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Monday, March 16, 2009

Varun Gandhi's provocation: Anti-Muslim speech in Pilibhit, threatens to cut and behead!

Varun, the son of late Sanjay Gandhi and Maneka, apparently forgot all sense of decency when he openly abused Muslims and threatened to behead them.

At a rally in Pilibhit, Varun declared his war from the stage and roared against Muslims. Using an abusive term for the community, he openly said that he would cut such heads after the elections.

Link to the Video on Youtube. The comments tell us about the spread of fascism and how fanatic some of us have become in our country.

Raising his hands, he repeatedly said that this not the Congress' symbol of hand but is the BJP's arm that will behead these &K&t*%* (extremely derogatory word which is a highly offensive slang to describe the community). It was both sad and shocking, coming from a 28-year-old politician.

[Yeh itne ghinaune shabd hain ki ham aapko sunaa bhi nahiN sakte: The anchor had to say that some words and remarks were so disgusting that they couldn't be aired. Though the channel inserted a sound at that partiular word, still it could be understood]

Amid chants of Jai Shri Ram, the young face of BJP and the scion of Nehru-Gandhi delivered not just a speech of extreme vitriol but threatened to kill and cut heads and hands. He didn't even spare the Congress either.

This part of the speech during the campaigning was not adequately mentioned in a few reports published in papers regarding the DM's notice to Varun for his diatribe. Pilibhit is away from major Cities and mostly the reports mentioned that it was provocative speech but not what exactly the provocation was, though there was some mention about his warning to cut hands and heads of those who were anti-Hindu (including Congress in his speech).

Varun is the BJP candidate from Pilibhit. His mother Maneka has repeatedly won from the same constituency and Muslims who constitute a large number of electorate have voted for her even when she was independent. But this is not the issue. The issue is how irresponsible a politican or any public personality can be and is it tolerable?

Watching the speech [and the comments] anybody would be horrified as to what must have got into his head. And this is the young man, who was praised as a poet and a man of vision! A relatively new channel India News got the video of Varun's speech and it telecast the entire speech live.

In his speech Varun lays himself bare, comes out of his sophisticated cocoon and tries to fan religious passions by such hatespeak which is unbelievable to hear in any civilised society. He repeatedly claimed that he would perform the act after the elections. EC has sought explanation. Let's see what happens.

They are dangerous, have scary names

Varun has delivered a number of speeches in various meetings. In one meeting he says that the Muslims have names that appear scary. They also look dangerous. If one comes across them at night, he may get frightened.

Then Varun takes the pledge of Gita and says that he would cut all such hands and taken on them solely. It's time the BJP should accept his fault and condemn it. Sadly, the spokesperson Venkaiah Naidu evaded all questions in this regard.

Even BJP leaders in Pilibhit shocked

Though this is just one offensive remark by Varun that has been caught on camera, local BJP leaders are no less shocked. Eminent journalist Sharat Pradhan, who has been covering UP for decades, writes that popular leaders like Naresh Verma have decided to stay away from campaign as they feel it has become too communal and divisive.

A Sikh leader was even asked to leave the gathering. Several Hindu sammelans have been organised where Varun has almost 'gone out of hand', say BJP leaders. Read the complete IANS report about Varun's campaign and other remarks here.

For those commenting on this blog:

Many comments have been moderated because of the abusive language. However, to others I must repeat that they should have heard the whole speech.

In some channels and papers only the particular sentence 'Anybody who would harm Hindus...' has been reproduced. Had this been the case, I won't have written this post. Please see the whole video. He uses the most abusive terms for Muslims.

Asks for them to be sent to Pakistan and lot of other things. When he uses that particular abusive word for Muslims, a 'beep' is introduced by channels. Those who still support him, must remember that this is how fascism spreads and it is our duty to fight such racist and fascist elements.

They must be reminded that there are laws to deal with lumpen elements. In this country we don't treat hatespeak as seriously as we should do. However, when we go to foreign countries, we expect great sensitivity.

Don't forget that in Britian, BBC sacked a popular female anchor for the off-air comment to an agency for sending a taxi with preferably a non-South Asian driver. This is the standard of sensitivity there.

And here we are tolerating abuses and what not! Had it not been the model code of conduct, he may have gotten away with all this even more easily. He is not apologetic and claims to be a victim of a political conspiracy, says that the tape is doctored. He even mocked at Mahatma Gandhi.

Link to the VIDEO. Brief excerpts on CNN-IBN about beheading.

And if someone has any doubts about how much is objectionable. Read the Indian Express report that published some of the Varun Gandhi's gems. Read the story.

[Latest update: Now Varun claims that he didn't say Katua (circumcised) rather had said Vote-Katwa. He perhaps thinks everybody is so gullible that they would be taken in by his 'innocent' shifts of stand every day. The Vote-katwa is generally a term used more in Bihar for smaller parties that just field candidates to cut votes of other parties and not aim at winning.]


Pinku said...

Varun has I believe always been a disturbed child....guess this just goes to prove that he has not grown up into anything better.

I hope the EC shows some decency and bars him from the polls

An Indian born Hindu said...

Very shocking! This man must be tried under the acts for rioting and spreading religious/communal hatred. The BJP has an unsustainable ideology in the long run. They are regressive rather than progressive.

Kishmish said...

I saw the programme recording on TV. It is serious but I never expected Varun who looked like a gentleman to make such a remarks.

Z@ki-R said...

I heard, he is a poet!! OMG, this child has so much poison in him. As Pinku said - this guy has not grown up yet. Let's see whjat EC does or what his response to the EC.
Such dramatics can earn you few votes - but you would be leader to few lunatics only - remember Uma Bharti?

Anser Azim said...

Good that he spoke his heart out for power and a posible win in the upcoming elections. I believe he is a graduate from London School of Economics and such an utterance is shocking. But now he has a plateform from where he can propagate his ideology. He will be elected in future even if not from Pilibhit but definitely one day from Gujrat, from the constituencies of Mr Vadiaynath, Ashok Singhal, Togdia's, Etc.

abhinav said...

The thing that should have been done earlier is being done now.Muslim deserve all the kind of hate they face.These suckers continue to attack the nation and dare us every now and then.

Faraz said...

when there are ppl like varun,modi togadia n abhinav(the person who has posted the last comment),we cannot imagine india becoming a peaceful nation.....these ppl will always give rise to hatred n communal feelings.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong in his comments. He never even mentioned the word "Muslims".

Why is it wrong to say that "I will break that hand that rises against the Hindus"?
When Karunanidhi can insult Lord Ram himself, then why cant someone defend Shri Ram?

After all he was talking in a Hindu sammelan. This is just being blown up by the media.

Anonymous said...

man....u guys really add up things...he said he will cut the hands of anyone who raise fingers against hindus...u imagined hand to be head..my good ness...i cannot imagine how u bloggers n media change facts...

aalochana said...

Ironically, it reminded me of this video of Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, where he questions the questions about religion:

Election wala anon said...

one simple solution...EC should bar him from contesting ANY form of elections...and must do the same for anyone/everyone going on these lines

Rupa Abdi said...


I often wonder if the Taliban and Sangh Parivar are twins separated at birth !!

Anonymous said...

I am a Hindu. I am shocked at the cynicism of Varun Gandhi's election campaign - he clearly wants to capture the Hindu hard line. This has got nothing to do with philosophy.
I know that this isn't a widely held stance in India. I was a strong BJP supporter as the MP in my constituency is progressive. This will however change - it's dangerous to vote a party into power that has loose cannons - however good other people are.
Jai Hind.

