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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Maharashtra Mess: Blame Congress' Politics, Not Just Shiv Sena-MNS

While Shiv Sena has been criticised from all quarters for dividing the society on linguistic and regionalistic lines, the role of the supposedly responsible Congress and its strategy hasn't got enough attention.

In fact, the party is again back to its old style of dangerous politics: Procrastinate, panic and pander.

Congress is at the helm at the Centre and in Maharashtra and no where elections are due in near future. But still, it has chosen to remain inactive.

Threats to Hindi speakers, North Indians, letters to cinema hall owners and actors are all in public domain. There are evidences sufficient to take action and prosecute the culprits who are dividing the society.

In case of any ordinary citizen issuing a mildly irresponsible statement, section 153 (A) of Indian Penal Code is applied. Ordinary citizen who breaks law a couple of times gets booked under NSA or is externed. 

Why no action has been taken against Sena? Who stops the Congress? The party is simply playing politics. Clearly, it enjoys the sight of Shiv Sena and MNS fighting and taking the fascistic rhetoric up in their tussle to score over each other, as it helps the party in the longer run.

Else, in a situation of such constitutional breakdown where MLAs are beaten up in Assembly for taking oath in Hindi and threats are openly issued, the government should have taken sternest measures. Both Raj and Uddhav should have been charged with such sections.

Two small parties, none of which is in power in a state, are running the state by proxy through terror and hooliganism. In a situation when even BJP has opposed Sena, Congress' silence could would shame any responsible political outfit.

Its chief minister, Ashok Chavan, recently issued a similar diktat about Marathi to taxi drivers. Though it was withdrawn after Delhi's intervention and Chavan 'clarified' what he meant, the truth is that Congress must get more blame for the crisis, than the small recalcitrant outfits--Sena or the MNS. What was the need for such a statement?

What the Maharashtra unit of party merely says is, 'we will take action'. Nonsense. What action and when. You can't provide security or lock up rowdies. Theatre owners themselves remove posters of Shahrukh Khan's movie, fearing trouble. So where is the government that was elected to provide security?

When the distrust among communities would reach a higher level and if things would take a nasty turn, it will start pandering to both sections. That will further create a divide. This has been the style of Congress until 90s. In Sonia Gandhi's first term, the party seemed changing the direction but now it's back to its old role.


Congress leader Digvijay Singh reached Azamgarh and said that he had his doubts about the Batla House encounter. It's again a similar story. Firstly, it was the Congress-led UPA government that was at the helm when the incident occurred.

In any case of police encounter, judicial inquiry is held. Congress is also the ruling party in Delhi. But the Delhi police affidavit in the court, contesting the demand for inquiry and the Lieutenant Governor's refusal to give nod for the probe, are proof of the party's position.

Doesn't the Delhi police function under Chief Minister Sheila Dixit? And because Muslims in UP have alternatives--BSP and SP, the party lets its national general secretary Digvijay Singh state that the encounter was held in suspicious circumstances.

It's crystal clear that the Congress is fast getting back to its old culture when it couldn't bear the sight of a communist government and got it toppled, when it didn't like the idea of Akalis ruling Punjab and in order to grab this small state created a frankenstein, Bhindranwale, and when the situation went out of hand, went for the unfortunate Operation Blue Star.

Don't redress the issue in the beginning and let the wounds fester until it reaches critical stage--that's the Congress style. Hindus were upset due to killings in Punjab, so the Ram temple issue was given a fresh lease of life.

As Muslims got angry, Congress tried to assuage their feelings in Shahbano case. Now Hindus were more angry. The party put India's social fabric at stake. It dind't want to take a blame. It neither fought Hindu right-wing movement, nor acepted its mistake. It didn't order firing or keeping the premises secure.

Ultimately BJP and Mulayam Singh Yadav became the aggressors and the defenders respectively while Congress cleverly exited the state. But the party and the country paid price. And it took it two decades to recover for Congress but once again, it's back to its past political style.

The party could have contained MNS in the beginning but it used Raj's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena to cut into Sena's vote. Now both fight an ugly battle and India suffers. We blame Australians for the attacks on Indians in Oz.

But can we take action and keep our house in order? Sometimes one does feel that had there been no Gujarat carnage and the arrogance & non-repentence of party leadership in the state, Muslims won't have returned to the often-arrogant Congress' fold in such hurry.

In the end Congress remains Congress.


Sujatha said...

very well analysed.unfortunately,none of the main news media/channels seem to have done this and so the damage goes on.

cheap r4 said...

The MNS has clamped a ban on all forthcoming films of Amitabh Bachchan and his family members. Ever-so-ready activists of his MNS went around defacing endorsement hoardings and film posters featuring the Bachchans.

The Chef said...

