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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jammu & Kashmir elections: The rise of BJP, return of National Conference

The electorate of Jammu and Kashmir have thrown an interesting verdict. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the biggest gainer. Though it will sit in the opposition, the large number of party MLAs from Jammu, will change the complexion of the Assembly.

It will also give a strong voice to the people of Jammu. Though the party improved is performance at the cost of Congress and PDP over a issue that polarised people on communal lines, it would hopefully end the feeling of voicelessness among the residents of Jammu and the persecution complex that they are ignored at the cost of Valley.

The seven phase election that was held in the backdrop of the Shree Amarnath Shrine Board land controversy and that witnessed escalating tension between India and Pakistan after the Mumbai terrorist attack, was conducted without any major violence. The turnout was historic.

Apart from the four major parties, National Conference (NC), People's Democratic Party (PDP), Congress and BJP, the independents and others also appear all set to garner a chunk of seats in the 87 member house. Congress had to pay for the mistakes of Ghulam Nabi Azad government.

It is most likely that Farooq Abdullah-Omar Abdullah's NC will form the government with the support of Congress. Though nothing is impossible in politics, Mufti Mohammed Saeed and his daughter Mahbooba are likely to sit in the opposition as they were bitter rivals with NC and may not have a truck with them.

With a strong Jammu-based BJP speaking on behalf of Kashmiri Pundits, Hindus and Sikhs, and another strong party [PDP] representing the Valley, also sitting in the opposition, it will not be easy for the ruling coalition to get away on crucial issues easily. The BJP hasn't done much except lip-service to the cause of migrant pundits and it has an opportunity now. All parties can now mull over ways to solve this issue.

One hopes that the next Assembly that is reflective of all sections of J&K would be a place to discuss developmental issues rather than divisive politics and communal agenda. Most of us pray that violence and bloodshed would end, the voice of the Kashmiri Hindus also gets heard and there are steps to redress the issues of migrant Hindus and Pandit families as well as efforts to create jobs for youths in Kashmir.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you would have stated your last paragraph as first paragraph.

Kundan said...

At least the BJP pays lip service for the pandits , how about those parties which claim to represent the voice of J&K and in the process dont ever want to even recognize that there are aspiration of people of Jammu who have for long felt left out by both the central and state govts.

I hope now that its certain that Omar Abdullah will become the CM of J&K (unless the congress plays some tricks), he will abide by what he had said during the no confidence motion some days back that he is an Indian first.Hope he sticks to that and proves to be a true nationalist thus enforcing the efforts by the central govt to ensure that people of J&K continue to have faith in Indian constitution.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

I have recently come across your weblog and have added you to my weekly "accelerated links" post.

Pinku said...


Kagaz ki kashti said...

hope the much needed peace prevails in the valley for now & ever...

indscribe said...

Anon: Just wrote it that way...feeling from the bottom of the heart...so probably it came at the bottom :)

Kundan: Yes it pays lip service. Others don't. But they also just feed on the anger and don't take any steps.

Kashmiri Nomad: Thanks and Welcome

Pinku, Kagaz ki Kashti: Insha'Allah

Omnipresent said...

Agreed with 1st Anon loved ur reply to his comment (if u truly meant it)

Anser Azim said...

My home computer was hacked and ultimately crashed by an email in the name of the lady from Pakistan who was on board in your last posts on Mumbai and aftermath.I am not blaming her but it could ahve been anyone. The name of the virus was spyguard 2008 and antivirus 2009. It took complete control of my home computer and all shields failed. This happened a day before Christmas. some very valuable pictures of my kids gone with lots of my work data. anyway!!I want to just warn all the members on this forum to be careful and do not open emails unless u be very sure.
best wishes for a happy new year
to adnan for his postings and lively discussions that has been educative and hopefully will bring
the communities together inspite of cultural and lingual differences
that defines India. I believe only our good deeds can make us better not our color, religion, cast and languages spoken.
I hope and pray that Adnan Mian will keep doing his hardwork, though he is a man of steel, with those abusive and negative postings he receives for this great work and may allah reward you for this.
best wishes

anser azim Chicago


shadkam77 said...

As I write it, we know that Omar will be heading the next government in J&K. For the past couple of days, as I came across more n more interviews of this guy, I have developed a liking to him.

Listening to him, you get a feeling that here is some guy who really wants to do things for the people, provide a good governance. Here is some guy, for whom getting to power does not seem to be an end in itself (like most others of his ilk) but a means to do things far more important, trying and improving people's lives as much as realistically possible.

He appears to be as full of urge and willingness as Rajiv in his initial days of PMship, the qualities which resulted in, among other things, introduction of IT to india, which contributed perhaps the biggest share of shine to "India shining".

And he also resembles Obama, showing intentions to do non-controversial, humanist, good-for-everybody, things ...

Let us hope, again - that both of em [he and obama :)] translate their talks to actions.

Anonymous said...

A friend reminded of the joke one sure way to improve governance was outsource it to some American / European company [which implied that white man can provide good / better governance :)] and said: If Omar becomes CM, we 'll 've 50% British, running one of our states :). So governance will improve :) ...
*said in a lighter vain*

shadkam77 said...

Adnan Bhai (and his followers),

A v happy new year to all ...

Let it be a year where no innocent dies due to terrorism, and where no innocent dies in the name of combating terrorism.
Let it be a year where logic prevails, not propegenda, sense prevails, not madness, love
prevails, not hate.

indscribe said...

Anser Azim Sb: I really feel bad about it. It's sad to lose the photos.

Anon Sb: Nice one :)

Shadkam bhai: Thank you. Same to you.

Anonymous said...

Since some of the journos are in almighty big hurry to make predictions about events & persons,
before all facts are gathered and good home work is done, often the readers are unwittingly misled!many have harped on the theme that "BJP is the biggest winner in J&Kpolls!"
That is because the conclusion is drawn on the basis of the ultimate results.BJP, which had just one MLA in 202 assembly has jumped to 11 now! It looks a"leap-frogging!" If
past results and present scene is looked up, we will know the real facts.BJP had 6 MLAs in 1996 and one in 2002 and climbed to 11 now!That means asteady progress only.But,if the number of candidates fielded this time is taken into account, we will have
altogether a different verdict.BJP fielded 64 candidates, but 11 only succeeded.Thus, it has incurred a loss of 82.8%That does not do much credit to those responsible for the party in the state!To cover up these ominous facts the state party President has said that BJP will be "the Voice of Jammu!"Jammu region has 37 seats and BJP has got just 11 of them.How could 11 become the voice of Jammu, when 26 solid Jammuiites are there to do so?azad is not wrong when he made the comment,"Jammu is lost!"