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Sunday, May 29, 2011

'Eternal Suspects': Mistreating Kashmiri youths must stop, more sensitivity needed

Kashmiris treat us well. Do we return the gesture?
If you are a Hindu going to Kashmir for Amarnath Yatra or a Muslim going to the place to visit Hazrat Bal or simply a tourist going to have fun, you expect the local Kashmiris--the shop owners, the hoteliers, the person on the street, to treat you well.

But when the Kashmiri youth leave their state and comes to other parts of the country, do we treat him fairly?

कश्मीरी तब तक ही अच्छा है जब तक आप घूमने या अमरनाथ यात्रा के लिए कश्मीर जाएँ और वह आपका खच्चर खींचे, डल झील में शिकारेे पर सैर करवाए, होटल या दूकान में अच्छी तरह पेश आये, मेहमाननवाज़ी करे . उसकी तकलीफ से आपको कोई मतलब नहीं.

आप न सुनना चाहते हैं, न समझना. ये आपके अपने देशवासी हैं मगर आप वहां से सिर्फ ऐसा रिश्ता रखना चाहते हैं जैसे ये आपकी औपनिवेशिक कॉलोनी हो. जब कश्मीरी दुसरे प्रदेशों में पढ़ने जाता है या बिज़नेस के लिए निकलता है, आप उसका ये हाल करते हैं. पढ़िए, किस तरह आम कश्मीरी नौजवानों को कितनी आसानी से पुलिस 'संदिग्ध' कहती है, फिर मीडिआ 'आतंकी' और जब तक पुलिस माफ़ी मांगती है वह जेल जा चुके होते हैं और बदनामी साथ में मिल चुकी होती है. 

कश्मीर में तो एक छोटे से इलाके में सात लाख जवानों के बीच में दुनिआ के सबसे ज़्यादा मिलिट्राइजड जोन में वह दिन रात बदसुलूकी झेलते ही हैं. आर्मी की ट्रेनिंग होती है दुश्मन से लड़ने के लिए. कश्मीरी बच्चे मरते हैं तो आप 'स्कोर' की बात करते हैं. काश, हम सब हकीकत का सामना करें और अगर थोड़ी सी भी इंसानियत है, तो कश्मीरिओं को अपना समझें, समस्या के हल के लिए सोचें....


Either for higher education or for trade the Kashmiris who go to different states in the country remain the constant target of police.....

Besides, petty politicians and even section of belligerent right-wing local media looks upon Kashmiris as suspects [euphemism for militant or terrorist]. If you can read Hindi, just see these three reports and find out yourself how injustice is done and Kashmiris are branded as terrorists.


Just an example. This incident occurred a few months back. Such things keep happening in other states also. Kindly read the following points.:

1. Two youths who 'looked suspicious' were caught in Madhya Pradesh and detained for questioning.

2. Nothing objectionable was found but an evening newspaper published a false news that 'Terrorists were arrested.

3. The other Hindi newspapers, apprehending that their competitors might do 'sensational stories', also wrote that they were terrorists, even though the journos privately knew that there was no evidence.

4. The State police chief clearly said later that no terror links were found.

5. But as the papers had made a beginning, follow-up stories continued. If one links the youths with LeT, other paper finds a HuJI connection and the third paper even more shockingly said they were Hezbollah activists active in India and came to establish base.

6. Police tried to clear air but some politicians also jumped in the fray. Xenophobic statements were aired as to how Kashmiris are getting 'easy entry' everywhere in India and getting admissions at the expense of local students in colleges.

7. Other Kashmiri youths living in private hostels and in rented houses got fearful. Once again it was tough to get accommodation due to surcharged atmosphere.

8. For days newspapers kept printing unsubstantiated, totally false reports. Once a reporter has filed a sensational report, next day he can't naturally tell his chief that his earlier report was wrong and trying to justify that, unnamed sources and highly placed intelligence sources were quoted.


9. The court acquits the youths, gives the police a dressing down. There is protest from a section of activists about demonising, harassing the Kashmiris.

10. Some papers finally see sense and put the blame squarely on police for botching up the case and arresting the youths just to get accolades, as they rarely get to catch criminals in normal cases of crime. Citizens remain as confused as ever.

This is not a one-off incident. The issue is that students from J&K [not just Muslims, but also Hindus] find it tough to get house on rent anywhere in India, due to such incidents. Cops routinely harass them as if all of them are militants.

Cops can misbehave with them, newspapers can afford to write sensational reports about them and politicians can make wild objectionable comments because the guys who are framed and falsely implicated in such cases are mostly young students.

They rarely have enough money to sue the rags or the harassing policemen. As soon as they are let off from police custody, they feel that it's better to leave the place rather than stay, fight and make the police or press admit their mistake.

The civil society takes little interest. Just like casteist, communal and regional biases, this form of discrimination must also end. How else will we integrate them, when we as a society behave so badly with them, accuse them, brand them and worse, term them as terrorists?

In a country as huge as ours, there have been multiple issues ranging from complaints of bias by North Eastern Indians in Delhi to that of North Indians in Maharashtra. But apart from citizens, lot is needed to sensitize police and media persons as well.

کشمیری تب تک ہی اچھا ہے جب تک آپ گھومنے یا امرناتھ یاترا کے لئے کشمیر جایئں، وہ آپکا خچر کھینچے، ڈل چھیل میں شکارے پر سیر کرواۓ اور ہوٹل-دوکان میں آپکی مہمان نوازی کرے۔ اسکے دکھ درد سے آپکو کوئ واسطہ نہیں۔ کشمیری دینا کے سبسے زیادہ ملٹراییزڈ زوں میں سات لاکھ سیکیورٹی جوانوں کے بیچ رہتا ہے۔ بے عزت ہونا، پٹنا اور گولی کھانا اسکا مقدر ہے۔ آپکو اس سے کوئ ہمدردی نہیں۔ جب کشمیری دوسرے صوبے میں پڑھنے ہا بزنیز کرنے جاتا ہے، آپکا سلوک کیسا ہوتا ہے اور پولس کتنی آسانی سے اسے 'سندگدھ' یا 'آتنکی' کہہ دیتی ہے، یہ آرٹیکل پڑھیے اور سوچئے۔


[*For those not familiar with Hindi. The first newspaper headline says 'Terrorists caught, arms and documents recovered. The second newspaper also terms them as terrorists.

