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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict the same on Palestinians: Israel acts like Nazi state

[No race suffered as much as the Jews in human history. They were killed, tortured, gassed, kept in concentration camps, but today as Israel bombs Palestians, killing innocent children, Israel has become a Nazi state, for us.

Israel, the country of the persecuted, is behaving exactly, the way Germany under Hitler, acted against them. Hitler believed that he was right. Today, the state of Israel refuses to believe that they are oppressors, involved in the most brutal acts, and in no way less in magnitude than the Nazis.

Would those survived or died in Holocaust, would have ever in their wildest dream, imagined or believed that one day their state, would perform similar atrocities and persecute another group with the same vengeance. It is not war. Israel may not be willing to see in the mirror but the reality is that the state of Israel has more in common with Hitler's Germany today. I say it with sadness.]

Now read it, why?

As a child I had read about the horrors of Holocaust, the mass killings of Jews by Eichmann and Hitler, their persecution and also read the 'Diary of Anne Frank'. It was all disbelieving how such massacres could happen.

Despite the Muslim world's suspicion of the Jewish state [more so it is Zionism], the story of Jews evokes empathy. But isn't it the irony that the people, who suffered the most in human history, for being a minority and were the worst sufferers of genocides and discrimination, have resorted to the same crime when they got their homeland.

They forgot that how the same Muslim world had treated them better and gave asylum whenever Europe persecuted the Jews. Today the same Jews whose forefathers lived in concentration camps and were gassed to death, force another minority, the Palestinians to live in concentration camps, bomb them, kill them and use gases & chemicals that cause miscarriages of women. I just don't understand!

Now please read this and I request you guys to comment only after reading the whole post. This is just a brief, very brief, summary of what Jews have endured for 2,000 years:

1. Due to the belief that Jews collectively killed Jesus. They were frequently massacred, exiled, persecuted and during crusades they were most brutally attacked and forced out of European countries in lakhs. [after 1000 AD]

2. They were held responsible for epidemics like plague and were set afire. No less than 900 were burnt alive in one City, Strasbourg, alone. In India they lived in peace but when Portuguese reached, they persecuted them here also.

3. Through out 12th, 13,th, 14th, 15th...till 18th century this continued. During inquisition they were burnt and killed in thousands, the children separated from families and were forcibly baptised. In Europe, Jews were forced to live in ghettoes, special taxes were meant only for them and at several places that had to wear particular dress or badges that would distinguish them from the rest and it invited extreme ridicule.

4. There was the King Friedrich who ordered that all Jews be converted.

The myths that Jews had pact with Devil and that they had magical powers and caused deaths of children, were spread in medieval England and Europe.

5. Then came the Holocaust of the 20th century and the mass killings of Jews in Hitler's Germany.

The horrors of this holocaust are known and well documented. It was after this that post-World Wars, 'enlightened' Europe shed its moral guilt and shifted 'their problem' from Europe to the Middle-East (in Asia) and got rid of the trouble. There were collective suicides, of jews and burning of entire villages happening as late as 20th century.

6. Now Jews had got their homeland and they forgot all enmity, all past persecution and the Arabs were also soon ready to believe that Jews were there eternal enemy.

Today Jews and Zionists have forgotten all. I don't say that Arabs have been great. My blood doesn't boil because Arabs are Muslims.

I am just sick of seeing innocent children who ought to be in the crib or play games, lying in blood and kept in stretchers or taken to grave yards. This is sickening. They have turned Gaza into concentration camp.

Still, after this saga of colossal persecution, they didn't learn and the state of Israel is today symbolising Hitler and outdoing him in his actions.

O Israel, what you learnt from Holocaust. In seven decades, you have become the same monster. Today, Israel is a Nazi state. Yes, it is a Nazi state, a terrorist state. 

Shame on Arab leaders for failing to buy peace or force Israel to stop
Shame on Zionists, the state of Israel and the United Nations.

[First photo courtesy BBC website: Jewish child wearing a yellow star in Europe in the early 20th century. Link] The other photo shows a medieval painting of Jews being set afire in Cologne. The last photo is of a concentration camp of Jewish citizens during the Holocaust in Germany.

