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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is Babri Masjid demolition still an issue?

Almost 17 years have elapsed since Babri Masjid was demolished but the mention of the mosque's demolition, brings back painful memories.

1. Electorally it remains an issue for different political parties as it serves their interests in various ways. When Lalu Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav recount the demolition of mosque, they want to embarrass the Congress.

They also want to send the message to Muslims that they are the real secular warriors who had taken on the saffron juggernaut in the late 80s and early 90s.

The 'mischievous' advertisment

2. Even BSP that hardly had any role in the Ayodhya movement, gets affected. The reaction of UP government to advertisement published in Urdu papers by an organisation [apparently on behalf of Samajwadi Party] was startling.

The large size front page advertisement reminded Muslims that BSP [its leader late Kashi Ram] had long back suggested that toilet should be constructed at the disputed site. The advertisement asked, 'Will you vote for a party that has such vision?'.

Stung by the ads the criminal cases were slapped on half-a-dozen Urdu papers of Uttar Pradesh for the 'offensive ads'. Urdu papers do get a few ads in electoral season but might have regreted publishing this particular one, as any cut in govertment ads can prove too costly for them.

3. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Congress had no role in the destruction of Babri masjid, but he should know that the world knows how much Congress was responsible. Recently, a writer even mentioned PV Narsimharao as the first BJP Prime Minister of India.

4. Now Kalyan Singh, the once fiery mascot of Hindutva, says that he had no role in the demolition. On May 2, Kalyan Singh went a step ahead and said that senior BJP leaders had kept him in the dark and that was the reason he had given affidavit in Supreme Court, vowing to prevent any mishap. He even says that he was a backward leader and thus made a scapegoat

What a classic turnaround! But Kalyan has done it in the past also. When he first left the BJP to form RKP he had made similar charges. Then joined BJP and changed tone again. Now when he is once again in wilderness and has befriended Mulayam Singh, he speaks in another tune.

5. Interestingly, LK Advani who rode the chariot during his rath yatra and polarised the country on communal lines, calls it the saddest day of his life. Possibly, because the moment the sign of 'Islamic aggression' was razed, his movement also had come to an end.

His party's seats were going down in UP and it needed allies across the country. Thus, the BJP had to project a pseudo-moderate Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Anti-Sikh riots occurred in 1984 and are still an issue, so there is no reason why December 6, 1992 should not be an issue.

However, the fact is that the 'demolition' and the riots across the country including in Mumbai, Surat, Bhopal and other cities, are no longer an issue. There is no question of any rebuilding of the mosque.

6. Successive Congress governments in Maharashtra have failed to act on Justice Sri Krishna Commission report that indicted police officials and Shive Sena leaders for riots. In fact, raking up the 'Babri Masjid demolition' has become just a tool to settle scores or attempt to consolidate votes.

Meanwhile, it's Honourable Justice (retired) Liberhan who has the last laugh. The one-man commission has got 48 extensions and has established a record of sorts, spending nearly Rs 10 crore (the money of Indian taxpayer).

And even if the report is ever made public in future, with all surety it will be politicised. The parties blamed in it, are likely to reject it outrightly, while others might hail it. In less than two weeks, all the phases of elections will be over and the process of formation of the next government will set off. Once again everything will be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised. This topic was in my mind yesterday. Awesome. Our netas are determined to send India to stone ages. Anti english etc.

Akshar dham was attacked sometime ago right. I am not even aware of full details of it. It is ignorace not to know what is happenning in my own country. But my point is not that. This generation of hindu kids are not even aware or not even told that Akshardham was attacked etc. Only politicians will remember.

Babri happenned in early 90s but Muslim kids who are hardly 5 years old will know how/when/why it happenned, who did it and what they should do now. It is outrageous to fill those tender hearts with hatred. This is one complaint I have against Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Anti sikh riots of 84 have been an issue but at least the sikhs have been prudent enough to throw out the akalis govts whenever it has failed to do well and vote for the congress.

On the other than since the babri demolition, muslims in UP have always voted for SP and maualana mulayam who has done absolutely nothing for them and has in fact been one of the most corrupt CMs in history of India. Similar support to lalu yadav by the muslims in Bihar after he arrested LKA in 1990, had led to creation of a monster in indian politics who is nothing but a complete clown and someome who has destroyed the state of Bihar. Thank god some of the saner muslims turned against him in last assembly elections and helped in hm being driven out of power.

