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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Who should be blamed for the plight of Palestinians: Arab states or Israel?

The photograph shows boxes of bangles that are sent to various Arab countries to shame their governments for their inaction* and deliver the message that they are useless cowards.

[Though I consider it sexist, as women are much stronger and better than men as they don't wage wars and shed blood of innocents, especially children.]

But in Indian and South Asian tradition bangles are historically sent to a person who has shown cowardice like running away from battlefield. It was meant an insult on the person and often this prompted him to act and be a man (sic).

But the Mumbai protesters who are sending these boxes through embassies of these countries, perhaps knew of no other way to send their message across. *Action doesn't mean war, it can be buying peace or making peace or anything that can stop senseless killing. And Arab states seem incapable of anything.

Now coming to Israeli attack on Palestine

I am avoiding watching TV and reading news about Gaza.

It isn't that I am not disturbed by the Israeli offensive on Palestine and the sheer brutality of the attack that has now killed near 500 persons including women and children, mostly civilians during the last week.

I'm as shaken as I am whenever there is a humanitarian tragedy, whenever innocents get killed, irrespective of their country or religion. It is the most heart-rending sight on earth to see children, as small as few months old, lying in the hospital beds, and to see the faces of infants disfigured in the air-strikes and bombings.

But who should we blame? And what purpose will it serve? International community keeps condemning Israel and there are protests but there is no effort on part of the Arab states to take any concrete steps to put to end the misery of the Palestinians.

After every such round of bombings, the jokers [OIC and representatives of Arab states] rush for 'emergency meetings' and devise strategies to stop the Israeli aggression but end up issuing useless statements.

The fact is that Arab countries are not serious and not concerned. Let alone rulers, even the citizens don't appear concerned. We see the mass protests in East Asia, Europe and South Asia but the Arab street remains silent. People claim that they can't hold protests in their countries.

If there is real anger on the street, the government, howsoever stubborn it may be, does succumb. There are military ruled countries where protests are held because the citizens are motivated. When ordinary Palestinians give their lives, some Arab citizens should also be ready to pay the price.

Why we don't see any Aung Sun Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela rise in Middle-East ? The dictatorial regimes are simply interested their own survival. The rulers love America for letting them run their countries like medieval states.

Women don't have equal rights, there is no right to freedom of speech and criticism of the governments is unimaginable. Protests and demonstrations are unheard of. The non-Arabs are not treated at par. Yes, the oil-rich states have given jobs to tens of thousands but it might have been the same situation had there been democratic regimes.

Many Arab countries have accepted Israel and have diplomatic relations while some of them don't openly accept but have secret links with the Jewish state. No harm in that. It is better to have open relations than hypocrisy.

The Arab states are not just useless because they have neither proper words nor action to take when a country like Iraq is attacked or when Israel strikes in Gaza. But they are really pathetic because when there was a genocide in Bosnia, it was USA that acted.

There are cycles of violence and hate. Arabs can't fight Israel. So they better accept the reality. Yes, Palestinians may not in near future forgive Israel but Arab countries can together make some sort of peace and force Israel to stop this bloodshed.

They should stop using the name of Islam and it's time to dissolve the OIC. One should feel angry for injustice and for killing of innocents. If these states claim that they are angry because the bombings are on fellow Arabs or fellow Muslims, it is an extreme narrow vision (though this also doesn't prompt them to act and exposes them further).

It should be pure humanitarian cause. But we are not living in a Utopian world where everybody fights for justice of the other. The people of Gaza have been living in a virtual hell, a prison, for a long time and the governments think over 'opening borders' now. Pay the price whatever it is but stop the killings of innocent citizens.

But the so-called monarchs and the heads of other so-called Muslim leaders have no interest in either Islam or justice. Islam! Huh! If it was Islam, they wouldn't have changed the name of Prophet's Arab, the Hijaz, to Saudi Arabia. Today it is Saudi Arabia, named after the Family of Saud.

The bunch of so many Arab states has no bargaining power, no voice. Pathetic. But who are we and our voice? Watching and reading about killings of innocents makes you upset. You can't make a difference either. So isn't it better to shut off from all. So mean but there is no option, I guess.