Raj said...

He should not get selected. He should confess unconditionally before continuing his poll campaign.

If he doesn't, he should be punished.

Sandeep Monga said...

I really never expected this from Varun,but his father was famous for the Turkman Gate incident during emergency.It is indeed sad &also I feel angry that a young man like Varun who can do so much for the country talks nonsense like this.The tape does not look like it has been doctored,but I hope it is for the sake of my country because as I said thet youngsters like Varun should try to unite our country instead of dividing.Elction commission should take strong action & if BJP cancels his candidature I will be very happy.This type of hatemongering should not be allowed at any cost.

syahi said...

someone should remind him about akbar ahmed dumpi and his support during worst phase of his mother's life.

This may be due to his poor upbringing.he needs some psychiatrist consultancy.Some hardcore elements may be using him as a tool.
my sympathies are with varun.

Arjun said...


You have every right to have feelings, but it is also demanded that they are kept personal.

I am a true hindu as well. And I believe irrespective of religions, there are "suckers" everywhere, as you define them; sad to say but you are no less.

What good have hindus done in Nashik, and in Orissa. Shame on them. As for Muslims, they have openly voiced their protests against bad elements even from their own communities, as in case of their stand on non-burial of mumbai terrorists.

If there are attempts being made to bridge the gap between ideologies of different communities, you and your Varun Gandhi have no right to peep in and destroy the effect of such attempts, even the smallest.

Angrezon ko gaye 60 saal ho gaye, par unki daali hui ghaas aaj kuch gaayen (cows) kha rahin hain.

Sincere request to you and people like you to grow up!

Anonymous said...

Varun has said what most of us think but are afraid to say.He is truly courageous.

Anhad said...

Criminal act. You can't use racist words like 'Katu$&' and then expect that you will get away.

Anonymous said...

I don’t belong to any religion and am sad and shocked at some of the comments posted by Hindus or should I say the Hindu Taliban. They are ignorant of history and their own religion. They have the brain of the uneducated who understand the world through single sentences because anything deep and comlex would be too much for their bird brains.

Anonymous said...

Some people’s dumbness is astounding. What matters is that this is a hate speech. If American Christians say they have the right to cut the hands of those in India who have raised it against Christians would also be a bigoted and dangerous thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Well said Arjun...proud of a guy like you. I am an atheist and believe only acts which are good for the living and the future generations.

Anonymous said...

If anybody suggests Varun didn't say he will cut the necks of'....' check for yourself: http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/87851/varun-gandhis-speech-marks-a-new-low-in-indian-politics.html

Lucknowite said...

See how cleverly he got what he wanted. Today media is discussing some obscure Varun Gandhi. Whether he can really harm a particular group even if he comes to power, is immaterial. He's undestood the mantra of getting into political limelight very well and used it in Pilibhit. Varun would be surely charged by the success rate of this mantra as earlier used by Thakreys, Togadiyas of the world. More the media discusses about it more will he be happy. People like him believe in "Badnaam bhi honge to kya naam nahi hoga". Anyway it does not affect voting habits of people.

Anonymous said...

This is what Advani is dreaming for young India, it is clearly showing that the young Hindu mind is brainwashed by the fanatics to achieve their target. This is clearly an act of fascism. Varun is psychologically sick person. He has suffered so many obstacles in his life since his childhood and suffered from troubled childhood disorder which make him a bully. No father, No family, his mother is more involve in raising him than street animals. One can easily understand Varun is a soft target for extremist Hindu bandwagon to use him as bait. One can survey in India, this is not the actual feeling of a Hindu youth. This is a feeling of a hate monger, a blood thirsty animal. Meneka take care for this bloody beast!

Anonymous said...

Varun,I salute you for showing the guts to call it "Spade a Spade" which no political leader barring Mr.Narendra Modi has done in this country.Hindustan needs you.Jai Hind!


abhinav said...

For your info this fire was not ignited by angrez there were lot of Hindu Muslim riots before that.Read history for that.Only change is now Hindus are dominating in there areas.Ok even if I accept them as b rother will they accept me?.Take it from me they will never.Just allow them to be the majority then they will tell you.They will do the same thing what they did to Kashmiri Hindus.

abhinav said...

No need to wonder you are right!!!!

God bless you.

Anser Azim said...

We have advised all our candidates to practise caution and restrain in their speeches," party spokesperson Siddarth Nath Singh said. (TOI). I believe Mr Varun is honest about his set of mind and reflects the environment he grew up in. But the above statement from Mr Siddarth nath tries to hide the real truth and philosophy of fascism that embodies RSS,Bjarangdal, ShivSena, VHP and most importantly the ideologies of Late Sarvarkar, Deoras etc. It is sad but an eye opener for minorities and like minded common Hindu brotheren.

Raj Dutta said...

Varun, I have a suggestion for you, son: stay away from your dad's cocaine stash. and start having more Complan. It'll help you grow up (and yes, it's vegetarian, lest your Mama asks). Just a word of advice from a well-wishing, beef-loving Hindu.
Also no malice to you though, for nothing more can be expected from the son of a phoney like Maneka and a loonie like Sanjay.

Anser Azim said...

It is inetresting to note that Mr Varun has taken his Gita oath in Arabic/Urdu. "Qasm" is an Arabic/Urdu word.

Show Biz said...

welcome comment's from my brother's like ansar azim, Raj, Arjun, Sandep monga, other and feel sad about such personality who feel they r right what they say and belive. It's very worst to here from such friends feelings of anti-muslim. Well whatever its very shocking. This is not tolerable at any cost. People should change their hatred mind. Because of this already we suffered lot. Better to stop. It doesn't make any sense to speak for good result. He should get punishment and EC don't allow him to contest the election.

Muzaffer said...

This is truely an act to increase the hatred between the two religions. This is all bloody Politics.
A normal person is so busy with his family and work that he doesn't even have time to think that way.
It's only the politicians(for the sake of votes/position/fame) and bloody uneducated peoples(for the sake of money/support) who encourages such violence. There are still many Hindu/Muslim societies who live happily.

(Try to research on ISLAM, you will find it to be the TRUE religion)

Anonymous said...

Hm mm.. He said that he l cut the hands only if they rise against Hindus.. Now u Muslims have any idea of rising up? cause you would have done the first offense instead of him by attacking hindus! But i guess it wont happen.. he was referring to those Terrorists who think they are saving islam or something.. Dont overblow the situation my brothers..

Anonymous said...

Are you not reading and seeing TV. He said he will cut heads of Muslims. Video dekhiyo bhai


Manav said...

As an Indian, and a Hindu, I cannot believe that people actually defend this sort of nonsense. As a political leader, Varun Gandhi has no business to talk like this in public, as a person, he's a moron.

On behalf of Hindus- atleast the vast majority of them- let me apologise on his behalf. People like him make me feel ashamed of being (even nominally) a Hindu.

Kagaz ki kashti said...