[This post was originally written in 2009. It has been updated in 2014, as Israel again targets Gaza, killing hundreds of innocents.]


Election wala anon said...

yaar newspapers mein gaza mein mare huye logon ke pictures kam the jo post pe aise fotos daal diye.....pista har jagah aam aadmi hi hai...war chhahe kahin ki ho

Anonymous said...

This is an eyeopener article. Thanks sir for writing.


Faroha said...

Yes, the history of Judaism shows how much the Jews have been persecuted. INfact, the mysticism of Kaballah was developed by the Jews in exile. It is a sad irony that they (the Jews) have forgotten that it was under Muslim Spain that the Jews lived peacefully for 800 years. THey forget that the chied doctor of Saladin was a Jew. They forget that a Jew convert to Islam pointed out the place of Solomon's temple to Caliph Umar and asked him to built Al-Aqsa mosque there so that he faced Mecca at the holy of holies, but Caliph Umar refused. HE built the mosque on the opposite end, so as not to build it over the holy of holies. And yet, the same Jews now destroy mosques and bomb innocent civilians in Gaza. THe book, "Jerusalem: A city, 3 faiths" by Karen Armstrong is an eye-opener. WE Muslims are so easily on the defensive. WE forget that among all three monotheistic religions, we have the best behavior to other fellow religions of Judaism and Christianity, and yet, we are at the recieving end now.

Anser Azim said...

“This stranglehold has got to be broken or this country’s going down the drain,” Graham said, agreeing with Nixon’s comments earlier in the conversation.

“You believe that?” Nixon says in response.

“Yes, sir,” says Graham.

“Oh boy. So do I,” Nixon agrees, then says: “I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.” (From the Associated Press)
I see lot of truth in these statements from Bill Graham and Nixon. We all know what happened to Nixon. Muslims will pay the price if they denounce Zionism. they now control the world politically and economically and remote control US presidency. They do not care what Muslims did to them some 1000 years ago.
But i am a firm believer and allh ki baiawaz lathi hi insaaf dila sakti hai... Pl take down those conc camp pictures hard for me to see the pictures that are coming out from Ghaza or these jews. they are/were fellow human being...

infidel said...

your comparison of israel and the nazis is not only incorrect but also insulting.

may i remind you that the israeli defense forces have the capability to kill every palestinian men, women and children. so if the IDF is trying to exterminate the palestinians, they are doing a really bad job don't you think?

shalom all.

urdudaaN said...

Shame not only on Arabs, but also on many educated Moslems and others who know only the magic phrase 'killing innocent people', whenever they have to respond to any ongoing killing of Muslims. Having said that, here is a westerner describing the history of Palestine & Palestinians, I feel indebted to him;
History of a Conflict Part 1
History of a Conflict Part 2

indscribe said...

Election wala anon: Bhai, just tried to give a historical perspective. I agree about the ordinary people getting affected in all wars, everywhere.

Anon: Thanks for appreciation

Faroha: Shukria. I haven't read this book by Karen Armstrong. Will try to find this one.

Anser sb: These pictures shock us but Jews have forgotten them. Else they wouldn't have done the same on other fellow human beings. They are armed now, have the nuclear power and still they are killing innocent men and women.

Infidel: It's very easy to go mad once you get power. Your statement suggests your mental bankruptcy. You should have gone ahead and said that you people can rape all women and kill all children. Ya, being a beast is not tough for you and those of your ilk. You are already one.

The comparison is not insulting. It's extreme opportunism of Israel. They are cosying up to the same powers who killed them in millions, just because these nations were on the ascendant.

In fact, history will equate Hitler and Zionists in the same brackett. If you make it a religious war, you can't for a millennium fought by crushing people just because of your military power.

Urdudaan: Thanks for the links. I've just started reading and they are eally informative.

sani said...

INFIDEL is simply justifying what hitler had done to his ancestors.

