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Monday, June 08, 2009

A Jinnah in Indian Parliament

How many of us know that a Jinnah had recently entered the Indian parliament?

A few months before the Lok Sabha elections, this elderly man got entry into the Upper House of Indian Parliament--the Rajya Sabha.

The news didn't catch much attention though and just a few papers, mostly in South India, published the news about Mr AA Jinnah, who belongs to Tamil Nadu.

The Union government website doesn't have much information about the MP 'Shri AA Jinnah' though it gives his phone number and address.

Amir Ali Jinnah was candidate of Karunanidhi's Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam's DMK and entered the Parliament sometime back, when a seat from Tamil Nadu fell vacant.

The elderly man, who is also a lawyer by profession, was not active in politics either. In fact, it was decades ago that he had actively participated in the movement for rights of Tamil language. Karunanidhi remembered him and sent him to Parliament.

Though there is nothing wrong if someone has a sunrname Jinnah. But it is surely interesting. Sangh Parivar sees red at the mention of the name. There are not much reasons for Indians to like him though there is also a section of Indians who are ambivalent.

MA Jinnah played a role in dividing India and though we are told that he was secular, things didn't remain the same after his death in Pakistan. Still, the surname invites extreme reactions.

Nobody knows it better than LK Advani who fell out of favour with RSS for his speech in Pakistan in which he had termed Jinnah as a secular leader.

I am sure that no other party in India, especially in North India, can think of sending a Jinnah to parliament. Only Kalaignar could do it. And it's not just AA Jinnah. In fact, two Jinnahs had fought the Lok Sabha elections from Chennai.

One of them who contested on 'Amma' Jayalalitha's ticket, lost by a narrow margin. Else we might have seen an AIADMK's Jinnah in Lok Sabha also. So how come so many Jinnahs suddenly appear?

I found that one of them was named Jinnah because he was born in pre-independene era and the father named sons after famous personalities and gave full such names like Abul Kalam Azad etc.


Amitabh said...

Don’t be such sarcastic,
RSS never had a problem with the word 'Jinnha'. It is Jinnha 'the divider' whom the normal Indians also don't like, RSS has problem and what’s wrong with that. Anyone who loves their country should not like those who have done wrong to their country. I’m not saying all the time you have to climb to the mountain and shout but yes when required do not hesitate to show your disliking.

And anyone irrespective from their religion would not like him as he has given the country like ‘Pakistan’. It is he who decided the Pakistan should be a Muslim state rather than a secular state. How could we forgive him for his lust for the power we are suffer from the cancer called terrorism.

priyanka said...

Intresting post.
I feel astonished that why people put so much stress on the surnames and names??? We should try to come out the old irrtional name game. Whats is a name?
At least we should try to inculcate the practice of giving importance to the work of a person.
The RSS and gang will continue to make red faces. The best way to deannounce bigotic fundamentalist forces is to ignore them. Who cares? It will now be speculated that how efficiently Mr. Jinnah works in his office..If he works well, all else is ok.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Ughh!! . . . There might be many good-hearted people who would feel its alrite. . . Newaz. . . I think its totally gross. :/ . And i dont mean that its the party's fault. . I mean the parents were crazy to name their children that. . .

The man born before independence. . Well. . Uska bad luck. . . But anyone being named 'the name' after independence is so so so ugly. Maybe people find it a beautiful name. . Or whatever. . . But seriously, couldn you think of ANY other name when you were naming your child? ? ?

but, i think there is no fault on part of the party. . Coz i believe even if there is a man named HITLER who deserves to be in the parliament , SHOULD be in the parliament.
the name should not be a factor for deciding this person's fate in politics.

im only amazed at the people who could name their child THAT.
very personally speaking, i think this name is to an Indian . . . What the name 'yazeed' would be for a Muslim. I wudn name my child 'yazeed' and waise hi i wont name my child in a way that sounds so blasphemous of India. :( :( :(

urdudaaN said...