I watched various News channels were Varun's venom speech was shown, except HT which said, the language is so abusive that the speech cannot be aired. However the other channels did not behaved in the same responsible way.
BJP is back with its old agenda. They have a lack luster election campaign, so it may be their trick too...after all they know Modi also had done the same thing in past & nothing happened to him... he had been declared clean.
I was also shocked to see Muslim BJP leaders earlier asking for Varun's apology, but then they too kept quite in a day...
I remember a RJ had said "Gorkha" to the Indian idol winner & there was so much outrage & anger, & the person had to apologize publicly ... why can’t Muslims come out against it, slam & condemn this or start a movement to take strict action against such people giving derogatory remarks to Muslims...

Anonymous said...

varun gandhi sucks!period.as do his supporters.and I am a Hindu.A true one unlike Abhinav!we have had enough bloodshed for the carelessness of these stupid politicians.kick them out!

saj said...

i saw and read what he said ,any person will understand what he meant.
Actually we should not mind him because he is trying like all hopeless politicians in this country to get some attention and by attacking the Muslims he will get that. making this a national issue we are giving him political mileage.He should be sidelined by not giving any importance and let the law has the final say

saima said...

extremely sad and shameful..i really hope the EC takes a very strict action... FOR ONCE!

Anonymous said...

varun is a moron and is destined to be a failed politician like both his parents.

Arjun said...

Sincere request to the moderator:

Please stop posting further comments on this subject.

Such public forums are for the sensible and sensitive. Though most of us here share common view, irrespective of our religious backgrounds, there are certain elements who do not understand the true meaning of religion. And this is not helping us. Just a last note to them - Be human. We mustn't do the same mistakes our predecessors have done.

May God bless us all!

rahul said...

Hi Guys, Please do not listen to people like abhinav and Varun ghandi, they are the ones who make our India worse day by day, And I agree with saima , Taliban and sang Pariwar(BJP) are two identical twins apart from each other, We all need to stand against terrorism and people like Varun Ghandhi, People dont foget about sadhwi and all they were hindu's and were often seen with BJP leaders and BJP backed them all along depite of knowing that they are accuse in the killings of so many peopls i.e Muslims.... AND MY FELLOW INDIANS FOR THE LOVE OF INDIA PLEASE VOTE FOR ANYBODY YOU WANT BUT DO NOT VOTE FOR "BJP" DONT LET THEM GET IN POWER AND RUN OUR COUNTRY. sAVE MY INDIA FROM GOONS LIKE VARUN GANDHI,RAM SENA, MAHARASHTRA NAWNIRMAN SENA , SHIV SENA AND BJP.

Mohammad Tanvir Sheriff said...

Muslims and Hindus are the two wheels of chariot,But Varun made the whole world disgusting his rediculus word,he forget that Many Muslims sacrifice their LIVES FOR THE CAUSE FREEDOM,But this bloodly gootlian ke ball is adding fuel on the fire..

Baali said...

Whatever Varun said(if he did say)about other community is absolutely despicable. Our country already reeling under a lot of pressure due to Economic Crisis in USA, last thing we need is communal driven parliamentary election. I sincerely hope that necessary action will be taken against Varun by the EC as well as his own party BJP.

Peace to everyone

Anonymous said...

dekho dude, the speech was wrong of course. But if you look around there are many things wrong. But nobody seems to talk about them, like:

1. speeches of bukhari in jama masjid.
2. calling muslims katua is of course offensive, but calling hindus Kaffir does not seem to get as much condemnation.
3. words like cutting and beheading seems heanous and cruel now, but nobody says a word when on id-ul-mildunnabi, you guy's rally with naked swords in your hands.

and there are so many things to be mentioned. but u live in india, so use ur rights with as shamelessly as possible. I mean what can a bunch of self righteous, self proclaimed elite, coward hindus can do after all.

Anonymous said...

The resonate popular applause of the audience to every emotional declamation of Varun Gandhi,made hi spin into outer space and transform ed his peroration into a reprehensible communal provocation!
Taking cue from his role- model,and under the urge to "overact",his theatrical calisthenics and periodical full-throated slogans have made elctioneering worse than
roadside "jamoora shows"!
BJP's stars-placement appear quite unenviable and this despicable jingoism would dent its share of "secular votes"!Hence, BJP leaders have to urgently resort to damage control exercises.

Anonymous said...

Now if this guy speaks this way , i dnt think its gonna create a huge scene , if the same thing was done by a muslim guy , by now it would have become a huge issue ! If after such comments this guy wins the elections , no prizes for guessing which way the country is heading !!!

Anser Azim said...

46 postings in the span of two and half days on this subject!!. I believe this is what Mr Varun wanted and he has succeeded. It was a smart and calculated move. Like a seasoned politicians he has denied all these allegations and took the political oath of lying in front of the camera and in front of innocent voters. This was a smart move to go into limelight. I was wondering how a product of London School of Economics can do this blunder. BJP needed someone who can be palatable not only for the voters in the north but also for the new bases that BJP has established in the south and north-east. Old Sholey lines from Sanjeev Kumar "Loha-Lohe ko kaatta hai" has been found by the BJP to end the congress dynasty in the name of Nehru dynasty. They have found an antidote for congress from the same family. I believe there is a big vaccum with the leadership issue in BJP who can be projected as a rightful would be PM and has support from the party members. Bajapai Jee, Mr Advani and others are now about to retire soon and the throne of hatred was to be inherited by some one, and in my opinion Mr. Varun took the Sarvarkar/Mukherjee Oath of Hindutva and is the future of the party and one day he will be rightfully elected to the prime ministerial throne. We are gradually becoming a two party nation. And in my opinion BJP has found a Gora-good looking, English speaking and London educated hateful future king!! A Bollywood like political figure to be admired and worshiped as a leader of the country!!
all my opinion

best wishes
anser azim

Anonymous said...


Listen to Varun gandhi clarifying:
He said that he uttered :"vote katwon ka saath mat do"

That word was then inserted into another part of his speech.

Anonymous said...

Being an Indian, a Hindu I regret what this faggot said. I'm Sorry on behalf of the nasty bastard Hindus that make such remarks against our brothers.

India is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh everything! People that hate another kind can go F themselves because our country is a place for everyone not just HINDUS.

Jai Hind

Sujatha said...

bravo ! all of you ,encourage divisive politics and keep fighting amongst yourselves.but please forget about india becoming a super power - as the saying goes, united we stand ,divided we fall.

code warrior said...

Raising HISTORY in PRESENT will destroy our FUTURE...Choice is OURs.

We need every Indian for the progress of OUR country,no matter to which religion he belongs...

Varun its better to consult Psycologist,bring abhinav also.

Lokesh said...

I couldn't see/hear the exact words in the video link, but I read the excerpts and I'm shocked. How can a man use such language, that too a man from the Gandhi family..more than anything else, I feel sad ...I feel sad at what my country has become...people have such views and they air it publicly...May God save India...

e.muthezhilan said...

Varun speech is the R.S.S,B.J.P,Saffron Brigade's Voice.
He is follower of Modi,Thakrey. and He is forgotten his Grand father is Mr.Froze. His voice is followed There origin of Hindu Unity.org in U.S.A.issued Black List Of Indian National Secular Leaders and Indian Minority Eminent leaders by watching the Saffron Brigades. His speech shows, He is dealing anti minority,anti secularism and anti Demoratic republic secular India.
he thought Hindi Speaking States only Hindia,not india.

Anonymous said...

It is really good that he uttered these words from his inner NOW.

at least the people (& voters) know what kind of person he is & what kinds of constructive(or destructive) politics lies ahead.

