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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hindu Saints, Ulema come together in Lucknow

The demonstration-cum-rally organised in Lucknow under the aegis of Ulema Council was a refreshing change.

The reason was that Hindu Saints (Sadhus and Sants) were present in substantial number at the stage and also among the participants.

Though the issues were varied. The protesters were angry over defaming Azamgarh district and their placards carried messages blaming politicians who divide the society on communal lines. But there was a notable difference this time as there were many Saffron robes in the gathering.

"We will stand united with the Muslims who have been deprived of their rights," said Swamy Haridayal Mishra of Hindu group of Ayodhya, a town of temples on the bank of the Saryu river, reported The Hindu. He had come along with his band of sants.

Ironically this wasn't adequately reported and these photographs were not published. What was printed was the stone pelting incident in a village when a bus carrying the participants on its way back was targeted the next day.

Since mid-80s when the Ayodhya movement and Rath Yatra led to polarisation, much water has flown down the Ganges (and the Saryu). Many saints and Hindus in Ayodhya also see the political agenda behind dividing Hindus and Muslims.

The Sadhu-Sants and Ulama-Maulvis of Oudh and United Provinces had fought together against British rule in 1857 and had scripted saga of sacrifices together. They must take a lead again to recreate the harmony.

It is quite clear that the religious figures are no less fed up of the atmosphere of suspicion and hatred that was created between communities that have lived together and side by side in the Indo-gangetic plane for over a millennium.

Most of them understand true essence of religion and spirituality. And if they guide the society by showing the masses the message of amity and true religion sans fundamentalism, it can definitely bring a change.

Gestures like speaking and standing for each other can also go a long way towards changing mindsets.


Shara said...


Anser Azim said...

mazhab nahin sikhta apas mein bair rakhna
hindi hain hum watan hain hindostan hamara!!

ya yoon kahaiye " laut kai buddhu
gher ko aaye"!!!!!!!
These two communities should by now know that there is no way they can be separated and they will have to find ways to live and coexist together and discover common grounds.

anser azim

saima said...

i wish the media could be less biased and highlight such things...

syahi said...

aye sheikh o brahman sunte ho kya ahl e baseerat kahte hain

gardon ne kitni bulandi se in qaumon ko de patka hai

ya ba-hum pyar ke jalse thay,dastoor e mohabbat qayem tha

ya bahas mein urdu hindi hai ya qurbani ya jhatka hai

adal said...

It is really heartening to know the spiritual leaders of Hindus and Muslims of UP have come together to show that "divisive politics in India has failed!"Congrats!
Our Hindu brethren believe that the peoples of the world are all members of the "VasudevaKutumb".
The Quran also avers that:"God created the mankind from a single pair of male and female and then divided them into nations and tribes!"(49:13).Poet Iqbal has aptly said that religion does not
teach us to harbour illwill against one another.We are essentially Indians and India is our beloved country!.Let us live upto it.

Anonymous said...

It is a real big news that Sant and sadhus of Hindus and ulemas of Islam have come forward to prove that "divisisve politics" will not e a success on the sacred soil of Kabir and Nanak!We are all members of "Vasudeva Kutumb"how could any one segregate us?

Ayan Chakraborty said...

the hindu saints championing the cause of muslims in India was indeed good to hear. i would love to be optimistic about this changing the outlook of the indian politico. for that, i have to be the best optimist ever born.

hindu religious-leaders (i doubt if there is any at the moment) concerned about the stakes of muslim brothers is the least they're expected to do. never mind if we have evolved our expectations that way. intentions are great!

unfortunately, you only get to hear about these good intentions when the elections are inching close. religion inspires politicians, who in turn nurture communalism. most of the religious bodies have political affiliations. that's when it becomes interesting. i feel ashamed when the same religious bodies lend their voices in support of ram mandir being built in the same place where all the action happened on dec 1992, or choose to keep silent. twirl go the causes and twirl go the oh-so-good-to-hear speeches. and that's when we feel betrayed.

i am a pessimist, you see.

indscribe said...

@ Shara, Anser Azim Sb, Saima: Thanks

@ Syahi: Kya khoob asha'aar hain. Wah!

@ Adal, Anon, Ayan: Shukria. For your valuable comments.

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar talk about this subject and you show something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Kris