Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict the same on Palestinians: Israel acts like Nazi state

[No race suffered as much as the Jews in human history. They were killed, tortured, gassed, kept in concentration camps, but today as Israel bombs Palestians, killing innocent children, Israel has become a Nazi state, for us.

Israel, the country of the persecuted, is behaving exactly, the way Germany under Hitler, acted against them. Hitler believed that he was right. Today, the state of Israel refuses to believe that they are oppressors, involved in the most brutal acts, and in no way less in magnitude than the Nazis.

Would those survived or died in Holocaust, would have ever in their wildest dream, imagined or believed that one day their state, would perform similar atrocities and persecute another group with the same vengeance. It is not war. Israel may not be willing to see in the mirror but the reality is that the state of Israel has more in common with Hitler's Germany today. I say it with sadness.]

Now read it, why?

As a child I had read about the horrors of Holocaust, the mass killings of Jews by Eichmann and Hitler, their persecution and also read the 'Diary of Anne Frank'. It was all disbelieving how such massacres could happen.

Despite the Muslim world's suspicion of the Jewish state [more so it is Zionism], the story of Jews evokes empathy. But isn't it the irony that the people, who suffered the most in human history, for being a minority and were the worst sufferers of genocides and discrimination, have resorted to the same crime when they got their homeland.

They forgot that how the same Muslim world had treated them better and gave asylum whenever Europe persecuted the Jews. Today the same Jews whose forefathers lived in concentration camps and were gassed to death, force another minority, the Palestinians to live in concentration camps, bomb them, kill them and use gases & chemicals that cause miscarriages of women. I just don't understand!

Now please read this and I request you guys to comment only after reading the whole post. This is just a brief, very brief, summary of what Jews have endured for 2,000 years:

1. Due to the belief that Jews collectively killed Jesus. They were frequently massacred, exiled, persecuted and during crusades they were most brutally attacked and forced out of European countries in lakhs. [after 1000 AD]

2. They were held responsible for epidemics like plague and were set afire. No less than 900 were burnt alive in one City, Strasbourg, alone. In India they lived in peace but when Portuguese reached, they persecuted them here also.

3. Through out 12th, 13,th, 14th, 15th...till 18th century this continued. During inquisition they were burnt and killed in thousands, the children separated from families and were forcibly baptised. In Europe, Jews were forced to live in ghettoes, special taxes were meant only for them and at several places that had to wear particular dress or badges that would distinguish them from the rest and it invited extreme ridicule.

4. There was the King Friedrich who ordered that all Jews be converted.

The myths that Jews had pact with Devil and that they had magical powers and caused deaths of children, were spread in medieval England and Europe.

5. Then came the Holocaust of the 20th century and the mass killings of Jews in Hitler's Germany.

The horrors of this holocaust are known and well documented. It was after this that post-World Wars, 'enlightened' Europe shed its moral guilt and shifted 'their problem' from Europe to the Middle-East (in Asia) and got rid of the trouble. There were collective suicides, of jews and burning of entire villages happening as late as 20th century.

6. Now Jews had got their homeland and they forgot all enmity, all past persecution and the Arabs were also soon ready to believe that Jews were there eternal enemy.

Today Jews and Zionists have forgotten all. I don't say that Arabs have been great. My blood doesn't boil because Arabs are Muslims.

I am just sick of seeing innocent children who ought to be in the crib or play games, lying in blood and kept in stretchers or taken to grave yards. This is sickening. They have turned Gaza into concentration camp.

Still, after this saga of colossal persecution, they didn't learn and the state of Israel is today symbolising Hitler and outdoing him in his actions.

O Israel, what you learnt from Holocaust. In seven decades, you have become the same monster. Today, Israel is a Nazi state. Yes, it is a Nazi state, a terrorist state. 

Shame on Arab leaders for failing to buy peace or force Israel to stop
Shame on Zionists, the state of Israel and the United Nations.

[First photo courtesy BBC website: Jewish child wearing a yellow star in Europe in the early 20th century. Link] The other photo shows a medieval painting of Jews being set afire in Cologne. The last photo is of a concentration camp of Jewish citizens during the Holocaust in Germany.

[This post was originally written in 2009. It has been updated in 2014, as Israel again targets Gaza, killing hundreds of innocents.]