Cairo Girl said...

No one can shame the shameless.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

The Arab Muslims are just like the Indian Muslims. I do not think that you can separate them out for special treatment.

The symptoms throughout the Muslim world may differ but in essence the disease is the same.

urdudaaN said...

I was so traumatized to hear that Palestine was under Jewish attacked yet again. Not only because scores of Palestinians would be killed, but also because it would be rape-murder of justice & truth again. Generally, the sympathies go with the one who is killed, but not when you are a Palestinian. It's high time Arabs rose against the "eunuch" American puppets who rule them now, like Iranians once did. The UN is equally useless, which is only good for aggressors like America on Iraq or the Jewish cancer which was put in the Palestinian petri-dish by ruthless Europeans political doctors.

soulverses said...

Well articulated brother

Danesh said...

@Kashmiri Nomad: Arabs are ruling their own countries. They are in power and capable of taking decisions to deal with Israel (such as blocking sale of oil etc), whereas Indian Muslims do not have such options. Your statement that Arab Muslims are like Indian Muslims is incorrect.

Salman said...

Just one thought - If the Arabs were really powerful, they would have used that power in a useful manner and would have tried to separate islam's tight integration with politics. Saudis wouldnt have exported militant versions of islam throughtout the world.

Lucknowite said...

The question is "Do Arabs have courage to stand against the Israili aggression? Sorry I used the wrong word 'Courage'. Do they have CHOICE to oppose it?? When their economical affairs are controlled by those who are the perpetrators of such incidents I think Arabs have no choice except to succumb to the pressures of these oppressive forces. When you are completely dependant on others to manage your affairs, you have to abide by the terms dictated by them willingly or otherwise. This is the major deterring factor for Arabs to oppose Gaza carnage. Wealth without efforts leads to such phenomena!
"Jab aap kisi ke mohtaj ho jaate hain to chah kar ke bhi uski khilafwarzi nahi kar sakte"!
Palestine today is an effect of this very cause of cowardice. Treat the cause and there won't be any more Palestine's.

Aamir said...

you are right brother, these so called leaders are responcible for today's situation. they have lot of money and everything but they can't even argue with US or thier so called allies to pressurize israel. we muslims don't even have a khalifah- the official nominee.

brother these dictators can do much to save muslims but they are surrounded by materialistic plesures.

Election wala Anon said...

i dunno how does it affect us...the Indians....
@Salman...arabs r busy funding al-qaida and their ilks..may be they prefer the cowardly proxy war
for me...to hell with hamas-israel...India has its own issued to sort out and focus on tht

urdudaaN said...


Have you watched the movie "Lawrence of Arabia", it might tell you how Europe arose Arab Nationalism to turn them against the central Turkey rule. The point made was why should a superior-race like Arabs be ruled by Turks. Now, here they are, being rules by a race superior to everyone, the Jews, the chosen people of God, who can use gentiles(non-Jews) just like humans are entitled to use animals to their own benefit.
Paul Findley, a US congressman for 22 years was eliminated from the political scene when he tried to resist the Israeli lobby. He is the author of books like They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby

Lokesh said...

While I agree that Israel's actions are extreme over-reaction, I don't understand why HAMAS keeps on launching rockets into Israel knowing fully well that Israel will react and that would mean loss of innocent lives in Palestine. Shouldn't HAMAS too be equally blamed for this loss of lives? HAMAS behavior reminds me of the saying 'Aaa bail mujhe maar'.

Faroha said...

Of course it is a humanitarian cause. That's why Muslims and Non-Muslims have protested alike. There have been mass protests in Arab states like Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and countries like Indonesia, pakistan, Phillipines,J & K, in LOndon and Brussels, in New York and Chicago, in Australia. What is at stake here is the choice between right and wrong and it takes courage to stand on the right side. Few Governments in the world can take that decision. THe US chooses to favor its protege, Israel. Its champions of human rights forget that the Palestinians are humans.

If you ever read a history of Jerusalem and the Palestinian land, you will know how the Palestinian land was forcefully taken, how these Muslims were pushed out to create space for Israel. THis David has become a Goliath. Blood of the Palestinians Muslims is flowing.