On the babri issue, I wonder what has taken the supreme court so long in making its mind on ths issue. Whne most parties say they will abide by the supreme court's decision, why hasnt the court expedited its hearings and given its judgement. Let the court pass its judgement and help bury this ghost once and all, the same way it has acted in the 2002 riots case.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

lolz. . . :) actually, i didnt know much bout babri masjid except that it was demolished by Hindu extremists, because once upon a time there was a temple there. . .
my own memory bout the incident is very hazy. . I remember i was playing when suddenly all were runnin towards the tv. . . . I didnt care much bout wat happened and returned to playin . . .
newaz. . . . .
i still dont know much bout the who how and what when of the demolition.

and well i dont know if what Anonymous 1 has said is right or wrong. Coz i haven gone askin any child :) . . . But all i can say is , inshaAllah when i have children. . Am gonna tell my children bout both . . . The demolition and the akshardham Attack. . . . One sided views wont help the world much.
. . . . . .
just the fact that we are writing bout the demolition shows that it IS still an issue. . . Don know . . Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Until I saw in your blog showing Kalam offering Namaz, I did not think about his religion even once. Kids in India absolutely adore him. It goes on to show if a person is hardworking and have the courage to battle out the difficluties and progress forward, Indian system does/can not stop that person in any which way until the person uses religion/gender sympathy card to cover the incompetence and laziness. With 50%reservations, I still cannot fathom people crying foul over discrimination. Lame such lame statemeny by Shabana. Used the system to make crores and when she cannot get house(for whatever reason) play religion card. If a person living in a slum quotes that reason, I will listen and sympathize but not with people such as Saif, Shabana minting crores and still complaning because someone else is doing better than them.

Pinku said...

Just for the records Akshardham was attacked by confirmed terrorits who were shot down by the NSG. Those who demolished the babri Masjid get Z level protection.

I hope that answers Mr. anonymous.

As for it being a sad topic which is raked up every polltime.

I really dont know if every Muslim is foolish to vote basis those rhetorics but I for one (am not a muslim) cannot forget the horror of the event as it was shown in television and later in magazines and newspapers.

I was in school and had learnt that India is a secular country where all religions were given equal respect and security. and this incident shocked me completely. ....it was a brutal shock of reality i could have done without...

Kagaz ki kashti said...

Such issues will never benefit humanity...
Why can't a hospital be built on the disputed site...?? let all the communities benefit from it..

I would always advocate for justic, but in a democratic way..!

Proud_Indian_Kafeer said...

"I was in school and had learnt that India is a secular country where all religions were given equal respect and security. and this incident shocked me completely. ....it was a brutal shock of reality i could have done without..."

Babri Masjid was destroyed in 1992. Javed Miandad hit Chetan Sharma for a last ball six and won a match for Pakistan in 1987. I remember muslims in Bombay eurpting in wild cheer, celebrating like crazy as if they just won a war.

So my belief in secularism was shaken in 1987.Not in 1992. What is the use of secularism if that means living together with people who support the enemy who is killing our soldiers ?

indscribe said...

Proud Indian Kafeer:

I was a kid and when Javed Miandad hit the six, I cried so much that my father had to take me out to console me. I was 10 then.

However, the next day, when I went to school, I was told by my classmates that 'you must be happy' and there were sacrcastic remarks.

I didn't owe explanation to anybody. That was a turning point for me also.

I realised that no matter how true I am and how much I try to convince them, I would never be considered a real patriot and even my generation would be a Pakistani.

At that age I didn't know these words, but later I stopped discussing issues like Indo-Pak cricket though my finest friends remain Hindus.

I rarely mention this incident. However, this is the second time I am writing it, first I mentioned it on Mohalla.

You guys made a belief by watching some stupids. Yes, I am patriot, may be more patriot than you but I don't want certificate of patriotism.

And if you guys always consider us the 'other', whats the option for guys like us? Tell me.

If ever you were born in a Muslim house, perhaps you would understand this pain.