What's the issue with the name Jinaah/Jinah? It's a name after all.

@Amittab, How do you spell the Jalianwala bagh officer's name?

Anser Azim said...

I do not think a muslim nationalist like MAK Azad with a skull cap, a goatie and with a Islamic degree and his eloquence can be voted to parliament from a Hindu or Sikh dominated area. Things have changed. We live in a different India than what was 100 years ago!!!

indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
indscribe said...

@ Amitabh: I am not being sarcastic. Just that it is not practical for any party in North India to field a Mr Jinnah in any election.

Believe me other parties would pounce upon the party and and candidate and it will become impossible to run even the campaign.

However, in most parts of South India (except Karnataka that is also going North Indian way), it's a different situation.

@ Priyanka: Nice to see your comment. You are right.

@ Jalpari: Talking of names, often parents have something in mind and the events take such a different turn that they regret.

One of my acquaintance's name was Babar. He did his graduation in 1986-87. In almost every interview he faced, he was asked about his name and its meaning as it was the peak of Ram Mandir movement. Others asked whether it was related to Babbar Khalsa as in those days even Punjab was in flames.

Those named Osama or Usama must be feeling disturbed. In early 90s, Saddam was suddenly a popular name. But when he was demonised, hunted and later hanged, the kids who became boys and youth must have felt the same.

@ Urdudaan, Anser Azim Sb: Thanks for your comments.

Danesh said...

I am happy to hail from a state that was tolerant enough to have two Jinnahs in the fray. It was odd to see cutouts and banners of the AIADMK Jinnah all over Chennai city. He was a lawyer too.

Ye manzilen !! said...

a flower by any other name would still be a ....
I found this to be funny...nothing else....Tx.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Ya, thats true. . . And that is why i told ki for the person who was born before independence, its HIS bad luck, not the parents fault. I was talkin of people who name their kids knowin it full on that this name would imply a hundred things.
we heard on news rite, of the kids who were named after George Bush. . And today, these people regret ever namin their kids that way.
but even after all the 'name' Bush has earned, if someone names his child 'George Bush' , it is very obvious that people will consider it to be in appreciation of Bush.
now this is a possibility which is ok, coz of course there must be Bush supporters round the world.
But naming a child 'Jinnah' in India, AFTER all that happened. . . Implies wat? ? ? You liked wat happened? India was broken and you think its ok? And of course Jinnah was responsible, partly. . If not wholly, for what happened.

we all tend to name our children after good people we meet, in our daily lives too. . We tend to associate names with people we previously know.
and thats why i personally believe, that in TODAY'S india, rather, POST-PARTITION india. . Naming your child so doesnt speak well of you.

Amitabh said...

though you guys might like to know this.

RSS chief saying

Anonymous said...

There is a tamil film producer whose name is also Jinnah, and he is very young. In Tamilnadu even the name 'Ravan' is acceptable, the Tamilnadu football team has one of its member by that name.
The name of Dy. Chief Minister of Tamilnadu is 'Stalin' (Future CM) and another minister's name is 'Nehru', and one of the DMK's minister in Manmohan Singh's cabinet goes by the name of 'Napolean'. A Congress MP from Tamilnadu has 'Tagore' to his name.
Believe it or not one of my relative has named his son 'Bill Gates' (Yes,we are tamils).

Mimi said...

Funny even after 61 years 'some' people cannot accept partition and cannot get over the fact that Pakistan is a country, a reality. People claim they live in a modern world and are progressive thinkers but they are the ones who dwell in the past the most.

Even though Pakistan has problems 'nobody' has the right to question it's existence, how about a British coming and asking Indians what you have achieved from Independence? Even they can show you a long list of wrong stuff happening in India, how would it feel?