Hitler did what he was capable of doing and presently his followers,the zionist are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

No doubt all people's ancestors have suffered at some time or the other. However, the event known as the Holocaust does not withstand inspection. May I request you check it out for yourself. Here is a website devoted to fighting the biggest lie ever told: http://www.holocaustdenialvideos.com/

Infidel said...

Whether it is fair or not, the choice the Palestinians have is to accept living with Israel or accept the consequences of war. They cannot choose Hamas without chosing the consequences of Hamas' policies. Israel will not give Hamas freedom to prepare to fight Israel more effectively. Either the Palestinians have to live at peace with Israel or they have to expect the experience of war. There is no middle ground.

Anonymous said...

I agree with infidel on this one.
The Palestinians have already suffered so much that they have nothing to Lose. Both israel as well as hamas are evil. It is better to live in Harmony with the evil you can see rather than staying under one which uses you to protect and Bargain for it's own interests.

And yes please stop this Propaganda of Muslim Brotherhood. It's solely a speech of sympathy if anything at all. Who said These Nations do not have any Bargaining power. What do you think if they rise against US will US impose sanctions on them? Will it attack them. You have to realize something which the US already does. It is no more the only big game Player. Russia's resurgence and China's emergence have changed things Globally. If US can openly support State sponsored Mass Killing from Israel then the Arab Nations with all their wealth can openly support the Nuclear Program of Iran which would by itself Neutralize the whole region.

Keep in mind the more you fell like oppressed the more oppressed you will be.

Anser Azim said...

The cordinal calls Gaza a concentration camp in the link below. I think the infidel has mutated from safron to blue very recently. But your hate opens the wound a little more!!


Kagaz ki kashti said...

Terrible pictures....
Its sad to see these, whether they are of jews, muslims or christians..
the innocents children, women are the worst victims... the TV grabs of Isreal attacks may be showing only the 10%, but what actually happening is unimaginable..
Hope the world leaders take immediate initiatives to stop these killings...

Humanist said...

Infidel is mad, intoxicated with most intoxicating of things, POWER. And he, and the zionists, share it with Hitlers, Stalins & Nadir Shahs (zaalims of all ideologies - right, left, muslim).

World is an unjust place :(, where, as Calvin says, "rules are only for little nice people."

Idscribe, can't agree more to "history will equate Hitler and Zionists in the same bracket".

O' God, please NEVER FORGIVE them for they know what they do :(.

SmartAleck said...

One can legitimately sympathize with the Palestinians for their plight but they also need to take the entire blame for their unbelievable stupidity. They are well aware that their arms are no match for the mighty Israeli Defense Forces; then, why bait the Israelis by firing rockets? Did they not know what will happen by doing so? The poor and the weak ought to follow peaceful means to highlight their plight. Their only salvation at the moment lies in persuading the Israeli people to see the injustice that has been meted out to them and rectify it. This may be hard to do and may require them to swallow their pride but the only alternative is to accept humiliation by force which is hardly better.

Whisleblower said...


Would you review your facts like I did for the last 30 years researching the Jewish question. Jews didn't suffer any holocaust because there was no holocaust of Jews ever!

one place you can star is here:

"Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict the same on Palestinians"
Perpetrators of the holocaust against Christians transform themselves into "survivors" of "the Holocaust

Holocaust Lies Busted: Zyklon-B
scientifically tested on humans

The Holocaust before It Happened

1933: The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

Simon Wisenthal's Faked Holocaust Memoirs

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Fake Shoah Memoir Threatens Holocaust Industry

Treblinka was No Extermination Camp

'If the Nazis had universally tagged Jews with yellow badges, then Reinhard Heydrich, who allegedly designed the final solution of the Jewish question, would have worn a yellow badge, because he was of Jewish descent. The self-described "Zionist" and full blooded Jew Adolf Eichmann would also have worn a yellow badge, as would the Dutch Jew Joseph Goebbels. Had these Jews worn yellow badges, then the final solution to the Jewish problem would likely have been designed by other men than these, and would likely have been a solution other than segregation and Zionism.