Meanwhile, I am shortly going to write a post about this sort of patriotism-meter which you guys seem to have, to check us.

Whatever. I still don't have hatred, yes some bitterness, but you guys seem to have no intention to try and understand us.

Best of Luck.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand this litmus test of patriotiasm. It does not serve anyone. Right now the issues are much bigger than who is cheering for India or Pakistan. Though I might get upset to see my friends support Pakistan effervescently, I dont care because current issues in India such as poverty, illiteracy and corruption are larger in proportion than the litmus test of patriotism.

ajsuhail said...

How is it that only Muslims are asked to forget incidents like the demolition of the Babri Masjid,the pogrom in Gujarat, the horrific riots in Bombay and Coimbatore?While Hindus are instigated and encouraged never to forget the injustices, real and perceived,perpetrated on them during the past 1000 years?This is a classic example of double speak and hypocrisy.Just as the perpetrators of the worst excesses against Muslims are not only allowed to move around without fear of being incarcerated but are hailed as future prime ministers and the 'best'chief ministers of this country.

All right thinking and patriotic Indians will never forget the infamy of these enemies of the nation and the acts of violence indulged in by those who belong not only to the unpatriotic Sangh Parivar BUT ALSO TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM IDEOLOGICALLY, ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY.

Muslims, both ordinary and religious leaders, have condemned the acts of extremism committed by the misguided elements in our community.Can the same be said of leading Hindu religious leaders and intellectuals?It is a shame that not only are they silent but some like Baba Ramdev and Kanchi Archarya openly support the Sangh Parivar.Apart from Swami Agnivesh, has one leading Hindu religious head ever condemned the atrocities on Muslims or at the very least sympathised with them?Shame on the so called business leaders like Ambani and Mittal who praised a Fascist like Modi.

To all my Hindu friends out there, my message is simple.It is time you indulged in some introspection rather than give Muslims gratuitous advice.Condemn the extremists, the bigots and the enemies of the Nation in your community before telling Muslims what to do.

Amitabh said...

@ ajsuhail

You are talking about forgetting the 1000 years of injustice we did that’s why you’re here living peacefully in India as compare to other Muslims country. Every time Muslims talk about Gujarat riots but they don’t mention the Godhra incident. Have you read the SIT report on Teesta Setalvad she cooked up stories about Gujarat riots and delayed the justice for the innocent victims. But it is ok with you as she is a Muslim and don’t belong to RSS or BJP. And for God sake if it is done by some Hindus for their community in the same manner I can’t even imagine what you guys will do then.

I am amazed how much hatred you have towards Hindus. Who so ever talk for the benefits of Hindus you guys are first to label them as communal. R.S.S. don’t have any role in any riots in India. They also do what you do supporting the cause of their community. Tell me how many riots which Hindus have started. If you do some research then you will find that 95% times it is Muslims who started it (still I don’t have any bitterness towards them).

And regarding Narendra Modi then pl go through the documents published by Rajiv Gandhi institute, I forgot the name also Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of that institute, and Sachar committee report on Muslims which says Gujarat Muslims have more GDP than any other Muslims living in other states.

Mr Indscribe

I also have some bitterness when people like you denounce the batla house encounter who suppot Bangladesi Muslims who have changed the face of Assam. Because of these actions people across India consider you as un-patriotic but certainly not outsider.

I am waiting when you will write about Teesta Setalval. Lets see what you are thinking/br>

Simply Ridiculous said...

The Babri Masjid will always remain an issue until the evil perpetrators are brought to justice. Let's face it. It was a black day in Indian history and it will always be.

Opinionated Indian said...

How come every post gets twisted into a sort of terrorism defending/offending in comments section? As I told, it is pitiable state.

What I find impossible to digest is "Why is every one reacting for Mumbai attack, where was everyone when there was an attack on Babri?" I hope you get my point. One politician gave the above statement in the legislative assembly of a state. The assembly was discussing how to curb terrorism India. By giving the above argument, that politician told me two things which I did not know.

1. Mumbai attack was revenge sorts of attack by one community on the other.

2. It looked like Indians were clearly involved in that. Why is India blaming Pakistan?

indscribe said...


You are incorrigible. Read my posts on Bangladeshis and Nepalis, if you have time.

