.

In case of Jamia, it was different and there is greater propaganda. . Why forget that in case of Pragya Thakur, many organisations including Shiv Sena were ready to fight her case and collecting money and the same ATS chief Hemant Karkare was blamed, even threatened.

Anonymous said...

From Anon1:
What political reasons to not replace a clearly incompetent home minister? And if this is true then CONgress is unfit to govern in this time.
you underestimate the human "rights" people. they will come out of their woodwork, give them time.
Jamia is a government univ funded by taxpayers, they have no business providing legal aid with our money, which they intended to do initially. The saffron outfits are not using taxpayer money.
I dont know how anyone can argue against the fact congress has been a disaster in internal security.

I dont want the political class to unite. the jehadi supporting scumbags like SP, CPM, laloo, paswan should be isolated and defeated. after this attack thats what is going to happen anyway. BJP should come to power in the states and then at the center.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Being here in Mumbai, I feel as if I too am attacked....
every individual here r concerned.. traumatised.. and extremely sadden by this heinous terror act...

I salute to the bravehearts..the police officers, army personnels & NSG commandos, who laid their lives battling... my heartfelt condolences to families of each of them...

aslam saiyad said...

i sure have doubt about killings of ATS chief.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well said.. but also not to forget post attack arrests. If any Muslim has been arrested pl don't take it as Indian Govt. harassing Muslims only. You himself said so many times that Muslims are not terrorist. Then why link these men to Muslims. This is only helping our enemies to execute more such action against India. If you would have the student of human physiologic then you would know how these action boosts moral of bad people. Muslims have been a main pillar of Indian socity and nobody can take it from you.

Pinku said...

Am sorry for the families of all those who dies....whetehr in uniform or not.

but cant help thinking that those in uniform especially top ranking officers are somewhere to blame for allowing such a situation to arise in the first place.

Inspite of reports by fishermen, Patil's warning of 22nd Nov about unguarded sea routes...this catastrophe was allowed to happen.

those men need not be dead today, if only they had been smart enough yesterday.

Z@ki-R said...

Sir - what's wrong in providing legal support to a 'terrorist' suspect? Isn't it the investigation agencies to counter the arguments and prove the case clearly ? or We should admit our investigation agencies can not prove and hence the suspects they arrest should be denied of any basic human right and ultimately made admit that he/she was guilty? Yes, what Amar sing did in Batla incident was irresponsible and he is not doing anything for human rights but only for votes. But I think Shabana, Arundhati, Medha Patekar are indeed doing good service to the country..I don't remember they did anything to harm country and get some personal benefit. I am familiar with high handedness of CRPF ( Am from N.E. India). Remember, when human right violation occurs to your near and dear ones (I pray, it never happens), there might be none to go. What we need is strong courage and will and honesty to execute the existing laws of the land , which unfortunately lacks if not entirely missing, in Congress...but so in BJP ( remember kandahar episode ? our indecisive admin, failed to take any decision when IA flight was in chandigarh and ultimately our own FM escorted the criminals to Kandahar. Our admin was sleeping when there was intrusion in Kargil for several weeks. But let past be past).

It's not time to play blame game. I must appreciate Advani on this occasion that he acted responsibly not to try gain any political advantage by blaming the govt. My salute to those brave soldiers (known and unknown) who laid down their lives. If our admin, politicians learn a lesson from this incidence, i think only that would be a tribute to those officers, jawans and hundreds who died. Otherwise announcing a compensation is vulgar, simply vulgar.

INSALLAH, my country will be winner in this fight and stronger thereafter.

Anonymous said...

Belive me, banning people above 50 from any post anywhere in the indian government in any capacity will solve 90% of our problem... !Rememember when Parvez Musharraf was delivering lecture, Shree Bajpai Jee was snoring..had this been there had Rajiv Gandhi been alive? I donot understand how anything can be achieved by killing innocent people and upright officials ? It is very sad...very grave.Mohammed Azam Khan

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim I advise all our brothers....adopt a deserving family & help them have education (in schools,NOT in madarsa) and employment. Take atleast some out of the Indian Muslim Education Industry producing Moazzins,Imams, technicians & waiters only... Waqfs, madarsas, qabristans have been the core of internecine fights among muslims.Try police, military jobs. Try what others are doing...and the problem will start vanishing.Keeping yourself aloof will only aggravate the situation.

a fan said...

i am really surprised,confused and worried to see these talkings of hindus and muslims, when the attack is a clear and only indication against India!

