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Saturday, November 01, 2008

SP MLA offers Rs 10 million for Raj Thackeray's head

A Samajwadi Party MLA has publicly announced that he would give Rs 1 crore (10 million) to any one who kills Raj Thackeray, the rogue MNS leader.

In the era of theatrics, it is hardly a surprise. The SP MLA Kishor Samrite did cross the line. As he is an elected public representative, the announcement acquires more serious dimension. But, it is equally true, that Raj has been given a long rope and he has been flirting with law.

In Maharashtra, law doesn't apply to Raj Thackeray and democracy has given way to mobocracy. (Where is the state government in Maharashtra?) It is the era of theatrics and antics. The round the clock TV news channels also need something interesting all the time and these dramatic statements suit them the most.

No wonder that within an hour of issuing this statement of 'supari' (contract killing), the MLA was on the lead news of almost all channels. He may have spoken irresponsibly but he did make a news. Anybody who would have thrown an open challenge or issued a similar provocative statement, would have got the same coverage but none did. Samrite issued the statement and will be on frontpage in newspapers tomorrow. You need fame, do something ridiculous and outrageous and you won't regret it in this country.

The MLA from Lanji (Balaghat) in Madhya Pradesh, knows that it's the age when you need to create news or rather, be a news. He has earlier attempted suicide, slaughtered 265 goats at Kamakhya temple in Assam and done similar other acts, to stay in news. He did it. Those who didn't, aren't recognised outside their constituencies or states.

Law is applied to people, selectively and state seems to have become a joke.

The lesson is that if you can regularly come out with weird ideas and peform crazy things, you can make a career in this country and emerge as a public figure--either in politics or in any other field.


Raj said...

We as a nation just have to face it!! The marathi ghattis are the lowest of the low... the barbarians of this country!! And hence always have to cry because they can never get anything by merit and yea [Mumbai is the capital of MH] its a shame that. marathi's got the city back in... whatever it was.. the 50's or the 60's by doing the same kind of crying, screaming, raving and barbarism that they do now, only it was a few times worse, people (then Gujrati's were killed and their women even raped) ur clan even has the credit for killing one of the greatest leaders in the entire world (also acknowledged by the whole world. Lets face it... these guys are barbarians and a shame for this country... and and and its guys like Raj Thackeray who attempt to keep them barbaric for their own benefits... something must be done

Raj said...
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Ye manzilen !! said...

Its funny.....these things are good staple for humor in this economic times......

Pinku said...

hahahaha what a tamasha we Indians are....

Someone kills and maims, others promote mob fury...still others will attack public property while crying about lack of such facilities.

and some like Raj will call his own fellow countrymen names.

Raj or Raj Thakre is there much difference? Mongers of hate all.

Z@ki-R said...

Do something foolish/ ridiculous, our media will give you all free publicity. Newswothy-stuff-starved media is disgusting. Sadly the Government(s) are mostly soft towards such acts. Are we living in a civilized society?

Syed Md Asadullah said...


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Anser Azim said...

I failed to understand the message in the post of Syed Saheb and how its relevant to the topic!!

Mahrashtra Raj said...

It's disgusting to see the media putting on blinkers and targeting Raj Thackeray and completely showing a blind eye to the reason for which this entire ruckus is happening.
Firstly, why is everyone naming the alleged victims of MNS rage as North Indians?? Their agitation is against the mammoth influx of people from Uttar Pradesh & Bihar into Maharashtra and especially Mumbai. The thugs and clowns who are ruling these once upon a time symbol of culture and wealth have ruined these states as a result people are flocking to Maharashtra and other States for money and "safety". With the help of their bade bhaiya's occupying prominent positions in the Maharashtra administration, they are grabbing occupations that should be provided to the unemployed local youths. When in Maharashtra alone the number of local educated unemployed youths is 42 lakhs!

The humble nature of the Marathi manoos has been taken for granted for too long now. Wherever you go in India, the local language takes precedence over the national language with the exception of North. However, people feel the pinch when the same trait is followed in Mumbai! I have example of relatives who have stayed in Kolkata, Delhi and were proud to inhabit the local culture and learn the native language. Likewise I have Tamil friends who have been residing in Mumbai for two decades now and speak fluent Marathi. That's how harmony is maintained. But what can one say when an elite personality like Jaya Bachchan who has been staying in Mumbai for decades arrogantly announces that she is from UP and will only communicate in Hindi! This is the example being set for the people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar staying in Mumbai….Shame ! Then we have the clowns & thugs frequenting Mumbai addressing rallies to show their might and misguiding their bhena's & bhaiya's here ! What for, why create intimidating atmosphere!

The constitution permits citizens of this country to settle down anywhere in India but I guess there will be a word called " legally " that people have conveniently overlooked. We always get to hear this example of Amitabh Bachchan who came to Mumbai and became a star but he surely must have had a "legal" place to stay and a toilet. Mumbaikar's lucky enough to get a window seat in the morning train will appreciate the need of a toilet indoors J

The hawker menace in Mumbai, it's going from bad to worst. Thanks to political patronage how much electricity and water is consumed illegally by slums in Mumbai. Has any print media or visual media bothered to find out from where these people have come!

Look at the Railway Recruitment Board exam episode, we get to see candidates being beaten up and all that but nobody talks about why this outrage. Why is there no ruckus in case of other National examinations conducted in sectors like Banking, Insurance etc. or other Central Government recruitments?? If you wish to smell then you will smell something fishy in the way recruitment happens for security guards by private security agencies in Mumbai, sudden rise in taxis/auto rickshaw drivers from UP/Bihar….not to forget the manipulated meters !

I have tried to show the other side of the coin. So you see there is a problem! Ignoring it will only worsen the situation. Vote bank politics is a disease that has decayed our system. The system has made the common man so feeble that our ability to protest is only confined to talk shows on TV. Where is the spirit of the pre-independence struggle…or was it a mythological story!