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Friday, July 27, 2012

Assam riots 2012: How can Congress government escape blame or claim moral high ground in dealing with communal violence over BJP anymore?

Map shows Kokrajhar's location in Muslim
[*First an appeal that all of us must stand united against those who are fanning hatred and trying to create scare among the mind of students from North East through Twitter or Facebook. Don't believe in rumours.]

The clashes between Bodos and Muslims in Assam, have so far claimed the lives of 45* persons and have rendered thousands homeless apart from large scale destruction of property.

Its not a day or two but almost an entire week has passed and scattered violence is still being reported.

This is a huge failure on part of the administration. Congress leaders may claim that the situation can't be compared with the Gujarat 2002.

But the Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi, his government, and his police, failed to control the situation in his state.

One of the worst riots since 2002

Even as violence spread from Kokrajhar to neighbouring districts, the lack of will on part of the state government in checking violence, was evident. It is a fact that since 2002, Gujarat has not seen a major riot and even if there was a riot, it would have led to an uproar in media.

But during the initial days of Assam riots, national TV channels ignored it [Just like in the past when ULFA was involved, and news gained prominence when HuJI was named]. The fact is that after Gujarat 2002,  Assam 2012 are one of the worst ethnic-religious communal riots in India, save for the period when anti-Christian violence occurred in Karnataka and Kerala.

Does Congress have moral high ground left over BJP!

Still, Congress leaders give an impression so as to appear morally superior to BJP. They have no right to do so. Tarun Gogoi didn't seem in control. And, now he passes the buck on Centre, as to why Army was not sent initially?  So why did he not ask for it earlier?



Or the rules are different for riots in a Congress-ruled state? Congress-led UPA is at the helm at the centre and it is expected to rein in rioters of both sides as early as possible. After all, Prime Minister of India, is a member of parliament [in Rajya Sabha] representing Assam.

In the North East, there has been a history of such violence as the region is home to several tribes. One instantly remembers the horrific Naga-Kuki clashes in Manipur. The difference is that when one of the side involved in violence is Muslim, the debate totally shifts to 'infiltration' and 'illegal immigration'.

Humanitarian crisis: Don't see it from communal prism

On social networking websites, often the extent of violence aside, debate shifts as to which community suffered more and hence becomes a Hindu Vs Muslim issue rather than the killing of Indian citizens including women and children.

The worst example is how people searching for number of dead belonging to their own communities. Anyone who has a blog or site, would tell how statistics shows visitors searching for figure of dead Hindus and Muslims. Isn't it a shame!

No denying infiltration but the fact that media persons termed entire Muslim populace as 'migrant settlers' is also highly objectionable. There are reports that the militant NDFB [National Democratic Front for Bodoland] was responsible for the ethnic riots.

Role of NDFB, Bodo groups: But what about govt accountability?

CNN-IBN website carries this report. The NDFB is well-known for its involvement in subversive activities and it also has Bangladeshi connection. 

But just that it is not a Muslim group, it can't be absolved. Rather than sweeping statements about religious factors, there is need to look at the crisis from a humanitarian angle.

Similarly, blaming a group is easy. These are political tactics to shift the onus, and save self from accountability. 

But it can't Congress' record in dealing with communal riots is well-known. Just that focus is always less on North East, didn't work this time. A death in Gurgaon or two killed in Meerut always make more news because of proximity to New Delhi.

But no longer. Media had to finally realise the gravity of the situation. Time for Congress to take a decision on Tarun Gogoi. [*This is the official figure. Though victims claim that the real figure of those who died and people affected is much higher.]


A strange trend of terming almost all Assamese Muslims as Bangladeshis was noted in this context recently. This is wrong. Illegal immigration is wrong. We oppose it. But terming indigenous Muslims as Bangladeshis will lead to unnecessary tensions.


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FINALLY, once again the appeal. Don't believe in rumours. The violence was controlled long back. Even Prime Minister visited Assam. One hopes that the victims, both Bodos and Muslims, would return to their homes soon. Discourage rumour-mongers.

Good to see Muslim groups clearing air and issuing statements that if Assam students feel unsafe, they are welcome at mosques and in Muslim homes in Bangalore & Hyderabad. Muslims should also stop coming to streets and holding protests. Mobs often go violent as in the case of Mumbai recently.

[*Later update.]


Anonymous said...

3,300 Muslims were butchered in Nellie riots in 1983 when Congress government was in power in Assam. http://www.tehelka.com/story_main19.asp?filename=Ne093006the_horrors.asp

rohan sharma said...

If the area is prone to illegal migration then what was government of the day uptill now.
Its a clear case of vote bank politics where bangladesi migrants were not checked and it has resulted in clearly changing the demographic equations.
bodos were also not very aggressive in beginning because cheap labour and peasants were hired in form of bangladesi to work for them but now when they have captured businesses and grown economically and socially then bodos are crying foul.
Although bodos are not clearly holy cow in this case but government will have to explain that why did illegal migration occur in first place and what is army and intelligence doing all this while.

politicians have let it occur for short term political gains but its such a wrong policy not only for assam but will have repercussions all across the nation.Now as far as modi is considered one wrong cant be the justification of creating another wrong , modi is not the only black sheep of this country , if history is cited for every incident then gandhi ,nehru,patel,jinnah etc etc will also come under trial so logic and
commonsense should prevail and nation should be sent a clear message that government is committed to actually do something rather than doing what it has been from last 65 years.

Rishi said...

It is a myopic vision to equate clashes in bodoland area of assam as communal clashes. It is just a coincidence that the migrants happen to be majorly Bangladesh muslims. In today's times, no sane person can say what is going on is right but this humanitarian crisis were deliberately created due to lack of political will to check infiltration. Assam has not known communal clashes with ethnic assamese muslim but in a new paradigm shift, some polarization has indeed taken seed. Tribes tolerance towards migrants have reached the threshold and fear is not without basis and in many areas of assam, indigenous ancient native people have outnumbered. Just like persecuted Tibetans who had been granted several areas as far as Karnataka, government of India should also distribute the loads of bangladeshi economic migrants to other parts of India so that local demographic profile do not get threatened. Assam alone cannot take the load at its own survival otherwise, situation will only turn worse and will end up with huge humanitarian crisis.

Amitabh said...

If muslims donot shred there attitude Gujrat will happen again and again. This is a clam before th storm. Muslims arround the world better be confie to thre own country.

Anonymous said...

Amitabh my frnd turn around the pages of history u will not find a single incident where a muslim has started a riot witiout any reason nd just for communal reasons.. Muslims has always only replied to the unjustice nd torture done on them.. Muslims are not terrorists but situations like assam nd gujrat force them to fight for justice nd rights.. I don't no y u guys hate muslims...

tausif said...

If it will not be improvement then can be a highly harmful. Govt. wishes to control this. and take hard action againt who's important role in the criss.

Anonymous said...

Ya allah to hi raham ata farma apne badon par

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

here again, some bunch of idiots fighting for their religion which causes nothing but innocent lives, hatred, destruction of peace. Its my deep concern for most of you, please try to understand that before your respective religion we are all humans(homo sapiens). And i do agree with some of you who had cited that its more importantly a political game played by the freaky bastards and also those religious leaders brain washing people against the other. So fellas why not we fail the politicians and be more logical and rational towards making a better and peaceful world.