The third paper which changed its stand and was among the few papers to accept the earlier mistake, writes that the police had got the youths framed to get accolades. It also quotes Jammu and Kashmir IG who was incidentally in  Madhya Pradesh and spoke about the youth's innocence in a police conference in Bhopal]


final project presentation powerpoint said...

This reminds me of My name is Khan film. Our law states 'Let Hundred Guilty Be Acquitted But One Innocent Should Not Be Convicted'. Let us be to it.

How do we know said...

i like the way you put the point across.

Rishi said...

It is more of an conundrum really. There is no easy answers. Although I know and many friends of mine has to say we are welcome in Kashmir as tourist but not really as an Indian. It is not a comfortable place to flaunt an Indian identity. Hence perceive bias and suspcicion owing to a huge emotive political issue is indeed there on both sides and it would be hypocritical to say no one is immune to it including Kashmiris, Police and Politicians. Here I would not even want to drum about this one sided bias by highlighting plight of Kashmiri Pandits as it would dilute the debate into Hindu and Muslim animosity.

But few collateral damage owing to biases and with terrorism lomming large are bound to happen under the prevailing circumstances but all in all, it happens very rarely against Kashmiris and I have never seen it happen overtly. I say this because during my student days in Bangalore, I have come across many Kashmiri student and no one battled an eyelid. I have also stayed in Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi with quite a handful of Kashmiri Neigbours and even Afghans but they never ever felt threatened or uneasy and no one ever bothered them.

But at the same time, I would not defend Indian Police system. They way they operate and work, it still reminds me whey we are still a thrid world country. Police are the first and pivotal pillar of justice, law and order. If there is no justice, society can only turn to chaos.


indscribe said...

@ Thanks HDWK...

@ Rishi ji: Quite a good analysis by you. No easy answers. Of course, cops mostly target the vulnerable section, whoever it may be.

Indian said...

If you are a Hindu going to Kashmir for Amarnath Yatra or a Muslim going to the place to visit Hazrat Bal or simply a tourist going to have fun, you expect the local Kashmiris--the shop owners, the hoteliers, the person on the street, to treat you well.

But when the Kashmiri youth leave their state and comes to other parts of the country, do we treat him fairly?
Ya they treat us very fairly. We are not even allowed to buy lands in kashmir and go on talking about fairness.BE GENEROUS and kindness will be reciprocated.DO NOT SPREAD SUCH FALSE RUMOURS.

indscribe said...

My dear INDIAN

Even you can't buy land in North East. You can't buy land in parts of Himachal.

And for you kind information, you can't even go to Nagaland unless you get a PERMIT.

Do you even know that? Brother, this is not to be politicised. Some parties have made so much propaganda that many get such impression.

Even in tribal dominated areas in different parts of the country you have similar provisions.

By the way, one doesn't need any PERMIT to get into Jammu and Kashmir.

Anonymous said...

Bhaijaan, no post on the big number of SIMI terrorists arrested in MP? Selective reporting?

indscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
indscribe said...

Anon: It is not a news site and if members of a banned group or wanted persons are arrested, it is job of police.

If there is injustice, one can write. Things which don't get published in mainstream media, we try to write on blogs, all of us, to do whatever bit we can do. SIMI arrests have been extensively reported.

Meanwhile, as far as SIMI activists are concerned. The cops in MP can't act tough on right-wing extremists in BJP rule.

So naturally how will they justify importance of ATS unless they keep catching someone. At least, SIMI fits in that.

In the last 4-5 years, right-wing extremists from MP have been involved in many blasts but MP cops never arrested even one person.

But does one expect better! As far
as arrests of some SIMI members is concerned, it's good that the extremists are behind bars.

Muslims are worst affected due to such organisations, as their actions bring bad name to community.

Relatives of some of arrested youth who claimed that they were innocent, had approached adequate forums.

Once again I answered despite the earlier decision not to publish and reply to 'anonymous' persons.

But if don't, I feel guilty that I didn't let the person express his opinion on this minor blog.

Take care

Anonymous said...

you cant buy land in kashmir(muslim majority) or need a permit to go to nagaland (christian majority), and we call this secularism.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought about kashmir,



indscribe said...

Anonymous: Please look at things from an eye that is not blinded by communalism.

In tribal [Hindu dominated pockets] and in Uttarakhand and in Himachal Pradesh which are 95% Hindu also rules exist.

The aim is that rich outsiders shouldn't be able to buy every thing and reduce the local populace to penury or kill their culture.

Problem is you people don't read constitution, don't know about anything but just repeat the BJP-RSS propaganda....

Ahsan said...

how they can stop mistreating Kashmiris? Kashmiri wants freedom from 1st day.

Anonymous said...

guys you have worked hard enough for the last 20 yaers to get that treatment.face it, you DESERVE it.if kashmiri guys feel so hurt they should try and visit the kasmiri pandit refugee camps in delhi and elsewhere. thet will get you the right perspective.

indscribe said...

Anonymous: This is sadism. One sufferer should understand suffering of others.

KPs have suffered enormously. So do Kashmiri Muslims, who die in 90% of cases of firing by police and army.

If you celebrate this, it doesn't make you a better human. It won't help you or this country either.