However, I feel that the curse of the oppressed never goes unheard.It was heartening to see so many people come out in so many places and speak up against injustice. Of course we feel it more because these men, women and children getting slaughtered are Muslims. BUt they are humans first. It is wrong to kill, maim, injure innocent human beings.

Yes, the GOvernments are impotent. Yes Hosni Mubarak is a Us stooge. Yes the Arab states are oil rich but all their money is in foreign banks, all their military support is by the West. So they lack courage. BUt this is no excuse. Atleast the people protest. I feel my blood boiling and my heart being torn to pieces when I watch innocent children crying, injured, bleeding after getting hit and I wonder: Are these children terrorists as well?Isn't Israel indulging in state-sponsored terrorism? Isn't the US favoring Israel for this slaughter?Double standards.

Kashmiri Nomad said...

Danesh Arabs have no more power than anyone else. Except for handful of countries most of the Arab world is dirt poor and ill educated. Thats why I said they are just like us. No better and no worse just different.

Amitabh said...

I knew that you will do a cacophony of Israel attack and ignore the Hamas Islamic terrorism. What Israel is doing is a retaliate which is the only option left for them. Thousands of Israeli including children died due to Hamas terrorist activity and now you are blaming Israel. What a hypocrisy  ? Islamic terrorism is growing because you guy don’t find anything wrong in them. You must realize terrorist learnt hard way only and when there own children will die then they will realize and for that you guys have to come together and condemned Hamas and ask them to stop firing missile on Israel and then Israel will follow.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

I am equally sad & upset to read the Israel attacks in Palestine.
When most of the countries have accepted Isreal & have established diplomatic relations inculding India, they would never express concern or condemn the attacks. The Arabs are a shame now...

indscribe said...

Amitabh: You knew! So intelligent of you! Hamas' 'Islamic terrorism', I also know by same logic how you love saying it.

And don't exaggerate deaths of Israelis to 'thousands', if you don't have any idea about it.

Innocents are innocents-- neither Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Jews.

Either it is Muslim Hamas or Hindu led ULFA (take the name of Nabla ie Rajan Damiary the ULFA man accused of two recent terror bombings), actions of all such persons are equally condemnable.

What you and those of your ilk do is to gain 'sadistic pleasure in killing of Muslims kids' because Islam is anathema to you.

Israel's actions are condemnable as they had suffered holocaust on European soil and today they perpetrate the same on others when they are powerful.

You have your heart beating for Israelis. Try to be a bit more humane and show the same love for all kids irrespective of their religion. They don't even know which home and which religion they are to be born.

Sadly, educated people become more colour blind!

indscribe said...

Cairo Girl: Sad but so true.

Kashmiri Nomad: I put the Arab states and their leaders responsible for the deaths and destruction.

UrdudaaN: Yeah, it has become a fashion lately even among or own 'emerging Middle-class to support Israel'.

Faroha: US papers say that Israel chose the timing very well as they knew Bush administration was 'very very pro-Israel' and in its last days, they could take advantage of the situation and didn't want Obama to face any trouble just at the onset of his presidency'. No wonder that Obama is also silent.

Soulverses, Salman, Danesh bhai, Lucknowite, Aamir, Electionwala Anon, Kashmiri Nomad, Kagaz ki Kashti thanks for sharing your thoughts...

Z@ki-R said...

Faroha, Not sure if you eliminated India (replaced w J & K :) ) intentionally but there are voices against violence in India n Indian muslims ( J&K and other states). I think this post points to the fact -there is no visible protest amongst MiddleEast countries (Saudi, Qatar etc). No wonder, when one has to flatter USA/ lick their boot for virtually everything and to maintain a lavish life style...they have to be blind to such things. I pray, let Allah give them senses.

Note: Eventhough Isreal was created by displacing the legitimate land of Palestenians, I think it is reality that we can not ignore this Jewish state in today's world. But I feel bad, even the neighbouring countries have tool ( OIL ) but they have no say in world politics. I hope, we can see Justice in the land of prophets in our lifetime. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Amitabh, I hope that some day you are on the suffering side, and then u ll know what is hypocrisy and what is compassion / concern.

Lucknowite said...

