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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Muslim youths take out rally for return of Kashmiri Pandits

A social organisation comprising Muslim youths took out a rally asking for Kashmiri Pandits' return to the Valley. The organisation named--REASON--said that it had absolutely nothing to do with politics but wanted KPs back in their homeland.

The organisers said that the exodus of the Pandits hurt the composite age-old culture of the state and urged all the parties to take up the cause. The youths who had no political affiliation gathered in Pratab Park near Lal Chowk, holding placards that read messages urging the government to facilitate ther return.

I read about it in Urdu papers, however, I couldn't find any news item in mainstream media. After searching through archives of papers and sites, I found this report in India Today.

"There is a widespread sentiment among Kashmiri Muslims that Pandits should return. We have decided to give voice to the popular sentiment," said Jehangir Raina, a software engineer, reports India Today's Naseer Ganai.

He said the campaign didn't have links with any political group. "Pain is pain, whether it is of Muslims, Jews or Hindus. We want to show solidarity with the Pandits who have suffered for years," Raina said, as per this report.

Though a rally can't undo the damages of decades, it surely has more than a symbolic value. Militancy is surely on the wane and if young Kashmiris walk on the streets of Sri Nagar, for the cause of Kashmiri Pandits, it does prove to some extent that the much-talked-about Kashmiriyat was not just a term. Certainly there must be more such voices and concrete action needed in future.

Kashmiri Pandits have been bitter as political parties haven't done enough for them. But news reports like these that present a positive news [of harmony and hope] should be highlighted in mainstream media. Ironically, this rally largely went unnoticed.


Talking Skull said...

Sorry for the blunt response on this.

Assuming that this rally did happen, I am pretty sure it was a small group of sane Kashmiris doing that. I don't think this can be extended as a wider ramification reflecting the sentiments of Kashmir in general. Kashmir's anti-Hindu sentiment and pro-Pakistan tilt was amply evident on the audio & visual media during last year's Amarnath Land fiasco. Period.

While I love your site for the impartial articles, and highlighting the lesser-known socio-political issues, I guess that you are either too optimistic or completely disconnected from reality. Sorry for a blunt response.

Pinku said...

Thats such a lovely piece of news ...thanks for sharing..

On this note I hope the new year and decade progresses on the road to harmony and peace for all.

Saif said...

Nice post as usual.
@Talking Skull : I agree with you that "anindianmuslim" is too optimistic.I can relate to it as I am one myself.
We all know Amarnath Land issue was politically motivated, for the sake of J&K elections so are other multitude of riots that have taken place in India.
Kashmir has a majority of Muslim population & geographically and culturally closer to Pakistan, I still find it impressive irrespective of its bitter history, an effort is being made, even though small is being made by Muslims for its people i.e. Kashmiri's to return.
Can we say the same about Ahemadabad or Kandhmahal?
Boond boond se sagar bharta hai mere dost..

indscribe said...

@ Talking skull: I understand your feelings but lately I have heard several other encouraging voices from young Kashmiris.

@ Thanks Piku Ji. And of course Saif sahab.

Sujatha said...

that was a very brave and heart warming thing to do. we need more such positive actions across the world by the common man to stop divisions and hatred created by selfish politicians.
well done ,again,indscribe, for publishing such positive stories.

Amitabh said...

don't make news. Do you think if these things happend in Kashmir, our "secular" media won't notice at all.

I have gone to kashmir and I know things personaly.

indscribe said...

@ Thanks Sujatha ji

@ Amitabh: It has been reported in papers including India Today, which is known to have some right-wing leanings. See link http://bit.ly/7X9DOW

Only recently Muslims helped Pandits in restoration of an old temple. This news also got reported at several places but you perhaps watch channels that like sensational news and it can't get much TRP in their crime capsules or news bulletins.

Amit J said...

this ought to shut some of those idiots on the 'right' side of things ;)

The Chef said...

Very courageous and sensible act. i wish this Kashmir issue gets resolved in my lifetime and i get to visit the place i have seen in so many Shammi movies. But that won't happen. I think it is not a issue of being close to Pakistan geo&culture way. It is a general issue with every ethnic identity in India. Nagas, Gorkhas, Tamils, Sikhs,, everybody at some point of time has forgotten that they are part of larger picture called India. May be Govt. of India doesn't know how to integrate it's people and care for them or may be with hundreds of ethnicities it indeed is a difficult task.

rageaddict said...

Return? Why? To have there existence wiped out.

No more lies... No more lies!!

worshipwiththetruth said...



Asslamu alaikum..............

i saw your blog is very informative..................

thanks & Regards


Akbar Zahid said...

آپ کا بلاگ خوبصورت ہے معنوعی اعتبار سے بھی اور ظاھری اعتبار سے بھی۔ مبارکباد قبول ہو۔
اکبر زاھد

Anonymous said...

This positive step is a great step towards healing. So right the young man is when he says: Pain is pain, whether it is of Muslims, jews or Hindus! God bless all such initiatives.

I am commeting on your blog for the first time. It's a good blog you have here!

Best wishes,

history_lover said...

This is a long over due step.
however it is too little and too late.
No wonder most Kashmir Pandits are angry at us muslims because of the terrorism in Kashmir.

indscribe said...

@ Amit Bhai, The Chef, Shareknowledge, Akbar Sb, Anjali Ji and all others thanks for your comments. History_lover nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...


Vamsi said...


I am happy to see this news. Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai...

Optimism is out of Courage to raise again even after a fall. Raise again and again, if not to stand, at least to show the courage of raising.

Practical thinking is good. But it should not lead to pessimistic conclusions. Apply practical analysis to find a soution to the situations. Empower people to understand how they are related, not by relegion, nor by region just by humanism.

We are all children of god.

Some call dad, some call papa, some call abba jan so on and so forth.
But the father (the original role, not a name again) does not change. Neither his love towards his children.

Same way, some call Allah, some call Jesus, some call Ram, some call Guru, so on and so forth.

The eternal source of peace is same what ever the religion we follow.

Every religion says the same. Be of help to the needy. Just be that. What ever religion you belong to, you belong to all religions.

Let's align ourselves towards integrity and humanism.