Saturday, June 05, 2010

Urdu newspapers hail Mamata Banerjee's success

Mamata Banerji's Trinamool Congress won the polls for civic bodies in West Bengal, which has jolted the Left front.

Though Urdu press appeared backing Mamata, the reaction in some of the newspapers has been euphoric.

Kolkata-based Akhbar-e-Mashriq [see page on the left] devoted the entire front page and inside pages, hailing the victory.

The headline 'Ghuroor Gharat', translated as End of Arrogance, along with the caption about Trinamool's wave sweeping across Shahar-e-Nishat [Kolkata or City of Nishat ie Joy], shows the obvious support for the party.

Not only front page but inside pages also have couplets on Mamata Bannerji. Delhi-based papers didn't go overboard but poets have eulogised Mamata Banerjee and couplets hailing her win, have been published in most papers including Roznama Sahara. So much poetry, including Qatas!

Was the Left front government too bad for Muslims? On law-and-order front, it kept the state riot free. But after Sachar commission report, the discomfort of Muslims was obvious as they formed 25% of state population but were nowhere seen in services.

Perhaps, a 32 year rule was too long and all sections wanted change. The left retained its core support for decades due to the land reforms initiated in the past. But Nandigram and Singur angered rural folk. Muslims who are mostly inhabiting rural areas got more disturbed.

Though Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and his CPM comrades kept on claiming that the minorities would be given due share, the recent selection of 800 government employees in clerical posts, again proved that the promises were hollow as not even 2% Muslims were inducted.

Mamata is known to be mercurial and nobody knows how much change she can bring about in West Bengal, if she manages to win the Assembly elections. But, presently its Mamata's moment, after routing one of the most enduring leftist reign.