So such people should be stopped rising at this stage only so that they understand heir AUKAAT


Anonymous said...

well anindianmuslim, u r such a douche, my previous post did not contain any hate, but it was exposing the truth and so u swallowed it and did not have guts to post it. that is what u all muslims are, when ur faults are exposed u turn a blind eye. u hypocrite.

in case u r wondering which post i am talking about. it was with the "id-ul-mildunnadi" in it.

Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari said...

This is very serious offense against any particular community in political history so far.

EC shall take a strong action against fascist varun to setup an example before every one and Varun should not only stopped from contesting election but he should be stopped from casting vote also.
There must not be any place place for politician like Varun.
I hope EC won't be mere spectator here.

Amitabh said...

I have never seen such a biased reporting by the media. What Varun has said is not wrong. Many Muslim leaders have said against Hindus but I think our so called secular ppl have practiced to ignore things when it comes for Hindus. Let me ask a question, how many of you have utter a word against the genocide of Kashimiri Hindus from the valley? Yes right… none. I will post a you tube video link or you can find yourself a report by CNN IBN when Muslims hosted a Pakistani flag on the Indian soil and threatened Hindus dare to remove the flag. But have you ever written a blog on this.. No right… This is what you deserve all this.


indscribe said...

Amitabh you are full of hate. Every Muslim condemns the displacement of Kashmiri Pundits.

But that's a political problem. What the Congress and BJP have done for them?

Varun Gandhi called for cutting Muslims' heads and called the community 'katua'. If you agree then you are not just uncivilised but have a criminal mind also.

I dare you to post the Pakistani flag story. There are many lunatics in India, who have absolutey dirty mind and find green flags hoisted on Miladun Nabi as Pakistani flags.

Secondly, believe me this hate and anti-Muslim sentiment of yours won't hurt me and us a bit.

I won't get provoked. I have dozens of close Hindu friends, so close that hate-filled guys like you can't even appreciate that.

But you are doing disservice to this nation and your hysteria borders on anti-nationalism.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed shocking.... More importantly why dont politicians realise that that are larger issues to be taken care of than religious extremism. Most of the issues are related to the 3 basics amenities that people want-roti, kapda and makaan. But our politicians are only interesting in creating vote banks based on caste and religion. One would have hoped to see a young leader who is well educated to be progressive. It is sad to see that he is no different from the rest of the pack. For the record I dont care if the tape is true or doctored. I would like our politicians to focus their energy on solving actual problems related to crumbling infrastructure, corruption, poverty, economic crisis and national security. It is sad that in a country such as ours we dont have a leader who can actually lead the country into the future. We have a bunch of wannabes, totally incompetent lot of fools for politicians.

Amitabh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
indscribe said...


Kindly bother to read this story about the false Times Now report


Read and find the truth. Saath saal se yahi propaganda chal raha hai.

Calling Muslims by names and doubting their patriotism.

rambling indian "hindu" said...

...varun's words knocked the air out of me....i still feel the same.It saddens me immensely to see what our political discourse has degenerated into.One hopes EC will disqualify him soon.BJP should be forced to withdraw his candidature.On the other hand what else can one expect from BJP of Modi,RSS&all their bands of fascist goons.As some folks here have said, he just exposed himself;now everyone can take notice.To my mind, he just also again exposed the ideological underpinnings of BJP.It is indeed Bharat Jalo Party. I am sickened to hear when some people point out that communally divisive statements are made during our elections by different communities.Well all i want to say to them is that all those who are caught,like this brainwashed varun should be reined in&made to face the laws of this country. Personally the only thing to take heart from right now for me is that i don't know of anyone across rural-urban india who share his sentiments & because of the nature of my work i do come in contact with great many people.i think, we the citizens of the country need to make it clear somehow that we are not going to tolerate these violent political discourses.i consider myself an indian,not in a nationalist sense but in a spiritual sense.i keep learning&imbibing from all the great spiritual/thought/religious traditions&inventions of india. But since i am born to a "hindu" family (...these days one is forced to even mention that, when one is just making an observation as a member of this great land!)....that i am sorry for all the hurt that his comments cause to all my fellow indians & my muslim brothers&sisters....since the man is claiming to be speaking in the interest of hindus.i am very sorry&.....as much hurt as all of you.An irony of no small proportions.....often all those claiming to be speaking for religions are so FAR removed from the religion they claim to profess.

indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
indscribe said...

Mr Anon.

Tell one speech of Imam Bukhari that was objectionable. Firstly, the Imam Bukhari who became notorious was Abdullah Bukhari. His speeches were political but never insulted Hindus or Hinduism. No Indian Muslim does it.

He is no longer there. For so many years it's his son Ahmad Bukhari who is Shahi Imam, who speaks little except political demands and demonstrations. I request you to go to mosque on Friday and listen. There is no band on anybody visiting there.

Regarding Kaffir, your problem is that you guys don't understand a thing....this is propaganda..Kafir word is used in Urdu more for 'radical' and 'rebel' and is used as a positive word. Read couplets of Mir, Ghalib and anybody else. Kafir husn and kafir adaa are used commonly for describing beauty and style of the beloved. Unfortunately ab Urdu jaanne wale Muslim hi kam rah gaye hain, to aap kya samjhenge.

Hindus and Muslims of the past were too large-hearted, liberal and lived in harmony.

Those who find nothing against Muslims repeat such allegations.

Even if someone said Hindus kafir and using it derogatorily how can you deem it insulting, unless you also believe that not believing in Muslim's Allah is a crime.

I don't know where this urban legend grew but if it was used then it was probably used to ounter Muslims being termed Mlechchas by Hindus. The era when Muslims had just arrived in India and there was mistrust.

Now the religions have lived together for 1200 years in India and not like Europe so please grow up.

I have never seen swords in any juloos. I asked others and found that in Mumbai, swords are taken out. It is a pre-independene juloos. Haven't you seen Sikhs or RSS path sanchalan where guns are fired even by kids.

I have replied to such things so often that I am fed up of it. Every time someone would land here and ask me such things and I have to 'explain' myself. If you don't have love in your heard and don't wish to understand your Muslim brothers, I can't help you. Just change your perception and things will be better.

Anyway. Best of Luck.

rambling indian "hindu" said...

...to some of those here who are trying to explain varun's despicable actions.folks just google for fascist videos/links on 1920's/30's europe.you will be surprised to see the "intellectual" arguments fed to you by the RSS etc are identical to what the fascist mills in europe were feeding their own populations.if you really LOVE this country please take the effort to study fascism in europe.we all know what happened over there.why would anyone want to push this great land in that direction?!!!there is so much work to be done for this country&more importantly it's people.....are we going to keep playing divisive games with each other& also throwing out of the window all that gives this land strength?why do people forget that the golden periods in this country's recorded history have all been periods of inclusion&enlightened secularism - the gupta empire,Ashoka & later Akbar... It's a very simple lesson-where we as a country need to keep ourselves focussed....Jai Hind!

sikander said...

gve him nipple again .thats it

aahang said...

