Monday, January 18, 2010

Hindu saints' solidarity for man fasting for Batla House judicial inquiry

A large number of Hindu saints, sadhus and mahants are expressing solidarity with Ahsan Khan, who has been on a fast unto death demanding institution of a judicial probe into the Batla House encounter case.

Khan, whose condition is now critical, on the 25th day of his fast, has got support from all cross-sections of society. Religious figures of both the communities, Hindu and Muslim leaders, intellectuals and writers have expressed their solidarity with him.

Strangely, it seems that such news get lost somewhere on way from Azamgarh to Delhi. It fails to reach even Lucknow. Khan has been urging UPA government to institute a judicial inquiry, which is a genuine demand in case of any encounter death.

Further, the point that when personalities ranging from Maulana Imran Falahi to Mahant Baba Somnath visit him, pledging their support for his cause, should such a news be blacked out?

Meetings are being organised and residents cutting across social strata are voicing concern over his deteriorating health, as also about the apathy of the Centre towards the agitation in Azamgarh.

If there is Arabic Teachers' Association's Abdul Qadir who is speaking for Ahsan Khan, there is also Bar Council's head Rajendra Prasad who held a meeting for the cause. Social activist Krishna Kumar Pandey is also holding programmes just like Maulana Muzaffar Islahi.

It again proves our pluralstic culture. When Azamgarh was termed Aatank-garh and four million Azamgarhis [80% of them Hindus] were demonised, then also the town had seethed with anger. Both Hindus and Muslims were equally pained as just because of suspicion of terrorist links on a few youths, a historical town and the entire district was defamed.

Did Delhi notice it then? When there is a man undergoing 'aamran-anshan', Hindu and Muslim religious leaders approach him. Once again Delhi will either ignore it or won't bother to see it. It doesn't fetch TRPs, perhaps.

It is not necessary that all of them consider the encounter at Jamia Nagar in Delhi as fake. However, as citizens of a democratic nation, they are concerned that demand for a probe shouldn't be pushed under the carpet by the Congress-led government, as it leaves a lot of doubts and also puts a question mark on the credibility of a state.