Very well written. The Kangress is as much responsible for everything as everybody else. Lets see what turn the Shah Rukh- Sena spat takes

Amitabh said...

His name is Shah Rukh ‘Pakistani’. When we have to pressurize Pakistan to dismantle the terror farms words like this only encourage Pakistan to do nothing.
Why would they do when their players are getting good money and terrorists are killing Indians (both civilians and officers are busy). They are using our resource to use against us. Its is the same way when Amitabh Bachan becomes a brand Ambassador of Gujarat not Narender Modi, still you ppl feel that he is supporting Modi itself. Then why when it comes to Pakistan all you Muslims take side of that country.
This is a big dent in Hindu-Muslim unity.

Anonymous said...

Great piece -- the write is to be congratulated. I would be fully convinced about his attitude only if he also includes Kashmir, Article 370 and the plight of Kashmiri Pandits -- under the regime of the same Congress he criticizes. Else, I will assume him to be just one more Muslim whose interests focus only on the Ummah (dragging in other groups like Dalits only to make his case, but ignoring the plights of Muslim Dalits and also the widespread prevalance of caste and racial discrimination among Muslims themselves in EVERY nation where Muslims live).

indscribe said...

Thanks Sujatha, The Chef.

Mr Amitabh.
Shahrukh has much better credentials than these divisive Thackerays. His father was a freedom fighter and his marriage was solemnised by General Shahnawaz, who was one of the main commanders of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army.

I refrain from saying it but you have also shown the same mindset. Shahrukh is not a politician but he is also one of those who has played a part in the overall effort of this generation of Indians to create a better image of the country, outside.

However, it is an irony that those who never participated in freedom movement today judge patriotism of others.

Those intent on spreading terror today through their words can go to any lenths but its disgusting if someone casts aspersions on others just because of his religion.

Amitabh Bachchan has buckled so many times that he no longer commands the respect. He cosies up with Amar Singh, then goes to Thackeray because MNS threatened him, his wife remains with Mulayam and he goes to Modi.

This guy who inspired millions should have taken a stand against fascism. But he cowered, went to Bal Thackeray when Raj warned him on Hindi-Marathi issue.

As a hero and son of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Amitabh should have shown courage. But he bows to anybody.

Had he taken a stand and spoken for North Indians, the country would have supported him. Sad that this man has no conviction.

He was my hero also but he came out poorly in every situation. In fact, one must salute SACHIN TENDULKAR who though stays away from politics, said that I am first an indian and then Marathi [Maharashtrian].

Men like Gavaskar, Tendulkar and a lot of others are our heroes. Shahrukh has also shown courage. Amitabh hasn't.

So if he shares your name that doesn't mean, you should support him even after his repeated failings and inability to speak for the society that gave him respect and love.

The Chef said...

Yes, Amitabh , considering he has the mightiest of images in Bollywood, had he stood his ground he would have gained a lot of respect for himself and could have made a serious dent in SS-MNS ideology. But he chose to be spineless. Tendulkar came out very rational and look SS-MNS could not do anything other than pass some remarks against him. They can't stop him from playing.
Though i am against Art 370 this post had nothing to do with that. Let the blogger write a post on kashmir / 370 and we can debate

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Very neutral.

Regarding Shah Rukh, I don't subscribe to his stand about including Pakistani players in IPL3. Why doesn't Kolkota Knight Riders (owned by Shah Rukh) bid for Pakistani players?

Yuyutsu said...

Rightly said, Adnan -- it's the Congress which lets the situation drift (or actively encourage it behind the scenes) and worsen first for a few votes and then panics when it gets out of control. All this nonsense of MNS could have been stopped right when it started and now it's threatening to get totally out of hand. From Kashmir to Punjab to North East and the entire Ram-Mandir movement, it was the Congress which should take lion's share of the blame.

As for SRK, I think his comments were totally irresponsible -- if he wanted Pakistani players for IPL, he could have bid for them - who/what was stopping him?(both Chidambram and Lalit Modi said that there was no pressure from Govt. - so he can't hide behind that excuse). He didn't bid for any players himself and then acted as 'holier than thou' than all other team owners by making press releases.

When he cam under some pressure, he mixed the issue with some comments on Mumbai for all Indians and Sena being Sena - totally devoid of any worthwhile issue - jumped right into it. I don't even see how the 2 issues came to be connected together.

In the end, SRK is an astute businessman - all he has ensured by creating this controversy is that his movie is a big hit.

I am sure when he comes back to India, he will issue some 'clarification' on him being misquoted/misunderstood and then patch up with the Thackerays (who are happy because they got their share of limelight and some media attention).

Nyayman said...