As per me, our administration is equally responsible for this attack as they failed to prevent the illegal citizens from entering into the country in the first place.
No use in blaming that elements from neighbouring countries did this. It is upto our government to prevent these elements from entering into our country. But sadly, nobody seems to be thinking in these lines.

Also it is not new laws that we need, it is the effective implementation of the existing ones! btw, how will having POTA prevent these kind of acts in future? (it was highly irritating to see these news channel discuss this itself)

The only person who made sense was Ratan Tata,

"We had a bomb blast some years ago. We should have learnt to get a crisis infrastructure in place that could snap to attention as soon as something happens, If we don’t have this, we will be subjected to great need of lack of protection for the citizen. People have been killed who are absolutely innocent,
Guests who have been innocent have been killed. People have got killed in the hotel. People got killed on the road,".

indscribe said...

@Pinku: There are serious problems the way our police and other similar agencies work. Will soon write about that, may be tomorrow.

@ Anon [Azam Khan]: Nobody knows why these terrorists do it.

@ A fan: Yes, Ratan Tata's quote I read, he really made sense.

Varma said...

Indscribe..I'm with you. Its a great loss to every indian to lose the best of Anti-Terrorist breed. It started out in Delhi (Sri MC Sharma) and now the martyrs from Mumbai. This is a concern that unsettles me and hope the brains in IB look at the big picture. Time to go offensive and secure borders.

Vikram said...

Yes dude we lost some of our heroes in this battle ... but we will win this war against our country.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Behind the Mumbai Massacre: India’s Muslims in Crisis by
With reporting by Jyoti Thottam / Mumbai and Ershad Mahmud / Islamabad

The Authors are ignorant and Pro-Muslim (as usual). The Authors seem to be a White Christian, A Malayali Hindu and a Pakistani Muslim. As usual Hindus only tend to show wrongs in themselves and as usual Muslims tend to point all faults to others. That is why Islam is able to conquer people with force, inner unity and brotherhood. These fools write in their article that Indian Muslims are deprived of education, jobs and good lifestyle.

Things the Authors and the Foolish Hindus and all the Pro-Muslims should know are:
1) How come Bollywood is ruled by Muslims. The Khans are Kings of Bollywood and each one is worth Millions or Billions of Dollars.
2) How come Abdul Kalam was educated as a Nuclear Physicsts and how come he became the president of India.
3) How come Malayali Muslims are 100% Literate.
4) How come India has so many minority Muslim colleges.
5) How come Congress Government gave 5000 crore Rupees (1 Billion dollars) to MIM (Owaisi) Hyderabad Muslim party to improve the lives of Muslims (1 billion only for Muslims in Hyderabad).
6) Why does Pakistan (98% Muslim Fundamentalist country) have literacy rate of only 70% for males and 37% for females. Who stopped their progress, did Hindus stop it.
7) Why does Bangladesh (Muslim Fundamentalist country) have literacy rate of only 60% for males and 30% for females. Who stopped their progress, did Hindus stop it.
8) How come Muslims students exist in India’s top institutions like IIT, IISc, IIMs.

....further comment edited....

Anonymous said...

Let's picture the situation under a different light: Some of the MUSLIM terrorists (whether Indian or Pakistanis to be confirmed later) who carried out this holocaust were working at The Taj, The Trident and even at offices at Nariman Point for over a month. They got the jobs and no inquiry into their past was felt necessary. Now had those guys been denied the jobs on account of the little info available abt their background, people like you, the pseudo secularists, the Congress and the human activists would have cried out foul. You guys would have played the dirty game of accusing the country of being biased against the MINORITY. You guys would have taken out data from god knows what source and have said the Indian Army is biased as it does not have enough muslim representation. Congress would have come to the rescue and would have announced job reservation for muslims if it came to power again.

And you say your heart goes out to the victims...aawww...

indscribe said...


I don't know which of the so many anonymous you are but you have quite a fertile brain even at such tragic times.

Terrorist attacks are aimed at dividing but people like you are alerady doing it to this nation.

As for your emphasis on religion, they could have got a job by telling fake Hindu names also. Many of the traitors of intelligence agencies have been Hindus also.

Politicising the issue won't help. BJP is no different. It plays communal card. Hemant Karkare was the villain for them till the other day and now Modi gives his family Rs 1 crore. W

sharam bhi nahi aati?

