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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hindu temple bears Islamic, Christian, Sikh symbols: Communal Harmony Project-19

The temple that bears symbols of four religions
It was a chance discovery when I spotted this unique temple in a dense locality.

It was a small temple, just like many shrines on road sides, in India. However, it had symbols of all religions on the front as well as side walls.

As there was heavy traffic on the road and it was risky to suddenly stop the vehicle, I went ahead and then came back from the next traffic intersection, to have a close look at the 'Mandir'.

There is no need for any person who is a caretaker at a shrine to put up signs of other faiths. It doesn't lead to more collection in the 'donation box' and no community would generously laud the temple-administration for such a step.

It was purely a goodwill gesture. I met the priest. He introduced himself as Om Sai Ram, rather than his original name, which he uses only in official documents now. For him, all faiths are the same. The locality is predominantly Hindu [65%] and has around 35% Muslims, however, there is hardly any Christian or Sikh population.

The temple authorities didn't do it to please followers of other faiths. No one objected when Islamic crescent and cross were painted on the walls along with Om. There was a 'trishul' on other other side and a black stone that bore the words 'Shani Dev'. I was offered water.

The Saffron-robed pandit ji told me enthusiastically about the events held at the temple and how he is supported by everyone.

Some other people also came when they saw us talking. Unfortunately, my photographer friend was in a hurry, and we left, after exchanging our telephone numbers.

Fascinating, isn't it! But that's India. At every nook and corner, mostly in dense localities and 'bastis', if you wander, you find such amazing stories of communal harmony scattered all around. 


Anonymous said...

There are many places in India which have symbols of different religions. I came across one such building in Mehrauli.
Check here - http://musings-nathan.blogspot.in/2011/01/mehrauli-not-just-for-qutb.html

indscribe said...

Thanks for sharing the link. Your blog is nice, exploring it.

Anonymous said...

arrey beta..show me a mosque that has some hindu symbol na...ham woh bhi dekh lengey...

Rumi said...

Anonymous: Entire culture of Dargahs is inspired from Hinduism. There are no Dargah or Mazar outside India.

Indian Muslims are seen as idol worshippers by Muslims in Arab and other countries because of their Hindu-like worship to graves.

Free and Footloose said...

These cunning paens to one-sided sekulaarism will fool nobody. Show one mosque which celebrates a Hindu festival or has Hindu religious imagery carved on it. Kindly exclude the ones that have been built on rubble of demolished temples!

Show us one example of a Muslim who has converted out of Islam and is held up as a beacon of true sekulaarism by the Jehadi community.

indscribe said...

ANONYMOUS, FREE and FOOTLOOSE...and some others whose comments were abusive and were not posted:

SEE THIS LINK on this blog earlier posted about GANESHA IDOL kept in MOSQUE EVERY YEAR....



THe point is that it depends on your eye. What you dont' want to see, you will never see.

If you are consumed by hate, then there is no question of you seeing anything good.

On this blog alone I have been posting umpteen such things over th e years.

It is this reason India has survived. Iqbal wrote, 'Kuchh baat hai ki hasti miTti nahi, apni dushman raha hai sadiyon se daur-e-zamaan hamara'..

But people like you should also think that it is not you but the majority of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, who are responsible for creating this culture and make India a beautiful nation.

Anonymous said...

Temporary usage versus permanent inscription!:) I can be a critic cant i or will you call me fascist and tell me i am not part of the majority of hindus?

I liked the dargah answer. Question - answer not question - answer+judgement

indscribe said...

Anonymous: I have lot of answers for you. But as I said, you can't believe anything because you don't want to believe this.

These people are doing something, for society, for harmony, for our nation. What are you doing, Sir?

Kindly do something constructive, if you have love for your motherland, or else stop deterring others.

Thanks & Good Luck

Cherry Wong said...

Nice.. God is one and human race is one.. No cultures or religions dispute that. Why then is there a dispute in how that same man reaches out to that same God is a born out of ignorance and intolerance which in fact block the path that reach out to God. Good work indianmuslim! I appreciate your effort that I wish each one of us be it Hindu or Muslim or Indian or Pakistani or from any religion or country that we were just born in by fate and not choice could make and just discover how wonderful life can be without these man made demarcations that the Creator never intended!

Anonymous said...

Good work IndianMuslim! How I wish each one of us be it Hindu or Muslim or Indian or Pakistani or of any other religion or country that we were born in by chance rather than choice could think like this and this world would be a beautiful place! God is one and it is within each of us and everywhere. Mankind is one with the same flesh and blood and goodness and ugliness and happiness and sorrows. This is undisputed by all cultures and religions. Why then is there a dispute in how that same man reaches out to that same God is born out of ignorance and intolerance that actually keeps us away from reaching that God within us for whom we fight outside.