Thursday, December 04, 2008

No burial of terrorists on the sacred soil of Hindustan

1. Eminent Islamic clerics have already refused to give permission to bury the bodies of the terrorists responsible for the carnage in Mumbai. A host of Muslim organisations and Ulema categorically said that the bodies can be sent to whichever country they might belong to but they wouldn't be buried in India.

The clergy has said that they can't permit the burial in the cemeteries as having a Muslim name doesn't mean a person is Muslim especially when the conduct of these persons shamed humanity. Though there were a few voices that bodies shouldn't allowed to rot from outside Muslim community but Islamic scholars refused to 'give an inch' to the terrorists.

2. The pilgrims going for Haj from various Cities tied a black band on their arms to express their outrage over the dastardly attacks. They observed a minute silence before leaving for Mumbai from where the Hajis take the direct flight to Jeddah.

3. Also, clerics have asked Muslims to wear black ribbon and have a low-key celebration on the occasion of Idul Azha [Baqrid] that is drawing nearer. The Id is just a week from now and it would be to show the grief and express solidarity with the Mumbaiites and the rest of the Indians over the terror strike. The All India organisation of Imams of Mosques has urged the Muslims in this regard.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated development, Darul Uloom Deoband, the prestigious Islamic seminary, has asked Muslims not to slaughter cows on the occasion of Baqr Id as it hurts the sentiments of Hindu brethren. Though this is not a new call and it has been issued in the past also. In certain parts of the country including Southern and Eastern regions (as also tribal dominated pockets) cow slaughter is not uncommon. However, Muslims generally avoid it. In some states, officially it is prohibited.