What starts in hatred ends in it.
an example is pakistan.The nation was created on basis of hatred - not with Hindus but with the idea of Hindustan where people from all religions will live and prosper together.
And then they got consumed by hate.You are a mojahhir,I am pashtun,I am a Baluch,I am moderate,I am a Jehadi.They hate each other more than they hate anyone else.Pakistan's existence is now reduced to being anti India.Terrorism is their state policy and they have ended up doing contracts with the Taliban and having rogue's and thieves as Presidents.Even they are fighting among themselves all the time.
If we want the same fate for this nation we should encourage this off spring of Phoney mama and loony papa( thanks to raj Dutta for the term),else just ignore him.
All of us have taken the pledge in school -
India is my country
all Indian's are my brother's and sisters(except my wife)
So let's just go by it.
6 billion souls live on the planet,there is far more good than there is evil.There is far more love than there is hate.
Hate can take you only this far.I have lots of Muslim friends and they are wonderful people because I respect them and they respect me.
My blog is dedicated to Majaz Lucknowi.
We are part of each other's reality.If you try and cut off one of your hands,the pain will be immense and it will make you a handicap.Let's draw on each others strengths not on each other's weaknesses.
There is nothing to be feared,just understood.

Anonymous said...

farking controversy.cheap publicity stunt.

Lucknowite said...

Indscribe, Don't be disheartened for someone's non sensical comments. You don't need to be defensive and start enumerating events as a proof of solidarity to our country India. They are deaf as they don't hear what they don't want to hear, blind as they can't see what they don't want to see. The debate will digress else you can enumerate many anti national activities carried out by many other groups and communities not necessarily muslims. We are sincere so we don't blame a community for some of its misguided and corrupt people's activities.
You can never satisfy those who are working for propagandists. They will use all sort of provocative language for you to respond. Ignore these crackpots!
Don't give too much importance to Varun Ghandhi. This is what he wanted. We are fighting and he has the last laugh...

Anonymous said...

abhinav I am a hindu ,I want to tell you,it dosn't mater what happened beetween hindu and muslim in past, but it is true that india cannot go further without our muslims, so stop supporting people like varun gandhi

Anonymous said...

I am a hindu, on behalf of that stupid varun gandhi I want to say sorry to our Indian muslim comunity

Anonymous said...

I guess this country has seen similar speeches over the years from various leaders in the past. Right from shiv sena chief bal thakaray, pravin thogadia, and others of his ilk.Majority of the people dont give a damn though to it. But this dosent mean , we should ignore that.They need to be punished as per the indian law and ultimately they will suffer their follies in the hereafter. But one thinh i would like to stess is that muslims should not stoop to such level in retaliation of this.Better to remember what the Holy Quran asks us : that we need to debate in the most beautifull manner with these people. They are not realising that they are doing more harm to them than to muslims by indulging in this sort of speeches.Anyways if a dog barks, we humans dont bark at him, rather we move forward beliveing that he is an animal and will not have the manners of human being.

Milind Kher said...

What Varun Gandhi has done is absolutely unpardonable.

He needs to get that term in jail for 3 years. The punishment needs to be both punitive as well as exemplary. A vey strong message needs to go out that we have nil tolerance for this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I have read all the comments but I am having only one question that with this type of speeches can India become a superpower?????

vishesh said...

well and the fellow is still allowed to contest...wow,what a country!

Ambarish said...

The comments of many bloggers shows they they have got a very strong mental junks. Varun never used the word "MUSLIM", then how can we assume that anti-hindu mean "MUSLIM" only? even a hindu can be anti-hindu. Please come out of your mental junks, live in 21 century. Good Luck Indians.....Ambi- Mongolia.

Amitabh said...

Just read one your blog where you have defended the Antulay by saying only “irresponsible”. How come the one who is traitor is allowed to contest the election and also probably going to win with your vote (as you are not opposing him) and at the same time a person who tries to defend Hindus interest is not allowed. Pl explains.

Anser Azim said...

Chiranjeevi Ambrish Miyan: Charity begins at home and I believe a sensitive nose can always smell the "junk" upstairs. Just do not ignore that feeling....

ajaypratap said...

ajay rana : my opnion is that varun ganhi said that in his so called speech that 'i will cut their hands but media and your site is publishing that i will cut their heads'this is truly a crime you must show people the true face

Anonymous said...


You should read the full post and see links of videos. Almost all channels showed this also. You may have missed that.

A B Quadri said...

Varun Gandhi would have won Pilibhit without uttering a word. By his hard rhetoric, maybe an attempt is being made to downsize Narendra Modi and project Varun Gandhi as a likely successor to Advani. In future we may see a BJP headed by Varun Gandhi challenging the Congress headed by Rahul Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

The RSS has injected hatred in every place in India.

Malegaon accused Dayanand Pandey said RSS leaders had ISI links but no body questions their patriotism

No one asks for the inquiry in charges. The same people become leaders and now Mohan Bhagwat is RSS sarsanghchalak.

If BJP forms government, Nagpur will run the government. What can one hope?


Anonymous said...


"He needs to get that term in jail for 3 years. The punishment needs to be both punitive as well as exemplary. A vey strong message needs to go out that we have nil tolerance for this kind of thing."

Tried and executed by ? ! great.

If this was done in case of Haji Yaqoob Qureishi, Tytler, Mukhtar Ansari. Varun incident wouldn't have happened. oh! want to go only to convenient lengths, fogot.

indscribe said...


Haji Yaqoob Qureshi was irresponsible but he spoke about somebody who is not connected to India. What he said is wrong and he was booked. Many individuals including RSS guys registered cases against him.

It was like Madhya Pradesh MLA Kishor Samrite who had given similar supari for Raj Thackeray's head. The target was one individual, not a community and not a threat to everybody.

The difference is that none of these leaders called for cutting Hindus' or any other groups and their heads. In Independent India, no Muslim leader has publicly ever denigrated Hindus or Hinduism.

Shruthi Vishwanathan said...

Varun said what most hindus believe in(includind me).Go Varun go you will definitely win.

Anonymous said...

Varun only did this to get in the lime light. As its very easy to insult MUSLIMS in India. We Muslim are to be blamed for all this. What becomes of Varun, is another story. But what will become of Muslims if all this continues is what we need to think about. Can India the secular country have any peace without Muslims? Think about it!

A B Quadri said...

It should not be forgotten that Indian Muslims are in a minority. By voting for a single party like the Congress at the centre since Indepence ,they have ensured that the Country remains strong and united. By abusing muslims, other political parties know they have nothing to loose as they know that the muslims are not going to vote for them anyway. Hatred towards muslims is only political while at a personal level Hindus and muslims are best friends. It is upto our politicians, police and the judiciary to ensure that
any hatred or wild rhetoric directed against any community is curbed and the ideals and
fundamentals enshrined in our constituition are adhered to.

prabhat said...

There was a time - people of germany thought Hitler is better than other politicians ( who were corrupt and meek and were not able to bring the nation out of fallout of ww1)

Samething is happening in india - Hindus are voting for these people - whom varun may be representing -

Frankly speaking whatever i heard from the mouth of VARUN many and many people would be saying in private - but they are words of extremes- HATS off to muslims of Pilibhit as they have shown enough restrain in spite of enough provocation .

But Analyse this - which political party is not dividing people on the basis of religion and muslims are - i am very sad to say only a vote bank -

Scoundrals like - mulayam ,lalu , paswan becomes the champions of muslim cause - first of all these people should be rejected .

Corruption and Religion both are the Opiom for the politisian and both should be banned - both are evil.

Coming to VARUN Gandhi - i am sure he must be regreting - why he opened his mouth - What he said he never intended to say -he was carried away by the circumstances and kind of green horn he is in politics - he spoke like a stupid like he is sitting in his drawing room .