If the Jews who orchestrated and led the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution had been forced to wear yellow badges and yellow hats, then the Russians would not likely have let these murderous Jews lead the Russians into an abyss. The Jew Lazar Kaganovich, and Joseph Stalin's wives, would have been forced to wear yellow badges, as would the countless Jews among the upper echelons of Soviet power, and nearly all Soviet commissars. The Ukrainians and other Slavs, indeed the entire World, would have seen the common link between these mass murderers. Then, perhaps, the tens of millions of Slavs the Jews genocided would have survived the genocidal Jews.'

If the Jews who orchestrated and led the "Young Turk Revolution" had been forced to wear yellow badges, then the 1.5 million Armenians the Jews genocided would perhaps have survived the genocidal Jews. And maybe, just maybe, if Madeleine Albright, Paul Wolfowitz, Judith Miller, Richard Pearle, William Kristol, etc. etc. etc. had all been forced to wear yellow badges, then perhaps the million-plus Iraqis that have been murdered by the United States of America at the urging of the Jews, would have instead survived.

Contrary to the Pavlovian conditioning the Jews have instilled in the American mind, it appears that the best means we have to prevent piles of millions of human corpses is to tag the Jews, all the Jews, and most especially the Jews in the government and the Jews in the press.

This conclusion predates the Nazis--and there were sincere Nazis who wanted to spare Europeans the horror of the Jewish Bolsheviks--by many centuries. Long before the Nazis, many nations found it necessary to tag the murderous Jews, and/or segregate and/or expel the Jews.

Lawful Authorities and Legal Precedents for the Tagging of Jews With Yellow Badges as a Measure of Self Defense From the Genocidal Jews


Humanist said...

SmartAleck, u r right. Palestinians may be anything, but they (or some elements within them) are not worldly-wise :(.

Whisleblower, Perception not only more important than reality, IT IS REALITY. It is a 1984ian world.

Indscribe / others, as Lenin used to ask, "what needs to be done?"

My 2 cents
Opinion builders, which includes leaders, journalists, bloggers, commentators on the blogs - in that order, should try to start thinking REALISTICALLY.
Without being and thinking realistic we won't get to even start towards the solution.

Real World problems are not panchtantra tales, or epic poems (ramayan/mahabharat), or usual bollywood movie scripts - which 'll end with a win of good over evil, with a win of justice, of idealism.

They end (if at all) with win of the POWERful, and annihilation / destruction of the weak. Truth / justice do not matter at all.
Hitler and Japan lost WWII not because they were on the bad path (which they were) but because US UK & company were too powerful for them.
Central Asian hordes dominated India not because they were "satyavadi harishchandras", or not because there religions (budhdhism(eg kushans) or islam (eg mughals)) ware on their side, but because in brute power they exceeded some indian Kings, whom they defeated, (and others they befriended - eg Rajputana).

Indscribe, over to you.

Anonymous said...

Know what I was not going to actually believe all that Whistle Blower had written about but then I just happened to through the links and I am up for it.

But Goodness me if it is true which it seems to be then this is probably my Best Horror story.

No Kidding when they say Facts are way more interesting than fiction.

The Americans Truth be said can stoop to any low. This is a fact but up until now what I felt was that this attack on Gaza was more of a Political Ploy than a retaliatory measure but now after going through the links it seems as if Jews are blood sucking Vampire waiting for the night to fall and this time might brings to shore the night!!!

Anonymous said...