The world opinion is biased; courtsey media. Killing innocents by Israil does not make it less heinous in any way than killing innocents by any other terror outfit of the world. Understand the propaganda machinery that works day and night to serve to the politics of usurpation. We have still not learnt lessons from Iraq. The so called WMDs are still to be found! The oppressive forces always justify their acts under some pretext.
Is it not a cold blooded murder of humanitarian values when a team of redcross is not allowed into Palestinian territory just because they wanted to treat the injured? Is it not in-humane when Palestinians are deprived of electricity, milk, medicine and other essential things?; a basic human right even for a criminal! Is it a war against Hamas or a war against Humans? whom Zionists do not consider at par with themselves. Is it a quest for "Promised Land" or acquiring a bigger political power in the region by Israil and likes.?
Surprisingly there has been no statement from UNICEF which claims to be working for children's cause, on the plight of Palestinian children!!!

shadkam77 said...

Indscribe / Faroha,
Very well put. Concern / Anger is visible in ur posts.
Most of us know the story so far - starting with 1947 and the continuous inhumanity Palestinians have been subjected to. No need to go over these stories again n again and feel more dejected, more angry, more sad.

Almost a century back, Bhagat Singh wrote "power is the biggest justification in this world".
Well, it still is.
So any resolutions (UN / OIC / Arab League), unless backed by power, count for nothing.
Putting up the case in UN, a statement in support by Noam Chomsky, an interview in support by George Galloway, thousands of humanists forwarding (and reforwarding) emails to their friends having photos of humans murdered by Zionists (and filling bolgosphere over the net), give us the satisfaction of doing our bit - but they stop at that :(. Still, something is better than nothing.

Palestinians, for close to sixty years - two generations - almost all those living today - have known nothing but conflict. That too with a power which is next only to God's - in this world.

What are they encouraged to do by the Arab world, and all those who are (genuinely) sympathetic to their cause - to be there, to fight, for their aan, for their land. Suffer hunger, suffer diseases, suffer uncertainty of life - uncertainty of future, suffer LOSS OF HOPE, suffer loss of all those "certain unalienable Rights" endowed by Creator "among these ... Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness". Be there and fight the injustices, and in the process keep suffering even more.
The above feeling is definitely the right thing to do. But it is more IMPRACTICAL than right. No piece of land is superior to human lives, human suffering, of an entire nation, for two generations - with no end in sight.
All of us, pro-justice people must think realistically. In the depth of our heart we know that it is impossible to achieve justice - given the power equation in the world today (and for next N generations).
We'll ve to ask whether an impossible and hopeless pursuit of justice which 'll definitely cost more and more human catastrophe is important, or giving the palestinians a life where "all men are created equal, ... and have ... certain unalienable Rights, among these Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

PS: A question, as to how can second option be achieved?
A starting point may be absorbing of the palestinians by the neighboring countries - instead of putting them up in refugee camps, treat them as fellow citizens ... atleast this much can be expected of the Arab countries ...

Anonymous said...

It is high time bloggers realize that the 'Forum' is provided "to let hundred buds blossom and thousand schools of thought Contend!"All of us are sincere seekers of "Truh" and not its purveyors!The headlines of TV or daily press do not convey the 'truth and nothing but the truth!'More often than not, what we see is not true, what we hear is not true! Hence, we have to make an honest attempt to find out the truth.To the casual reader "Hamas' rocketry begot Israeli aggression!"
How many are aware of the fact
that jews who long ago ruled Palestine were banished by the Roman emperors and had to lead a miserable life in Europe for 1,878 years.Nazi Hitler killed thousands of Jews during World War II(1939-1945).Telling those poignant stories the Jews managed to get a homeland in the midst of Arab world in May,1948.The Arab rulers attacked it .With the help of UK,France, Russia and US, new born Israel state defeated the Arabs in a six days war! since then it has been acting as the "Bully of the Middle East".The UN created Israel out of Palestine but failed to carve out the Arab Palestine state simultaneously!Israel used the techniques the European Christians adopted against them to drive away Palestinians from their homeland!For the last 61 years the uncared for Palestinians keep suffering and Israel keeps chasing them!In the UN Security Council till this day not a single resolution has been passed against Israel, because US Vetoed all of them!The solo world power has been made a "robot"of Israel!No one can predict as to how this will end.
Tail piece: Ariel Sharon was Defense Minister of Israel then he massacred thousands of Palestinian refugees in Chatilla and Sabra in w. Beirut(Lebanon)0n 19th Septemebr,1982.No one punished him.He served as PM from march 2001 to April,2006,though he was unable to carry out his duties after suffering a stroke on 4th January,2006,when he ell into a coma and entered a persistent vegetative state!