Firstly the idea of Pakistan wasn't even Muhammad Ali Jinnah's, it was Allama Iqbal's (who wrote Saray Jahan sse acha hindustaan humara) Muhammad ali jinnah knew he was going to die of TB before the partition and if it was for the lust of power he would probably spend his end days resting not doubling his working hours. His doctor was a Hindu and after his death when the doctor was asked why he didn't tell anyone about his disease because people thought if they knew they would have resisted longer, but the doctor answered by saying 'my job does not allow me to do that', honesty at it's best.

Lastly YOU are suffering from cancer called terrorism? You only had Mumbai attacks. It is Pakistanis who are dying in thousands of number civilians as well as armed forces. Besides I have told you enough about who is doing what in Pakistan.

Pakistanis don't want to be with Indians and Indians don't want to be with Pakistanis than why the hue and cry? I do know India-Pakistan can never be best of friends there will always be finger pointing at one time or another but at least we can try to be good 'distant' neighbours, how much longer will we keep crying about the past?

Amitabh said...

@ Mimi,
Well I’m not interested in Jinnah. But tell me what India’s fault that she is suffering from cancer. It is because of Pakistan, no matter under whose influence it has done, India is suffering. India never asks for those men which Pakistan has sent to Mumbai. What Pakistan has done to tackle terrorism releasing the person who is responsible for Mumbai attack. This shows how irresponsible Pakistan could be. SHAME ON YOU.

Pakistan is suffering or the best word would be is being punished by its own deeds. And pl don’t tried to be innocent that you people have been made to support to terrorism. It is the part of your foreign policy. You can’t beat India face to face so try beating them in this way. You have lost it earlier and you will lose it this time also.

Jai Hind!!

Mimi said...


I think your media didn't tell you that Pakistan has asked for 'proof' against Hafiz Sayeed. The JuD has even appealed against there ban to the UN. The last time India answered Pakistan's question the Pakistan spokesperson said they have received it another language and asked it to be sent in English or Urdu. Now who is delaying the case and acting irresponsible India or Pakistan?

It is our foreign policy to support terrorism? Even Rahul Gandhi has openly said about how they 'divided Pakistan'.

The US has said that India has turned into a hub for supply of funds to terrorists due to its network of ‘Hundi’ and ‘Hawala’ system of funds remittances. US State Office report said that India should take up effective law making for combating money laundering and halting the supply of 'funds' to terrorists.

The weapons recovered from terrorist in swat are Indian and Russian weapons.

Some foreign media has even pointed out about the terrorist camps India has in Afghanistan in the name of embassy. Journalists have even mentioned that Indian minsters told them off the record that they are active in Pakistan.

Now who is scared of fighting Pakistan face to face?

Anonymous said...

What exactly do we mean by partition of India? In order to partition something, there must be a unified, undivided form of it first.

Was there such an India? There never was. There were more than 400 over so called princely states, which in fact were different countries as they had their own military, finance and other systems.

So what is this partition?

Amitabh said...

Who is this moron?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous of comment#16

Partition means throwing out of millions of Hindus and Sikhs from the lands their forefathers had lived in for centuries.
What was their fault that they were thrown out of their homes? Why were so many slaughtered and women dishonoured?
If Jinnah wanted pakistan peacefully then why did he call for "direct action" in Bengal which led to huge riots over there?

Jinnah has the blood of a million innocent people on his hands. Had it not been for his evil deeds the violent partition would not have taken place.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12 June, 2009 22:16

Stop trying to show that Hindus and Sikhs were the only one that suffered, what about the 2.5 crore Muslims who left for Pakistan and ONLY 50 Lakh reached, the rest were all killed. Thousands of Muslim girls abducted and raped.

Jinnah's evil deeds? When some Hindus themselves say they are happy to get rid of so many muslims than why complain about Jinnah?

Qatar Jeyakumar said...

Karunanidhi is such a criminal and he does everything for the sake of minority votes . He is bit ahead in pacify the defiant minority Muslims who wants to stand on their own legs. He is the one behind the all the communal riots in Tamilnadu, and now he is crushing Muslims political uprising terming them as Thankless people, as if he is paying everything from his pocket