On 7/1/09. Infidel has commented that "comparison of Israel and the Nazis is not only incorrect but also insulting". But he has failed to explain as "to whom"?Obviously the Nazis, because they stood for certain principles which Israel lacks.
He has further said that Israel "has the capability to kill every Palestinian man, woman and child!"If so why have they taken 61 years to not accomplish it?Ask any Israeli mother, "Who is Hezbollah?"
Or for that matter,even the Israeli PM.
On 8th, he has made a laconic statement that the Palestinians have no choice!Either they should live with Israel or expect the war!"
As on 12th September, 2005,Israeli settlements and military completely withdrew from Gaza Strip and the the complete administrative power of that region was passed on to Palestinian Authority,in accordance with Oslo Accords.Palestinians have the rightto choose their own govt.If they opt for Hamas Govt.,no power on earth can interfere with it. How could EU and US cut off direct aid to that Govt.?Bush's days are numbered and so also of the Zionists.Allah favoured the children of Israel and saved them from annihilation by Pharaoh in Egypt. In the wilderness, He provided them provisions from heavens.Yet they preferred to worship a calf! They refused to accept Prophets sent to them by God and killed many. They were cursed to live like nomads for1,600 years.
Since the creation of Israel,the Zionist state, they are acting as the "Bully of the Middle East".For 61 years the Palestinians suffered at their hands! Muslim rulers slept and now the Muslim masses have awakened.They will findanhonourable
solution to the Palestine problem.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians want us to act they want the islamic armies to be dispatched to the region and exterminate the Israel army and expel them from Islamic lands. They do not want the corrupt arab governments to be silent or say a few harsh words and we can say that they have done something, no. WE WANT ACTION FROM DAY ONE NOT WHEN THE KILLIING STOPS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

An Indian Muslim's Blog with "Jews suffered holocaust, now inflict the same on Palestinians."

Amitabh said...

Extracts of speech by Hafez A.B Mohamed: Director-General, Al Baraka Bank.

o World Jewish Population. 14 million
o Distribution: 7 m in America
5 m in Asia
2 m in Europe
100 thousand in Africa
o World Muslim Population: 1.5 billion
o Distribution: 1 billion in Asia/Mid-East
400 M in Africa
44 M in Europe
6 M in the Americas
o Every fifth human being is a Muslim.
o For every single Hindu there are two Muslims
o For every Buddhist there are two Muslims
o For every Jew there are 107 Muslims
o Yet the 14 million Jews are more powerful than the entire 1.5 billion Muslims


Here are some of the reasons.

Movers of Current History
o Albert Einstein Jewish
o Sigmund Freud Jewish
o Karl Marx Jewish
o Paul Samuelson Jewish
o Milton Friedman Jewish

Medical Milestones
o Vaccinating Needle: Benjamin Ruben Jewish
o Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk Jewish
o Leukaemia Drug Gertrude Elion Jewish
o Hepatitis B Baruch Blumberg Jewish
o Syphilis Drug Paul Ehrlich Jewish
o Neuro muscular Elie Metchnikoff Jewish
o Endocrinology Andrew Schally Jewish
o Cognitive therapy. Aaron Beck Jewish
o Contraceptive Pill Gregory Pincus Jewish
o Understanding of Human Eye. G. Wald Jewish
o Embryology. Stanley Cohen Jewish
o Kidney Dialysis Willem Kloffcame Jewish

Nobel Prize Winners
o In the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 180 Nobel prizes whilst 1.5 billion Muslims have contributed only 3 Nobel winners

Inventions that changed History
o Micro- Processing Chip. Stanley Mezor Jewish
o Nuclear Chain Reactor Leo Sziland Jewish
o Optical Fibre Cable Peter Schultz Jewish
o Traffic Lights Charles Adler Jewish
o Stainless Steel Benno Strauss Jewish
o Sound Movies Isador Kisee Jewish
o Telephone Microphone Emile Berliner Jewish
o Video Tape Recorder Charles Ginsburg Jewish

Influential Global Business
o Polo Ralph Lauren Jewish
o Coca Cola Jewish
o Levi's Jeans Levi Strauss Jewish
o Sawbuck's Howard Schultz Jewish
o Google Sergey Brin Jewish
o Dell Computers Michael Dell Jewish
o Oracle Larry Ellison Jewish
o DKNY Donna Karan Jewish
o Baskin & Robbins Irv Robbins Jewish
o Dunkin Donuts Bill Rosenberg Jewish