election wala anon said...

btw hamas were firing rockets at israeli civilans even during ceasefire...so as soon as the creasefire date expired Israel retaliated....tit for tat isn't it?
how i wish india cud do the same to its "friendly's" neighbour' camps...

Anser Azim said...

Its the same old srory of "the wolf and the lamb ". We just saw how the wolf gobbled up the lamb (iraq) on the pretext of having WMD and abusing the wolf (America). The wolf (isarel) will now gobble the lamb (palestinians) on the pretext of having qassams and posssessing Ak47 (lambs teeth).
It is the price you pay for being a lamb, goat, cow, chicken, turkey etc, the so called "halals". Who dares to eat a Lion/Tiger or say even a wolf. It is "Haram".

Danesh said...

There are a few comments here stating that rockets were fired on Israel. Can they provide some statistics (with sources) on how many Israelis died due to it?

Faroha said...

@ Amitabh

Talk of people being blind! which thousands of Israelis are you talking about. Don't you know that in all the years the rockets have been launched, only 8 Israelis have been killed and 500 Palestinians killed now.About 30 Israelis have been injured and now 2500 Palestinians lie wounded. Is there any balance? This is a double standard. The blood of Muslims come cheap.

@ indiscribe

Yes, Obama is taking advantage of the fact that he can hide behind " There is only one president". very convenient. Israel is still cashing on its prosecuted Jew image. It is doing exactly what Hitler did to Jews. It is killing Muslims indiscriminately. another massacre

Amitabh said...

Dear Indscribe: As I can understand you are upset by my remarks on the current conflict between Israel and Palestinian. I am here clarifying few things for you.

I never said killing kids are acceptable but yes if Hamas is using them (kids and innocent civilians) as a shield to protect them then Israel has every right to get those terrorists who are killing their innocent civilians.

You are also upset by the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ I was using. Frankly speaking I have full faith in Islam and Allah but not in you. I was frustrated by the way you are defending Hamas as it is some benevolent organization. In your article 95% of your comments are against Israel and rest against Arab nations who have done nothing to protect Hamas. But have you condemned Hamas in the same way as you are doing for Israel. The answer is ‘NO’ a big ‘NO’. And the best part is no one is willing to accept yes there is some problem in your community. You are talking about ULFA (Maoist also) but ULFA is not based on any religion but all the Islamic terrorist are using Islam as a tool to motivate Muslims to get into the terrorist act. I can give you one simple example. Make two columns and write down the names of all terrorist belong other community rather than Muslims and another column write down the name of all the Muslim terrorists. You will get the answers. Don't take things personaly try to get to the root.

By the way I am on the suffering side. I suffer when I see innocents die and all you can do is to project those terrorist as a retaliator and DO NOTHING.

Hope you all can understand this.

Anonymous said...

Amitabh, The problem with u is, u feel u r on suffering side only when ur co-religionists are killed.
You reserve ur concern n compassion only for ur co-religionists, not for all humans.

Anonymous said...

election wala anon,
yes tit for tat. Just as Jalianvala bagh, Tiananmen sqr, Gasing of Kurds, killing of Armenians in turkey etc were.

Anonymous said...

All these right-wingies can't tolerate moslems anywhere in this world. anybody killing moslems would be a hero for them - modi and israel will top the list. any voice against them would make their blood boil.

Lucknowite said...