Indscribe's article is quite apt and praise worthy.However, it must not be lost sight of that Congress is also a political party keen on establishing itself as the most popular party.
Congress has to be blamed for making MNS go so far.That tactics paid fat dividends in the last maha elections.Now , under new leadership, Congress is in a position to show SS&MNS their rightful places,Rahul's visit has initiated that programme.
Lastly, 2009 has proved that the days of divisive forces are over.Let us hope Congress leads as a real and enviable leader.

Sandeep Monga said...

Adnan,Amitabh is not spineless,He says things very rightly,he never buckled ,He has said always that each part of country belongs to everyone,he wrote wonderfully in his blog yesterday also without mentioning any names.He said he didn't want to hurt anyone & also may be his producers pressurised him,another thing even Shahrukh has backed down from what he said earlier.He never suported Amitabh or Jaya or Aamir,he kept quiet while Amitabh said that Fana should be released in Gujrat.Shahrukh is good at manipulating media,thats it
.Read Amitabh's blog if you can & try to understand what he says & if you can't keep a dictionary with you.Bottomline Shahrukh has never ever taken a stand in anyone's favour.

indscribe said...

@ Sandeep Ji: It's quite another thing to say that every part of India belongs to every Indian, and then going to seek blessings of Thackerays.

Anybody can say such a thing. The son of Harivansh Rai Bachchan is not expected to be so meek. Even Shipla Shetty speaks more than that.

Just recall what had happened when Jaya had said that she would speak in Hindi. Raj had asked Bachchan to tender public apology.

Jaya had apologised but Raj said he was not satisfied. Then Bachchan had to publicly apologise.

The issue that Amitabh Bachchan is such a big icon that he if speaks, nobody can dare go against him.

The public anger would be impossible to dealt with for the party.

I am not a fan of Shahrukh. But at least he has not apologised and repeatedly said that why should he apologise and for what.

When Tendulkar courageously said that he was Indian first, Shiv Sena couldn't dare go after a certain point except saying that he has failed Marathi populace and wasn't aware of the sacrifice of the agitators who laid their lives for Mumbai's inclusion in Maharashtra.

It was because Sachin is such a big icon cutting across every cross-section that opposing him, would harm Shiv Sena.

The problem is that educated class and the prominent citizens don't take stand adequately.

Sandeep Monga said...

Adnan,May be he did so because his producer said so,Sharukh also said ,that if all the parties concerned with the film decide to say sorry I am willing to do so & do not ask us film people to be brave to be on a thursday also he said that too Barkha do u think that Karan said sorry(BombY VS mUMBi stupidity) at the time of the release of Wake up Sid without consulting me.Shahrukh also did not speak in faour of Jaya or Aamir.I will again mention Amitabh's Blog to you,what is a stand if not saying that every Indian can stay & work anywhere & I will stay in Mumbai no one can tell me to go anywhere,but I will protect your right to express your opinion also.Sharukh said to Barkha on NDV that he has his own ideology so has Shiv Sena & no one has to loose their ideology,what shit is this .couldn't he say that hindutva or the kind of hindutva Sena follows is wrong,no He didn't have the guts ,where is the stand?.He apologised to some people who said that he said something against Muhammad(PBUH),while he said nothing offensive,where were his guts then or do you think that it is ok to bow to Muslim fundamentalists but not to Hindu funadamentalists.Billu Barber becomes Billu because some Muslim barbers object to it ,where were his guts then?There may be other barbers also at that time but this media showed only muslims i.e why this impression.He should behave exactly in the same way to every idiotic & insane & third rated fundamentalist otherwise he should keep his stupid mouth shut.He is willing to have a cup of coffe with Bal Thackrey,Y do you think no one understand what he means ?I support this stand that art & sports & culture should be left alone but when Kargil happened then we broke all sporting contact with Pakistan,I fully support the notion that the Pakistani players should have not been put up for auction is no ne had to buy them & it should have been handled in a dignified manner.But then again this gutsy owner of KKR had no guts to buy even a single one of them & he also fully agrees that there are issues.Amitabh supported him on this(CNN IBN interview with Rajdeep).You are right when you say that it is the Congress who is bloody well reponsible for almost every mess we have in this country.Yes these celebrities should be more open & take a stand.but as gutsy Shahrukh himself says that it is not one but 72 times bitten &144 times shy in case of celebrities.

indscribe said...

@ Sandeep Bhai: I understand what you mean to say and I do agree to a lot of it but my point is that Amitabh is too big a personality and that is what one had expectations from him.

He flirted with politics and his wife is still in politics, and that's why one expected it from him. When he says something publicly, it carries much more weight than on blog. Khair.

anirban said...

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hot politico said...

congress has always cheated the indian muslims and more communal than even muslim league.its pseudo secular politics and opprtunist politics is known to all.indian muslims should start a separate party at national level.why should muslims vote for forhindu congress candidates in muslim dominated areas.if congress is truly secular it should make a muslim as party chief