Influential Intellectuals/ Politicians
o Henry Kissinger , US Sec of State Jewish
o Richard Levin, PresidentYaleUniver sity Jewish
o Alan Greenspan , US Federal Reserve Jewish
o Joseph Lieberman Jewish
o Madeleine Albright , US Sec of State Jewish
o CasperWeinberger , US Sec of Defence Jewish
o Maxim Litvinov , USSR Foreign Minister Jewish
o DavidMarshal , Singapore Chief Minister Jewish
o Isaacs Isaacs, Gov-GenAustralia Jewish
o Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman Jewish
o Yevgeny Primakov, Russian PM Jewish
o Barry Goldwater , US Politician Jewish
o Jorge Sampaio, President Portugal Jewish
o Herb Gray, Canadian Deputy - PM Jewish
o Pierre Mendes, French PM Jewish
o Michael Howard, British Home Sec. Jewish
o Bruno Kriesky, Austrian Chancellor Jewish
o Robert Rubin , US Sec of Treasury Jewish

Global Media Influential
o Wolf Blitzer, CNN Jewish
o Barbara Walters ABC News Jewish
o EugeneMeyer , Washington Post Jewish
o Henry Grunwald, Time Magazine Jewish
o Katherine Graham , Washington Post Jewish
o Joseph Lelyeld, New York Times Jewish
o Max Frankel, New York Times Jewish

Global Philanthropists
o George Soros Jewish
o Walter Annenberg Jewish

Why are they powerful? why are Muslims powerless?

Here's another reason. We have lost the capacity to produce knowledge.

o In the entire Muslim World (57 Muslim Countries) there are only 500 universities.
o In USA alone, 5,758 universities
o In India alone, 8,407 universities
o Not one university in the entire Islamic World features in the Top 500 Ranking Universities of the World
o Literacy in the Christian World 90%
o Literacy in the Muslim World 40%
o 15 Christian majority-countries, literacy rate 100%
o Muslim majority - countries , None
o 98% in Christian countries completed primary
o Only 50% in Muslim countries completed primary.
o 40% in Christian countries attended university
o In Muslim countries a dismal 2% attended.
o Muslim majority countries have 230 scientists per one million Muslims
o The USA has 5000 per million
o The Christian world 1000 technicians per million.
o Entire Arab World only 50 technicians per million.
o Muslim World spends on research/developmen t 0.2% of GDP
o Christian World spends 5 % of GDP

o The Muslim World lacks the capacity to produce knowledge.

Another way of testing the degree of knowledge is the degree of diffusing knowledge.

o Pakistan 23 daily newspapers per 1000 citizens
o Singapore 460 per 1000 citizens.
o In UK book titles per million is 2000
o In Egypt book titles per million is only 17

o Muslim World is failing to diffuse knowledge

Applying Knowledge is another such test.
o Exports of high tech products from Pakistan is 0.9% of its exports.
o In Saudi Arabia is 0.2%
o Kuwait , Morocco and Algeria 0.3%
o Singapore alone is 68%

o Muslim World is failing to apply knowledge.

What do you conclude? no need to tell the figures are speaking themselves very loudly we are unable to listen


Please educate yourself and your children. always promote education, don't compromise on it, don't ignore your children's slightest misguidance from education (and please, for God's Sake, don't use your personal contacts or sources to promote your children in their education; if they fail, let them and make them learn to pass; b/c if they can't do it now, they can't ever).
We are World's biggest and strongest nation, all we need is to identify and explore our ownselves. Our victory is with our knowledge, our creativity, our literacy...And nothing else.

....Wake up...

Anser Azim said...

nice post and very educative. You have done the true diagnosis of the problem that haunts and troubles the Islamic World. I appreciate your kind thoughts and this is the high time for muslims to introspect.
regards and best wishes

anser azim, Chicago

Anonymous said...

This is the problem of islam. It is thinking that the past has the answer for all solution.

When today is not like yesterday and tomorrow is not like today how can they look up everything with the knowledge of 7th century.

Today islam is like a pre-matured child who is adamant of not moving further.

Thank god it has been told by some enlighted muslim otherwise it could have been rubished as other religions attack on islam

Anonymous said...

Gaza children suffering is really unbearable. My wife and child generally donot like to see the amount of suffering. It is with out caste creed, religion and color.

Isreal must stop this atrocity and handle hamas directly. If required guard the border more stringently.

Amjad said...

One hitler said "Soon the wolrd will know why i am killing jews!"

Solomon2 said...