Shame on the people who support stoppage of basic needs to Palestinians. We can discuss who is retaliating or who is at the recieving end later. Brush up your knowledge of history, see how Balfour declaration paved the way for Jews to oust Palestinians. So ideally Palestinians should have the right to retaliate though not by killing innocents.
Does war on terror mean stopping medicines, power, milk etc to civilians?

diva said...

why are u people taking this as a Muslim problem...The problem is terrorism...
At least Israel has the courage to attack Hamas,A terrorist organization...
Wat do u people want them to do? wait for them till they get strengthened. For an organization which wants the annihilation of Israel, What should Israel do??
Should Israel wait till this organization?
Live and Let live...If this is followed, Then there will be no problem...
A army of a nation attacks a terrorist organization..whats wrong in that?
We should condemn Hamas which is using civilians as shields...

Election wala anon said...

@anonymous...can u elaborate what you means? jaliawala bagh was tit fo tat??? is it? may be u meant what oodham singh did to general dyre...as per the rest of the events...my history is nt as rich as u r pretending urs is..
anyways...as said earlier...i wud rather be concerned the ongoing encounter in kashmir between army and terrorists which looks like taking too long thn being concerned about israel-hamas..

Election wala anon said...

@danesh...may be google news can help...
btw...after all attempts of OPEC...crude kept falling...bt as soon as israel's hamas strike started...its again rising....may real picture is somewhere else?? who knows?

Anonymous said...

I am a Hindu and by no means a right wingy!!!
Any how i have a curiosity bubbling inside me. Lets just say Hamas is the Legitimate Political force in Palestine. Then isn't this now a war between two countries of sorts (Although one being far superior to the other in Economic and Military might) and by that Logic It is not at all a war against Terrorism because now Hamas is the Legitimate army of Gaza strip!!!
So israel should in all sanity not at all be allowed to Play the Terrorist card because that By Logic we can declare the ISI a terrorist organization andenter pakistan and start killing innocents in the name of Taking out Terrorists only this time around our good for nothing neighbors do happen to have a Nuclear weapon (although I very much doubt if China would have taught them how to trigger it LOLZ)

Wonder if Iran would be having a Nuclear weapon then would Israel have had the courage to do what it just did. But at the same time i feel Hamas has to go. You need men of character and will and not armies laden with guns and rocket Launchers to achieve peace. There isn't a single nation (Israel included) in this world which would be ready to go down the drain alone. If it feels threatened legitimately or not rest assure it will Take someone down with it.

Anonymous said...

Election Anon,
It means brutal, murderous suppression of any voice of dissent, not caring about killing humans in the process. It means killing people cause they dared to ask that one thing - "freedom".

And thanks for devoting ur time to research / speculate / comment on my history knowledge :).
btw Udham Singh killed O'Dwyer, not General Dyer :) :).

Election wala anon said...

@anonymous..wow, u r really quite gyaani..taaliyan!!!

Danesh said...

@election wala anon: Thanks for the tip. According to this link from Google News, 10 Israelis soldiers killed so far, over 540 Palestinians killed and 2600+ Palestinians injured (including civilians). So, "to fight terror", for every soldier killed, kill or maim 300 (soldiers/civilians/whoever).

Election wala anon said...

i dont get this...why r u guys so much worried about killings there whn there r bigger problems inside our own boundaries....
and everyone is not as humanitarian as India....where ppl can roam inside our countries, shoot....and we have been giving proof for last one month.....
yes, killing of innocent civilians must not be done...I am not justifying it at all...well there is no point explaining as you wont get it....so please stop counting the dead bodies and comparing the number on each sides...and chill

Election wala anon said...

btw End of 2008 Ceasefire in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamas leaves me a lil confused about who is guilty party for breaking the cease fire?

indscribe said...

Shadkam: Shaheed Bhagat Singh's statement is a universal reality.

Amitabh bhai: I don't defend Hamas, not once I mentioned them in the post. I am upset over unjustifiable killings of women and children who are not linked to Hamas or any other such organisation.

Israel has no dearth of intelligence but they are trying to avenge the loss they suffered at the hands of Hezbollah a few years back. And they are doing it so barbarically...

diva: Who is taking it as a Muslim problem. It is a humanitarian problem. Terrorism? This is terrorism and Israel is behaving like a terrorist state. You look like a lady as your name suggests and you should support Israel that has designed gases that cause miscarriages and kills children in wombs, doesn't disturb you, is even more surprising.