You repeat lies. Where have you read that Muslims started 95% riots. Read IPS officers Vibhuti Narayan Rai's book on riots.

The problem is that guys like you don't want to read or understand anything.

Would you point out what I wrote about Batla House. Or again you imagine things?

Yes I want a judicial inquiry. God forbit if someone of your family falls in the hands of police for wrong reasons, you will understand why demand for inquiry is necessary.

Teesta Setalvad didn't cook up things. That was a misleading report which many seem to have lapped up. Read http://kafila.org/2009/04/19/about-warped-minds/

However, I would like to tell you just one thing. You are full of hatred which is consuming you. I don't know how it is going to help this country.

You are more Hindu than an Indian and that's your problem. Macaulay must be proud of his creation--this hate monster in this country between the communities.

Anonymous said...

WTF is going on Babri is not an issue.
In the exacavation done there by orders of SC with help of japanese company; remains and vital proofs of a temple found.
So temple should be built there as soon as possible.
And i am totally agree with Anonymous1 & Proud Indian kafeer.

Gujrat Riots are always talked about ....what about Godhra.
See Muslims in every nation around the world have problem with other countries.
I dont hate Muslims Because Indian(although not by heart)Muslim are basically Hindus ...Cowards Hindus who converted.
Jai Bharat.
And yes Indscribe said about name and Photo...I fear of terrorist...it is said that every Muslim is not terrorist but every terrorist is Muslim.
Only ur Allah knows that my comment will appear on ur space

Anonymous said...


Please get your facts right, Coimbatore serial bombings were carried out by muslim radicals.

Ashish said...

It is crazy we have these stupid arguments. Like any institution, country, India has its problems; but to sate that Muslims are ignored etc is covering for its own lack of initiatives. India is increasingly becoming a meritocracy; wih educated peopel, whatever their caste or religion is, coming to the top. It is wonderful that christians in kerala never complained; they went all out their way to get educated and attain business and professional leaderships. It is time people stop looking for governmental aid, instead work within groups to get ahead through education, charity etc. Muslims should focus on advancement through education, through committed developmental programs. They cannot go on crying wolf. The tarin has left. Indian electorate is more sophisticated now as the last election shows. Nobody has ears for narrow appeal; everybody focused on common development and natioanl integration. I always wondered why msulims use "foreign" words for associations --like muz-jesh-hudden (an approximation for the words I have seen on billboards); I have not seen anybody else - christians, hilltribers in Nagaland ec- suing these type of foreign words. Also, although not an issue, I wonder why Muslims never name their children some common India names like Prakash, Aakash, GAutam etc (ogf course keep away from Indian Gods' names if not appealing or against the religion). I , in my 22 years of education, have come across Hindus, muslims, christians, jainsand a few jews in my classes; both male and female. I had many christian friends and class mates with names such as Asha, Aakash, Anil, Vinod etc. I never came across a muslim who had names like that. Again, it is not an issue; but an observation. Will one be less of a muslim if he has a name like Anil? or Prabhat? You may ask what about Hindus (or Christians naming their children with Muslim anmes).. YEs, I have seen jehangirs and Shahjahans, Noor Jahans among hindus and Christians. I have seen Ambika, Tara, Maya, Vimala etc among my christian women classmates.

Azam said...


Many Muslims have such names. One of my friend was Ajay Siddiqui. Teachers and classmates always made joke and thought either one of his parent was Hindu and other Muslim. Though both parents were Muslim.

Christians keep Hindu names deliberately because their missionaries are active in India and they don't want a sudden increase in Christians visible so that RSS notices it.

Hindus who live in Kenya, West Indies, Ghana, everywhere in world for centuries who ancestors migrated still keep Hindu names like VS (Vidya) Naipaul, Kalicharan, Ramnaresh Sarvan....

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if indian muslims ever take pride in 'ancient indian history and its heritage. Do they ever feel oneness with the real heroes of india like Ram, Krishna, Buddha and Mahavir? Do they ever read Ramanaya and Mahabharata? Sometimes I feel sad for them that a culture of foreign land (Arab)and a foreign language is thrust down their throat. I hope they become enlightened enough to realise that they are indian first and more harmonized with Indian culture than Arab culture.