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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mahlaqa Chanda: Forgotten Urdu poetess before Ghalib


Mahlaqa Chanda had already compiled her first collection of poetry and attained fame when legendary Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib was just a year old.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Mahlaqa's tomb which remained neglected for long.

It was heartwarming to see that the tomb is being renovated at a time when Mahlaqa's poetry is once again drawing attention.

Mahlaqa's couplets represent the prevalent poetic taste of the era:

ham se kare hai yaar bayaaN apnii chaah kaa
haazir haiN ham bhii gar ho iraada nibaah kaa

Mahlaqa was a devout Shia and her devotion towards Hazrat Ali is visible in innumerable ghazals.

paiGhaam sabaa jaa ke mere yaar se kahnaa
betaab huuN us Ghairat-e-gulzaar se kahnaa

Chanda's divan has numerous such asha'ar. For example:

The truth was that Mahlaqa was an extraordinary artiste. Ironically she was even termed a tawaif in the sense of prostitute, which is a grave injustice to her.

Mahlaqa was a poetess, a celebrity classical singer and renowned danseuse of her era.

Mahlaqa's tomb
They briefly stayed at a place, Devalia, before shifting to Burhanpur, and later settling in Aurangabad where Mahlaqa was born.

Her intellect and literary taste were widely regarded. She was renowned for her mastery on dhrupad apart from khayal tappa.

A prominent personality, she lived in Khasa Mahal with hundreds of khadims at her disposal.

Mahlaqa's estate was spread over Syedpalli, Chanderguda, Chandapeth, Ali Bagh and several other areas.


Random said...
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Amit J said...

Shams Sahib,
جانے آپ اردو شاعری کے بھولے ہوئے تاریک گوشوں سے یہ گوہر کیسے ڈھونڈ کے لے آتے ہیں
keep it up

Dr Mazhar Khan said...

Salam....It was a really well written and well researched article. Came to know so much about the intellect of women Shayara Sahibas.
Thank You.

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Allah Hafiz
Dr Mazhar Khan

indscribe said...

Amit bhai: Thanks. Chaliye kisi aise muqaam ka programme banaya jaaye...ham-mizaaj log hoN to baat hi kuchh aur hoti hai.....

Mazhar Sahab: Shukria.

Hamid said...

" MahlaqaChanda:forgottenUrdu poetess before Ghalib"jesa tahqeeqi mazmoon parh ker khushi hoee.---Muhammad Hamid kamal(Narvi)=(hamidkamal@doctor.com).July,23,2010:at San Jose,CA,USA.

Hamid said...

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Anonymous said...

Hye, congratulation for your article. I'm a student of urdu, and I want to work on Mahlaqa's diwan-i. But, I come from Europe and I can't find her text. Please contact me on my e-mail! Maybe you could sent me the text.

Anonymous said...

Hye, congratulation for your article! I'm a student of urdu and want to work on Mahlaqa's text, but it's very difficult to find it in Europe. Maybe you could help me to get it. Please contact me. Thanks!!

Deepak said...

thanks for sharing such a nice and rare information....
Was Mahlaqa Chanda ever written in Devnagri Menu script..???? If yes then please let me know from where I can by that book ....
Thanks once again....

fija said...

i am not that good in urdu but i trying to learn this language ,
i always like to read shayaris of chacha galib .