Clearly you are so taken in by propaganda that you believe that Israel is justified in everything.

diva said...

I know that u are genuinely concerned about humanitarian problems.I have read ur posts and I can understand that...
But I believe the best possible defence is offence...
When an organisation doesnt believe in the RIGHT TO LIVE of a country,What should that country do?
Wait till they develop Atom bomb? Or destroy the Organisational structure....
If u are surrounded by countries who doesnt believe in ur right to existence and try to destroy you,What will u do?
If pakistan says that annihilation of India is its Priority,Should India conduct peace talks with them?
The solution for hamas to recognise Israel and let the palestenian people to live peacefully...

little_saturn said...


I want you to public this letters to the editor in your magazine. Every magazine loves to project Israel as the aggressor and gainer and the Palestinians as the victim. In this background, i want to put across a contrarian view for discussion.

Islam has a billion followers across the world. Along with the world they stand to see the butchering of young children by Israel. Probably the rich GCC country wants the unrest to continue so that their oil price go up. It has moved from 37 usd to 48 usd. As usual oil price is a conspiracy.

Question One : why did Israel start this offence when oil reached 37 usd per barrel on 27th Dec '08?

"We strongly advise you not to travel to the Gaza Strip. Israel commenced military operations in the Gaza Strip on 27 December 2008 and the security situation there remains dangerous and unpredictable. "


Historical price of oil is as under :

1999 - 16 usd per barrel
2008 - 147 usd per barrel

http://topics.nytimes.com/topics/reference/timestopics/subjects/o/oil_petroleum_and_gasoline/index.html - Source

Current prices are given below :

12/12/2008 - 46.27
19/12/2008 - 33.17 usd
26/12/2008 - 37.58
02/01/2009 - 46.17
06/01/2009 - 48.56

http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/dnav/pet/hist/rwtcD.htm - Souce

Oil export of the GCC country per day is 30.2 million barrel per day.

http://www.opec.org/home/Monthly%20Oil%20Market%20Reports/2008/pdf/MR122008.pdf - Source

Price moved from 37.58 usd to 46.17 in ten days [ thanks to violence in gaza and political instability in the region ] has made gcc country richer by 30.2 * 8.59 = 259 million USD per day.

General understanding is that the royalty paid by the GCC to the developed nation's oil companies are as high as 40%, so 100 million USD gain for Oil Company and the remaining for rich gcc states.

So who is the beneficiary of this Israel attack? Dispassionately it is the rich oil countries, oil company and off course Israel.

Who pays the price ? Palestinian women and children. Developing countries to pay more dollar to buy oil.

So there is nothing likes religion, it is rich and poor. Rich would like to keep the poor fighting on the basis of religions & color so that they can be comfortable.

Why is that hamas are not accepting the ceasefire whatever is offered by Israel through UN, if there concern is for the Palestinian ? It was an open secret that HAMAS were encourage by USA / Israel to bring down the PLO led government.

It is the infighting among the muslim groups is what is being exploited by USA / Israel for a long time and it shall continue.

little_saturn said...


All here blames USA & West & Israel. Why is that not targetted toward onself and one own community

What has the muslim populiation do elevate themself to the scientific developments.

Poor islamic states are ruled by dictator or always in a war between each other it could be tribal or shia vs. Sunni

The rich nations are purely dependent on usa/west for the technology to extract the oil and they want to enjoy their life.

For example a muslim in non - gcc country is nowhere near the GCC muslims. If the curse of hinduism is caste, for islam it is the tribe and tribe is more important than their religion given a choice. That is the reason that iran and iraq fought for 11 years to ulitmate destruction.

Probably muslim all over the world has to learn a few lessons from american black community. They suffered for hundred of years in the society but they moved themself slowly up in the society and today is black ruling the white house. Same manner take the case of mandela and south africa.

However the violence of islamic world get more hatred than support. Today indian muslim wants india to support palestinian. On fair ground it is correct but for the india's benefit, it is better to align with USA/ Israel to handle the terrorism sponsored the neighbours.

Today every body look upon muslim with a sense of fear as their religious tendency takes them to seven century rather than 21st century.

Even hinduism had its own set of problems like sati, untouchability etcc.. There were reforms which moved the socity further.