"Jews didn't suffer any holocaust because there was no holocaust of Jews ever!"

I'll believe you when you show me my grandparents and aunts and uncles. The last records of their existence were from the transit camps that loaded them on trains bound for Auschwitz.

Something like 5,850,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust - over 90% of Europe's Jews, and a number from Africa and Asia. All were noncombatants. The 600-1200 fatalities in Gaza are roughly 0.1% of the population, and 40% or more of these were combatants.

Why is it so important for you to deny these matters? Is it ignoratnce? Or is it to deny that the Jews have a special claim on the world for pity and support - far greater than the 300 million Muslims who support killing them for the pleasure of exercising untrammeled power over the weak? Or is it just too embarassing to acknowledge that Jews, for all the crying and TV images you see and hear from Gaza, are by example superior in conduct and morality to other peoples? Do you think that if Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. didn't insist on war, there wouldn't be all those bombs falling, and people might see more clearly what has been going on for sixty-plus years?

Ahmed said...

Jews got Israel cause they were able to prove that they were oppressed as six millions were killed. Christain felt obliged to provide jews safe heaven far from Europe in Middle East.

It is easy to talk about education and educating Muslims, however, is there any single Muslim country which has government not backed by US or others. These dictators are only safegaurding their own rule. Whenever, any country is progressing, there is always some unrest created. There is a bigger agenda of breaking the Middle eastern and some other countries into smaller states and Iraq and afghanistan war are part of that agenda.

Would it not be fair that Israel and Hamas be asked to pay for the damaged which has been created by Hamas rocket fires and Israel's shelling as well people killed on both sides? Palestinians have no right to build schools, factories, grow crops, benefit from sea. Gaza is controled by Israel and it is a outdoor prison. And yet Israel has the right of self defence and Palestinians have no right to live?

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

The Jews in Europe never killed anyone, yet the “Palestinians” can’t sit still for a second without killing someone. ..when there are no Jews they kill each other (Fattah vs Hamas). Wait till someone throws katyushas at your house every day and we’ll see how nice you are to them.

Arne said...

Muslims, think about this :

Grand Mufti of Jerusalem organises recruitment to Bosnia's SS division!

The Germans made a point of publicizing the fact that Grand Mufti Al-Husseini had flown from Berlin to Sarajevo for the sole purpose of giving his blessing to the Muslim army and inspecting its arms and training exercises.

In these crimes, they were helped by Muslim fundamentalists in Bosnia and Kosovo who were openly supported by the Palestinian Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. A notorious anti-Semite, he openly encouraged Muslims to join Nazi units that would be later implicated in genocide and crimes against humanity - the infamous Hanjar (or Handschar) 13th Waffen SS division.

Yassir Arafat or Mohammed Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafat al-Kidwa al-Hussein was in the same family and got a "nazi" education at 17.

So when iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies Holocaust, he's just following a tradition, lies and lies for the infidels. A muslim can lie to promote Islam.

indscribe said...


If a crackpot says something, you make direct attack on all Muslims like 'a Muslim can lie'. Your own fundamentalist and hardline view shows your Islamophobic tendency and that you aren't ready to reflect.

Just like we distinguish between Jews, the state of Israel and hate-filled Zionists, you should also look at things from a proper perspective. Unfortunately, you people don't want to learn anything at all and you are simply increasing hatred with Muslims.

Plain opportunism. You find certain group is powerful, you ally with them. You have forgotten holocaust, not Muslims or Ahmedinejad.

Muslims may or may not like Israel's policies but anti-semitism is more prevalent in European countries.

Sarthak Ganguly said...

I will consider this article to be a bad joke. There is no comparison between what is happening in Gaza and Nazi Occupied Europe.

I will put forward two points:
1. In Occupied Europe, the Jews had no nation and no army - they were unarmed. In Gaza Hamas won in the elections and rule it. They have substantial military potential and successfully challenge the IDF.

2. In Nazi Europe, there was a policy to exterminate Jewry. Nothing like that exists for Israel. Israel itself has about 40 pc Arab population.

Comparison is a moot point and only make the whole thing a charade.