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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Narendra Modi tweets in Urdu but will he stop closure of Urdu schools in Gujarat

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, has recently begun tweeting in Urdu also.

It's a welcome step that the BJP's prime ministerial candidate understands the importance of the language that gave  slogans like Inquilab Zindabad, which stirred the nation during the freedom movement.

Though there are many Congress leaders on Twitter, I don't think anyone tweets in Urdu. Is it due to electoral conditions? May be, after all, its natural for politicians to do that. But if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) CM tweets in Urdu, he should also give attention to the plight of Urdu schools in his state.

Dozens of Urdu medium schools in Ahmedabad have closed down in the last five years alone. Forget, opening of new schools. The existing ones are being merged into other schools. For the Urdu medium students, that's a bad situation.

At many places, students who have completed high school, have no place for higher studies. The situation is no better in Surat. The situation in Vadodara is even worse. Permission is not being granted to open new schools or even upgrading of the existing schools.

Yes, we are told that everyone wants to move on and stop talking of 'past'. Surely, but can you kindly ensure that Muslim boys and girls could get education. These are students who don't go to madarsas but with closure of schools, they have less options. In Muslim dominated pockets, there aren't new government schools coming up.

I am not talking about the lack of funds to Urdu Sahitya Academy in Gujarat or for financial help for Urdu litterateurs. One hopes that just when Chief Minister [or his office] tweets in Urdu, they will also be sensitive towards the condition of Urdu medium schools in the state.

Saving the surviving Urdu schools and providing them the basic amenities will be a step in the right direction. It will also send a good message about development and forward looking approach. Won't it? Will someone reflect over it!

Link to Tanvir A Siddiqui's report about Urdu schools closing down in Ahmedabad. READ


Free and Footloose said...

Dear writer,

I remember you complaining about Urdu being identified solely with Muslims.

What are you doing here if not the same? Why haven't you advised Muslims in Gujarat to enroll in Gujarati schools?

Yours seem to be a case of "Hum kare to Sarkari, woh kare to gadaari..!"

Nahida said...

Language does not matter, we are muslim , we should be united.

editor said...

Free and Footloose; First, thanks for your comments. I have no problem but tell my brother, if someone studies in Urdu medium or Marathi medium or Gujarati medium, shouldn't he have freedom to continue his education in that medium, if he or she wishes.

Whom am I to advise? If they want to switch over, they should definitely do so. Please try to be considerate also to others' point of view.

Anonymous said...

It will be the turning point in the history of India if modi becomes PM. Muslims will appreciate it the most but only after 10 years. Because right now they don't trust him. But given his track record of last 10 years in Gujarat, it gives me confidence that his first priority will be to do something for muslims(give them education and pull them out of ghettos) and bring them to mainstreem ending the division created because of vote bank politics.
Whatever happened in 2002 was unfortunate, but we must remember that modi was made CM just 3 months before the riots and he was not even a MLA. He had neve handled an administrative post of such high level.
Anyways, i wish somebody works for the unity be it modi or somebody else, and make India riot free.