Lucknowite said...

My comment is coming a bit late when another story is published about holocaust. However its very apt to the topic Who should be Blamed: Arabs or Israel?
Well the situation is crystal clear now and there are more than enough evidences to show how Arab states have sold their conscience to oppressive forces. The latest shameful act is opposition and critisism of pro Palestine protests and calling them un-Islamic by none other than the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arab Shaikh Abdul Aziz Alu Al Shaikh in Friday Sermon. http://www.gulfnews.com/news/gulf/saudi_arabia/10274298.html
At a time when even non-muslims are protesting against Israel around the world, this statement from a country like Saudi Arab is much to the chagrin of Muslims & non-muslims both. Perhaps its a time when we discard the supremacy of these so called Mullahs & Muftis under the garb of Islam but clandestinely working for enemies of Humanity not only Islam.

Anonymous said...


How un-islamic you are to talk like that ? to talk against the protector of two holy mosque and the gate way to heavan.

Be carefull, you might get a fatwa for the same.

You are a guy who is applying rationality and islamic groups does not want this type of species and hence they will do all to eleminate you.

arun kumar said...

I do not know why my Indian Muslim brothers out here cannot see anything beyond their "fellow muslims".
I think the muslims in Egypt and Turkey are more responsible.
If Palestinians want respect and progress, they should work hard, produce less children and give them good education and upbringing and stop supporting militant organisations as their rulers....They should try to emulate Japaneesse and Koreans rather than good for nothing nomadic Afghan tribals...then the world will be at their feet.

Danesh said...

@Lucknowite: I had a look at the article you had mentioned but did not find the place where the Mufti has mentioned the protests as "UnIslamic". Also he has asked people to do a better thing - donate generously. It would be better for Arabs to donate generously to Palestinians rather than stage protests.

Lucknowite said...

Anything that prevents people from remembering Allah is certainly un-Islamic and these protests are deemed to serve to this cause.This is very clearly mentioned in the last para of the story. Anyway the point is that the protest is a natural reaction. If I am assaulted and injured by someone, indeed I will resort to medical aid but at the same time I will have all the right to ask the reason for the assault. Isn't it? Protest or no protest neither prevents you to take other humanitarian steps but no protest certainly propels oppression and gives the oppressor unopposed tyrannical powers.

Danesh said...

@Lucknowite: Yes, I agree with your reasoning. Donations can go hand in hand with protests.

Unique Perception said...

Wish you guys feel the same pain when innocent children & hapless commoners get blasted by Islamic bombs...

indscribe said...

Unique Perception:

Your perception appears really unique. So by this logic, does your heart gets delighted when non-Muslim bombs hit Muslims and kill them?

I feel pained at every innocent's death. It is the job of every sane humane person. But should I stop writing on the issue of Palestine because I happen to be a Muslim?

Kindly read past 500 posts on this blog before commenting to see what one feels rather than generalising everybody and planting your own thoughts on me.

Danesh said...

@Unique Perception: What is your definition of an "Islamic Bomb"? Have you seen one? If some Muslims hurl explosives in the name of Islam (as media would have us believe), that is not an Islamic bomb. There are no bombs in Islam, not even those that are hurled by Muslims, NO.
As a regular reader of this blog, I can understand Indscribe's emotion in the comment above. He has never shied from condemning any act of terror committed by any community and has always sympathized with the victims. If you care to read, here are some of his posts on Mumbai blasts:
here and

Lucknowite said...

Indscribe & Danesh, this is the strenght of propaganda. No amount of condemnation, fatwas, demonstrations, or any positive gesture would convince those who don't see what they don't want to see. And then generate uniquely perceived ideas!They deliberately say something provocative and try to grab attention. Ignore them simply and continue positive work. You can't satisfy all...

urdudaaN said...

If you were a Hindu, I would tell you about who abolished sati. But you are a provocateur who is asking a Muslim to comment bad about a Hindu or vice versa. So, you must not be a Hindu or Muslim. You must be a western agent who has brain but no heart. Who is a glorified mercenary of the rulers who have eliminated races are still hold other races accountable forgetting their own crimes & genocides of Red Indians and the Jews.