Varun has great potential but sadly has become junk in the hands of master manipulators .

But action of EC is ridculous - EC should ask each party , with name of candidates with criminal backgrounds and also there family members there are many - while advising on VARUN

Anonymous said...

Whatever said and done, I don't agree with the what Varun's hate speech if etal it is true! However an emerging trend in Indian politics specially among the gang of so called "secular political party" is that person/party who speaks anything against Muslims are label as anti-national, communal etc... If a Muslim leader speaks such things than it is always played down.Even the media is polarize. There are news channels like IBN looks like defacto Congress channels. I'm fed up of IBN Live's bias reporting and non-sense comments.
Who had done all the blast in last one year who had killed 100 of our Indian brothers? If BJP is communal, Congress is equally communal. Why should Jagdish Tytler given a ticket? Isn't congress responsible for Anti-Sikh riots and killings inside the Golden Template?
FYI, a person belonging to the Muslim community had announced reward for George Bush's head and guess what! He has joined Congress may be getting ticket also! Why is media not reporting that Congress also approves such affiliations!
Another interesting comment to add.
I went to register my name for electoral list. What I observed is that 80% of the folks standing with me in the line belongs to so called "minority" community! I think they do everything very religiously, I guess even voting!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well I saw his speech when he surrendered.. I observed him very very carefully and if you all will try to see that speech of his you will notice that he was taking many PAUSES and than his eyes were going up.. now remember this happens only when a person have learnt something by heart and is trying to remind that.. which concludes that he is speaking other's words and not of his own by his true heart which concludes that he is having no such true feelings either for the nation nor for any such community and is nothing more than a MERE PUPPET in the hands other master minds who are behind the scenes and taking all the benefits from the publicity mileage they might be getting for their out throned so called party who only wants nothing else than MONEY once they comes to rule though by ANY MEANS. BEWARE.. IT'S LIKE A REAL RED ALERT FOR THE ENTIRE NATION.

urdudaaN said...

I am not disturbed by Varun Gandhi's comments. I don't think that we should force secularism down his throat. He is pretty much in line with BJP ideology. If BJP is dangerously communal, I don't think there is a point in any wishful thinking to make it secular. If someone wishes BJP and its orators to be secular, they should be told so and given a chance to act, if they repeat it, lets write them off, rather than begging and wooing them to be secular.

Rahul Sharma said...

Well its all politics.This issue has been blown out proportion and different sections of society specially media has spice it up! I don't see a need to book him under NSA. He is not an anti-social. How many bombers or folks who has provided logistic support to terrorist has been booked under NSA? I guess none.
This is mere politics.No government has guts to take a decision on Afzal Guru.Why don't we set him free if government is not capable of taking a firm decision on him? Why make his life hell? Perhaps we are waiting for another hostage situation where we may have to release him to meet terrorist's demands.
I can challenge you to name a party which is not communal,and bias.So I don't agree that Congress is not communal. Let us not forget Anti Sikh riots. If somebody says that Congress has kept India united. I don't think India was ever united accept during times of say a cricket match.
India is still under dynasty politics. Congress will always be in dynasty politics. Sonia seems to have learn the politics very well.
Dr. Singh with all the due respect is physically weak and is not able take decisions without consent of Sonia.If congress comes to power and Dr. Singh will become PM again. Not bad, but what if Dr. Singh's health doesn't allow him to continue in office. It is the situation that Ms. Sonia is waiting for to chip in Rahul Gandhi and hence dynasty politics continues!!!!!!!
This election I would look forward for good governance and government who can handle terrorist with very firm hands! I don't care if it comes from communal or secular forces.

Anonymous said...


Hindus or christians, Indians or Danish, how does it matter?It is not mere criminal act but was a fundamentalist act. What about Madani, What about Mr.Naik, are you going to tell me Naik means well when he talks nonsense about Hinduism. Most Hindus are offended is a fact. Why don't we put the guy behind bars for supporting Apostacy? Does talk of cutting hands alone count or doing itself also counts? How can Madani or MIM MPs(attacked Ms. Nasreen) be courted by these same parties that wouldn't like the company of Varun. Mind you I am in noway condoning what Varun said. If he did it is despicable to say the least. What I am talking of are the double standars of seculars and minorities, because of which well meaning Hindus are getting disillusioned of secularism itself. No one wants what doesn't work for them. if secularism doesn't work for Majority too, it will desert it. We don't want such situation. I can also do hair splitting analysis and say this was only a threat meant to be carried when such conditions(if somebody attacks hindus, do you anyway think Hindus will react kindly to attack?)are met. doesn't mean anything

indscribe said...


I have written about Zakir Naik in the past and I don't agree with him.

What Majlis did was condemnable. But that was throwing things at Taslima, this is what Shiv Sena routinely do.

They killed Biharis and thrash anybody. Their role in killings in riots is well-documented.

You should have also mentioned Pramod Muthalik's Ram Sene that bean up women in Bangalore.

The problem is that as a Muslim I criticise Majlis but as a Hindu you don't see anything wrong with Shiv Sena or their allies.

Please come out of this persecution complex and the imaginary fear of Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Scenario 1
Islamic fanatic kills innocent.
Most muslims condemn it but add a point that "world should see why few muslims are turninig fanactic and try and address those issue."

Scenario 2
Hindu fanatic (like Varun in this case) makes a fanatic, politically incorrect speech.
I suggest (going by the rational in scenario 1) "world should see why few hindus are turninig fanactic and try and address those issue."

Anser Azim said...

Mr Varun and his hateful speech and some experst as reported by the Indian express!!

saima said...

the indian express article is truly shocking!! and this incident should not be forgotten easily!! Its people like him who are hell bent on dividing the country in such pettiness. Whats more disgusting are the people supporting these comments.

I hope hes barred to contest forever.

Anonymous said...


Your prejudices and presumptions are baffling. For most part you try to be objective. But it is difficult I guess. I never said anything in support of shivsena or ramsene. They are a menace and should be punished. They have no business telling me what to do. if they strongly believe a particualar way to be right and Indian, they can act through legal ways, India is a democracy for god's sake.
Please find out further about the role of MIM in hyderabad riots in 1990 etc.
Zakir- it is not about you or your opinions. Many muslims attend his lectures and clap.

I am talking about double standards of system, congress and other so called seculars and certain minorities. who clap to zakir, love madani and ansari but claim moral high ground in case of varuns. Varun only talked of taking to violent means if someone does wrong to a certain community(madani and ansari did). Now didn't we hear such stuff from imams? It is threatening with violence, is he the first guy? didn't ever happen on the other side(secular)? Didn't mayawati speak nonsense about u.caste people? was it all inclusive talk?If action was taken then, would varun dare make that mistake?

Me and insecure, only insecure ones talk like victims. You say muslims are victims. I never said hindus are victims. I am saying none of us are victims. no special discrimination of muslims is going on. I am saying we all are equally suffering or enjoying.

An Indian at heart said...

Ok. I read through the postings on here. There was a time when I was a staunch Hindu, but now I just don't believe in any religion. Religion when it started was formed to unite people, but it is religion which is dividing people now.