I'm no secularist or pseudo-secularist or fundamentalist. I am just humanist, which all of us should be.

akshut said...

My love to my countrymen.......

Abe said...

Extremists have no religion. As an Indian-American, I am TIRED of these events against my countries.I join you in mourning the deaths. -Abhishek

Anonymous said...

one thing i noted when the malegaon hindu terror investigation was hot on the news channels every discussion on this case did not have a rep from the muslim community but when it was on muslim terrorists there were always a hindu rep from sangh parivar ...why so??

Anser Azim said...

The bullets fired by these terrorists recognized human bodies not their religion. Time to mourn together and unite against this evil.

Chirag said...

I think I now see how Islam advances.

It's a combination of poltiical repression against other religions in areas they control, combined with violence against non-Muslim societies.

Yes, there are many appealing things about the relgiion, which is part of the reason it grows.

But the other part of the reason is the massively uneven playing field. They create governments that practice suppression against others in the areas they control. There are so many Muslims who would like to leave the religion in places like Iran, Malaysia, etc. But they're not allowed to, by law, face governmental penalties and societal violence if they do.

You are advancing because you intentionally create a very uneven playing field in any place you have power.

We Hindus should create such an uneven playing field in India, using government and society to prevent Islamic growth. Put on some laws against conversion, implement population control, declare a set of official religions from which Islam is excluded, and control the borders.

Maybe this would open your eyes to how unjust this type of practice is, and maybe it would make you more prone to promote justice for other people, as well, not just for yourselves. And in that eye-opening, finally, maybe, the base of terrorists would shrink.

Anonymous said...


You have a sick mind. These are Indians who died. They are people of all caste, class and religion.

44 Muslims have died in the attack. Christians and Jews also died. This may satisfy you.


Anonymous said...


India has 150 million Muslims who will fight for her. This is war against those extremists who kill without discrimination, not against 25 percent of the world's population.

Jai Hind.

Pinku said...

Bhai am waiting for that post u promised.

Anonymous said...

You missed one more hero praised by NSG head:

Chirag said...

To those who reponded to me,

yes, I know they are all Indians. But we are all human beings, also. And when one portion of humanity, be it Islam, America, or anyone else, assumes it has the right to suppress and disenfranchise others, it is in the wrong. Islam is advancing through violent, imperialistic means. And has to, at this point, be controlled before they do more damage to others.

impak said...

May Allah bless all those who died in this tragic accident and punish those who were involved in it. They can't be Muslims necessarily.


jshree said...

I appreciate the sentiments shown by everyone irrespective of their religion. This proves that Indians are truly secular. But I request all my Muslim brothers and sisters that its time that we tell the extremist group who are taking the hide of a religion and spreading terror across the world to stop their activities. I know we are raising our voices but we should become still more stronger and tell them that a true Muslim can never imagine of hurting someone and that its high time that these so called Jihadis stop taking the hide of Islam.Terror cant be a word which came out of the mouth of any God, it could have come out of the mouth of only Satan.

indscribe said...

Akshat, Abe, Anser Sb, Pinku Ji,Impak, Jshree thanks a lot for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Chirag, do you see the irony in the fact that your name is of Muslim origin?

I think that says it all.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Can you please help in creating wikipedia pages for all these martyrs. Some of them are already there but for the others we need to make them from scratch. Please that would be a great tribute to them. I will use some of the information from your blog to start off.

Chirag said...


yes, my name is of Persian origin. As is that of my sister, and I've decided to give my son a similar name. That is a part of my heritage and I am proud of it.

I am not against Islamic or other cultural influences in India.

I am completely and absolutley disillussioned with Islam and its politics as a whole, however. It's disgusting the way that Islam is treating other people. And imperialism, and conquest - which is what this terrorism is - is also disgusting. And I've had it.

And I'm tired of everyone giving these fundamentalist, imperialist Islamic organization a clean chit every time just because they make the right noises for the cameras, on cue, whenever something really bad happens, and it is demanded of them.

And I no longer have any faith in secularism's intent. It was anti-Hindu at its core -Nehru had a blind hatred of his own religious tradition - and that has born itself out over the decades.

Call me whatever you want, sick, whatever. The problem at its core is that the Indian state, and its very foundation, compromised and allowed fundamentalist Islam to continue on Indian soil, despite the partition. Not all Islam should have been shut down, but certain forms, certain strains, had to be expurgated. Because they were not, we are reaping the harvest now.