Now as far as what Varun said, I don't think the CD is doctored, he most likely said it all. I don't support such crass speeches from aspiring politicians, but we as Indians need to understand that this is a developing and uncultured nation, India that we are talking about and politeness and refinedness is misconstrued as submissiveness. I have travelled all over the world and really we Indians need to learn from the people in the developed nations. They are gentle, polite and cultured and highly forgiving. Was there a communal riot in the United States when 9/11 happened? How many Muslims were targeted in that country? Now that is what culture, forgiveness and tolerance is. Imagine such an incident in India would have led to the killing so many innocent people. Shame on us Indians.

Sorry to say Indians don't possess any of these gentle qualities. We flare up at the slightest provocation. Let me give an example. I was driving in Bangalore when a pedestrian (an old man) crossed the road and I braked to give him way. A truck rear ended my car and the truck driver got off the truck and started shouting obsceneties at me. Is that culture? This would not happen in a developed nation.
Where were all these people that are accusing Varun when the Imam of whatever issued a fatwa against Tasleema Nasreen? Why didn't anyone raise a voice then?

So in such a country when people of one community commit atrocities and get away, Gandhigiri will not work. Yeah, it looks nice in a movie, but in India it just won't work. What Varun said was in support of Hindus, but I would like to say that he should have used innuendos and not direct references. He should learn to be more polished, only then he will shine as a politician. He also has to hide his inner feelings towards a particular community and make sure people like him rise above religion and make India a better place to live for all.

If it means we have to change our constitution, so be it. If India really has to prosper as a secular democracy reservations for minorities have to be removed, everyone should be allowed to compete, enough of the quota system, every religion and every human being should be respected. The legal system should be strengthened and corruption should be dealt with strictly at all levels. Only then India can aspire to be a global super power. And it is the duty of young educated politicians like Varun to take India down that path. Otherwise, we will always be a developing nation and be a laughing stock for the rest of the world and incidents such as 26/11 will continue to happen. No wonder we don't win more than 2-3 medals at the olympics. Shame on us. Look at China. We really need to grow up and above religion, language and caste.

Hope this incident will teach Varun a valuable lesson and he will learn to speak really like a mature politician and not a local thug.

Ranu said...

Mr. Indian at Heart:

People in the United States do not need to riot. The law is the law and it is enforced without political interference to protect the innocent and punish the guilty Religious persuasion or any other affiliation for that matter is not an eligibility criteria to wilfuly let the guilty off the hook or the innocent to be punished. Nobody gets to violate the law and when caught, go unpunished.

Now tell me how much hue and cry has come from the muslims rather muslim leaders in not meeting out the punishment to Afzal Guru ordered by the court for attacking the prime institution of Indian Democracy? On the contrary they have applied pressure to protect him.

There has been a lot of hue and cry in India about Gujarat riots, and rightly so, and I hope the violators are punished. Contrast the reaction to Gujarat riots and Modi to the Delhi riots in 1984 and Rajiv Gandhi. If Modi is evil why is Rajiv Gandhi a hero - just because he spoke sophisticated and used his election with absolute majority AFTER the riots to overturn a supreme court decision that furthered the powers of Muslim clergy, granted to no other religious leaders in Indian society.

Jagdish Tytler, one of the main culprits of the 1984 riots was let go by central i.e. Congress Bureau of Investigation recently and the coverage was tame with no one kicking a fuss about it - it gets to be not an outrage - why? - because no body is yelling and screaming about it on TV.

This guy, Varun Gandhi, is a crass idiot with his incendiary words just creating trouble. I cannot frankly tell from the brief ibn clip I have seen if he is saying anything specifically about Muslims with the commentator interrupting to tell us what he is saying with network generated subtitles. If anybody has better factual info, please point me to it. It is not like any of the media teams went to Pilibhit to talk to people there and fact finding as opposed to just hanging their hat on hazy clips.

There are significant issues of evenness and fair treatment of all people in the Indian system which is so seriously left at the whim of politicians and their political agenda, that need to be honestly addressed. However, they get lost in this insane political correctness and hyperboly like EC overstep their legal authority under the constitution to do the worst they can do to Varun Gandhi, and slap on every possible criminal charge on somebody for saying something while there is no decent terror law to charge people who go about with AK-47s killing, because as the leaders say it might hurt the sentiments of a community.

I haven't heard anybody from the muslim community, even those who have condemned terrorism, to support a tough terror law even with safe guards to protect innocent people from being framed or targeted so that security forces can do there job of national and people's security.

And for those people who feel if it were a Muslim person instead of Varun Gandhi talking communal, he would get it worse - open your ears and eyes - there are seriously communal things Omar Abdullah has said on the Parliament floor, any questioning of which would have immediately been branded in itself communal or fundamentalist. Some of the bloggers may not have noticed because his communalist rhetoric was in favor of muslims,and against the hindu minority in Jammu and Kashmir.

Part of the resentment a lot of the people in India feel is that in the echelons of power there is support and protection for Omar Abdullah's brand of communalism under the cover of secular while Varun Gandhi is lambasted. Until people recognize that and learn to be fair in calling a spade a spade no matter what their support base or religious persuasion, the problem of Varun Gandhi is not going away and we will all lose as a result of it.

Krishna said...

An Indian at heart,

it is not religion that divides people or drives people to terrorism. It is DOGMA. More the education, less is the dogma.
You want leave religion just leave. No need to pass pass judgements.
9/11 is like mumbai blasts , done by outside elements. US attacked Afghanistan and killed how many? Indian didn't attack pakistan? were there any riots? NO. So what is that comparison.Did Godhra happen in USA? Indian state is too ineffective to stop further attacks that deteriorates inter community relations.
truck driver shouting obscenities happens even in developed countries. Don't know what are you talking. Also there is a system in place in those countries by which things can be objectively solved. where is that (exchanging insurance info,etc)in India. System is the problem not culture.

So are you saying Varun's crime is that he is less polished? Please.
You are right the system needs change. Secularism must mean strict separation of state and religion. We can't have a strange secualrism and expect results of USA. USA has a different style, and it is working.
Coming to riots. Actually I said to one american freind that if law and order was more effective, then no riots will be there like in US. The freind felt History between hindu and muslims of India is the reason. US didn't have such History(It wasn't partitioned on the basis of religion).Foundations are different. Riots will always be there is what he felt. I am not so sure though.

Deepak Bhaktawar said...

I agree to a certain extent with what An Indian at heart has said. To start with there is no need for religion in this world. The tribes
all over the world don't follow any religion and they don't have any crusades or jihads. Difference between them and us civilized people is education and religion. So education doesn't necessarily decrease the dogma. it is individual thinking and upbringing that impacts the dogmas one follows. If you think education decreases dogmas, then probably you haven't met educated people in India who have crazy DOGMAS. Go to Haryana, Bihar, UP, Punjab, Orissa and talk to some Ph.Ds there. You will know what I mean.

Anyway enough said about that, talking about Varun Gandhi, the biggest challenge in determining if he is really at fault is the real uncensored official video recording of his speech doesn't exist. So we can only guess from the information that is available or leaked and pass our judgements which is not correct. If he has really said all that then he is not fit to be a politician. He is just fit to be a goonda and goondas should find a place for themselves in a high security prison.

But even he has not said those words, the way he gave the speech was very immature and it shows that he has a long way to go before even aspiring to become a politician.

You are contradicting your own statements, in the beginning you claimed that religion doesn't divide people and in your closing statements you through your friend admit that the problems in India and Pakistan exist because they were partitioned on the basis of religion. Please... get your facts right.

We need to evolve more as a species beyond, caste, race, religion and language. In this era where humans are dreaming about colonizing other planets orbiting far away stars, I want everyone to think about this deeply. Imagine in the next 50 years we find out there is another planet like earth somewhere in our galaxy and in another 200 years we find a quick and easy way to get there. Do we really want to take our religion and our million Gods with us when we go there or do we want to start a new leaf? Humans need to understand that everything (Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, and other Gods) is earth centric and once we leave earth behind nothing matters. Heaven and Hell are man made, nobody has seen them and nobody will ever see them.

Faisal said...

It goes on to show that there are extremist elements in all societies. One shoul dnot listen or even pay attention to them. Just move on with your life, they will eventually bite the dust. Varun shooul dbe shown to a psychiatirst as he may be needing some treatment. This is all I can say.

Nations do not et destroyed by these chest-humping Morons, and Islam is here to stay forever. Let people like Varun stay in their self-weaved dream world. He is nobody in the big scheme of things. There were kings stronger than him who raised voice against Islam, where are they now ??????
But, for country like India, it creates problems, thats why this person should be advised about not to go public with his internal passion.
A rat is a lion in his house, he should come outside INdia and make this speech and then he will know!!!

Krishna said...

Deepak Bhaktawar,

I respected one's right to decide he /she doesn't need religion. Wish you didn't tell other's what they need or don't. If i think I need religion, respect my choice. That's basic. This kind of insistence that i know what is right for all is what dogma is all about. So, you are right dogma is not removed by education, but also not by giving up religion(stalin, mao)You can have dogma outside religion and you can carry it with you anywhere. I am from south and I have no knowledge of those places. First of all , i only mentioned my friend's opinion and also said I am not sure. Why are you making me own somebody else's opinion. By the way many countries got divided based on non-religious criteria, take bangladesh itself. Religion is one of the dividing forces if one attaches dogma to it just like any other factor/differences(culture,race in case of hitler,etc). To me Rama, krishna , etc are Ideas which are not earth-centric alone. What they are for dogmatic people I don't know. Heaven and Hell to me are consequences of our actions. They are here and now too. Again dogmas and literal interpretations are a different story. How do you know no one will ever see them. Both the firm blind belief they exist and firm blind belief they don't are part of dogma. The problem in Varun's case is not religion or politics. It is mixing the two. They need to be separated.

Krishna said...

Deepak Bhaktawar,

When I said,more the education lesser is the dogma, I meant education gives us a chance to question blind belief. It teaches us to think rationally. Ofcourse some can compartmentalize and apply reason only to some aspects of life. Crusades and jihad are result of dogma that only what I perceive as god is god and I know what is best for others(Mao too). Not religion. Roman, greek or Indian religions(polytheistic) don't have these. China chose to reinterprete Mao in new world of post-capitalism. But our communists want to stick to the old versions of Mao(Mao knows what is best for everybody at all times). That is the difference between religion/ideology and dogma. Mao/religion has ideas that are impressive and let me take advantage of those as far as they help me in life as I don't want to keep rinventing the wheel is pragmatism.

Deepak Bhaktawar said...

I agree with what you say, but the point I'm trying to make is, we have manipulated religion for our own benefits. If the founders of religion were alive today, they will be very pained to see what the world has transformed their brainchild into. Yes, following religion is personal choice, but officially you can't opt out.

Heaven and hell are consequences of our actions and I do believe in the fact that doing good returns good and vice-versa. However unfortunately the illusion given to us by our leaders is we need to be under an umbrella of some religion to even talk about heaven and hell and each religion claims that their path to heaven is the best. Sad but true....

Anyway enough about all this. One thing we need to understand is Varun Gandhi is just using this as a political stunt to become famous. Otherwise who would give a damn about him when nobody cared even for his mother. He knew that he won't be charged for his actions, the news today is the court might pardon him if he promises to not give such speeches in the future. Wow... I couldn't believe it. This is exactly what he wanted. It is like Paris Hilton's s.x video. Cheap publicity. In India politics is the catalyst for all crimes committed under the cloak of religion. All politicians in India are the same, whether educated or uneducated, they all think about themselves first.

With all that said, I'm not sure why we sane people are wasting our time talking about possibly insane people like Varun.

Jai Hind!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would have been the reaction of Hindus if same emotions were expressed by a Muslim reader in India.

Don Flamingo said...

Thank God I don't live in India. Hindu nutters are brainwashed hitlerires and have turned India into a shit country.

Anonymous said...
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Suresh Chnadra Gupta said...

Link to your article was given to me by someone who wanted to prove that Varun had used the word 'Muslims' when he said that he will cut the hands of those who will attack Hindus. I read your article but it is only assuming that Varun has used the word 'Muslims'. Your article is again based on the media reports. Till date I have not found a single person who is a direct witness to this so called hate-speech.

I have also watched the video referred in your article. Here again it is not seen that Varun used the word 'Muslims'. I do not understand why some people are simply believing what politicians and media are feeding them. It is vote-bank politics to get Muslim votes. It may also be a conspiracy on the part of Congress to discredit Varun as he poses big challenge to Rahul.

Now coming to his speech, I believe that no body should use any disrespectful words for anybody, be it a person, a community or a religion. This is wrong. Varun did not name anybody but he should have been very careful while referring to other people. He has gone wrong here. But many senior leaders in this election have also used wrong words about other people but no body has raised such noise against them. People in power at state and center have misused their power to put him in jail and imposing NSA on him. SC observations and NSA Board order declaring his detention under NSA as illegal is a clear evidence that he has been victimized to get Muslim votes.

Now another point about the words which have pained you. Tell me when Muslims use the word Kafir for Hindus what they actually do? Do they not abuse Hindus? Do they not insult them? Think about it.

Love all, hate none.

vishal sharma said...

This is shameful that the speech which was made by Shri Varun Gandhi in past was turned to a specific relegion.
He never said against muslims but aginst the terrison spread by the muslims persons in india and there are elements in muslims community whi helped them
So please open the eyes and see the truth. You will find the way

jai shree ram said...

varun has done exactly what indian hindus want to do to make india out of the clutches of muslims

Anonymous said...

Varun is speaking against those muslim who is spreading terrorism in india, he is not against Muslim who is loyal to this nation.

Remember that British emperor use Muslims like tissue paper, against Hindu for their benifit, now congress and other party who called themselves secular are doing the same thing for vote bank.

it is time for the Muslim community to think,

jo chamakata hai who hamesha sona nahi hota.

Anonymous said...

Dr Zakir Naik preaching death for apostasy in Islam (now changed his position as death to those apostates preaching against islam after being refused visas to the western world)
is considered as "spiritual talk" and is invited by NDTV for interviews.

What a deluded world , muslims live in!!!

A moderate muslim ideology = Extreme Hindu ideology
(that is the scale to consider due to the inherent religious ideologies)

Muslims and hindus are just people who are indoctrinated into ideologies when they are born. Separate the hardware from the software. Separate the ideologies from the people.

Hope indians study various religious ideologies and develop a scientific temper.

Finally, Varun gandhi's speech is hate speech in my opinion because it was targeting muslims.
(if it was targetting radical islamic ideology (islam-the best and prophet-the best) , i wud understand).

YouBihar said...

Lets put it this way, it did not go down very well so he will not be doing it again.

Anonymous said...

After long time, let's see what u have to say for Owaisi's speech at Adilabad...He went a bit too far than Varun Gandhi...He wants to make India a Muslim Country.